Manchester United V Everton


MH at 2017-09-17 18:07:40

Everton manager Ronald Koeman not happy storms down the tunnel and you can’t blame him. Everton have themselves to blame for this 4-0 defeat by MU. While MU will be pleased with their teams performance and so should be, the match officials should also be pleased with their performance. Andres control was never in doubt, he wasn’t fussy, he let the players play, when the temperature of the game went up in the last 20 minutes he raised his game and he was proactive and his awareness of what was going on around him was good. There was 2 big penalty calls in the second half for MU which as I said in my opinion he got them absolutely spot on. There was 2 cautions, one caution for Everton Williams in the 63rd minute which I believe was just a careless challenge and could have been  managed and then the caution of Man Utd Bailly in the 82nd minute for a reckless challenge this one was fully justified. I also felt the way he engaged with the players and earned their respect into his decision making which makes it easier to referee a game at that level. He was well supported by his 2 assistants Simon Beck and Andy Halliday, a very good all round team performance by the officials despite the harsh caution of Evertons Williams.

MH at 2017-09-17 17:51:17

Full Time


MH at 2017-09-17 17:50:15

Andre agrees definite penalty after handball by E2.

MH at 2017-09-17 17:49:19



MH at 2017-09-17 17:48:35

That’s a penalty


MH at 2017-09-17 17:47:43

A minimum if 3 minutes added time.

MH at 2017-09-17 17:46:53



MH at 2017-09-17 17:46:15

Substitution for MU, MU22 OFF, MU11 ON. Free kick given to MU.

MH at 2017-09-17 17:45:09

As I said the temperature of the game has gone up and it’s pleasing  to see that Andre has raised his game as well and that showed with the caution of MU3 for a reckless challenge.

MH at 2017-09-17 17:41:57

GOAL!MU22. Poor error by E5. Game over. Everton been the better team don’t deserve to be 2-0 down but when you make errors like that what do you expect.


MH at 2017-09-17 17:40:23

Substitution for Everton, E10 OFF, E11 ON.

MH at 2017-09-17 17:39:31

MU3 cautioned for a reckless challenge.

MH at 2017-09-17 17:38:46

Correct offside call by Simon Beck. Going back to the penalty shout for MU difficult one for Andre I can see why nothing was given and I agree with Andres decision.

MH at 2017-09-17 17:35:36

Penalty shout by MU, there was a touch on MU14 Andre not given it.

MH at 2017-09-17 17:34:07

Substitution for Everton. E17 OFF, E29 ON.

Substitution for MU, MU8 OFF, MU21 ON.

MH at 2017-09-17 17:32:06

The temperature of the game has gone up, Andre has to go up with it and has to start being more proactive.

MH at 2017-09-17 17:30:27

Inconsistency from Andre what’s the difference between that challenge he has just penalised by E15 on MU22 and the caution of E5 ? Correct in not cautioning E15 as it was a careless challenge and as I said he should not have cautioned E5. Foul by E15 again on MU14 he will have to be careful now as he has had 2 fouls in succession given against him.

MH at 2017-09-17 17:23:09

Substitution for Everton, E26 OFF, E9 ON.

MH at 2017-09-17 17:22:14

Yellow CardE5 cautioned for a push. I’m sorry that is not a caution, it’s a careless challenge he has not denied a promising attack as there are Everton defenders all around.

MH at 2017-09-17 17:19:15

Another chance goes begging for Everton.

MH at 2017-09-17 17:18:37

Substitution for MU. MU19 OFF, MU14 ON.

MH at 2017-09-17 17:17:47

Pleasing to see Andy Halliday getting involved by talking to the players as they come together close to him.

MH at 2017-09-17 17:16:07

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MH at 2017-09-17 17:11:31

As I said in the first half Andre is staying out of it and letting the players play and having the full trust of the players in his decision making.

MH at 2017-09-17 17:07:38

Remember to tune in tomorrow to the ref show where al the talking points from the weekend will be discussed.

MH at 2017-09-17 17:04:58

Great chance for Rooney to equalise but United keeper made a good save. What a return that would have been had he scored.

MH at 2017-09-17 17:03:27

First half has gone well for the officials i would be telling my team during the half time interval about keeping our focus and concentration because if we let it slip something will happen and we will get it wrong.

MH at 2017-09-17 17:01:47

Everton to get us underway

MH at 2017-09-17 16:50:49

Only one talking point so far and that’s the wonder strike by Valencia to put MU 1-0 up. Andre will be very happy with the first half as there are no major talking points regarding the officials. Andre has been kept out of it, he has let the players get on with the game, has not been fussy and picked up on all free kicks.

MH at 2017-09-17 16:46:35

Half Time


MH at 2017-09-17 16:46:14

Free kick correctly given after a foul by MU3 on E10.

MH at 2017-09-17 16:45:33

A minimum of 1 minute added time.

MH at 2017-09-17 16:44:18

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MH at 2017-09-17 16:39:31

Andre not the quickest of referees that’s why he keeps a central path of control so what he lacks in speed over the first 10 yards he makes it up with his experience, his anticipation of play and reading of the game. That’s what gets him into good positions and gives him good viewing angles.

MH at 2017-09-17 16:33:36

At present Andres awareness is excellent, you can see him talking to the players off the ball who he may feel will lose their self control,

MH at 2017-09-17 16:29:58

Everton starting to get back into the game.

MH at 2017-09-17 16:29:19

Off side correctly given by Simon Beck

MH at 2017-09-17 16:28:36

Careless challenge by MU25 free kick correctly given.

MH at 2017-09-17 16:27:48

It’s good to see Andre engaging with the players explaining and talking to them. It gains the trust of the players and the trust in his decision making which aids his control of the game.

MH at 2017-09-17 16:26:21

How has MU9 missed that. What an error by E4.

MH at 2017-09-17 16:23:48

Spot on also with a foul against MU31.

MH at 2017-09-17 16:22:57

Andre has got that spot on, MU18 runs straight into the defender.

MH at 2017-09-17 16:20:06

Good management by Andre at the free kick controlling it with the tone of his whistle after MU27 making a nuisance of himself.

MH at 2017-09-17 16:16:13

Little  nudge by E10 free kick correctly given. He still has a little moan to Andre.

MH at 2017-09-17 16:10:43

Heavy rain now falling at OT this will make it difficult for the referee he will have to remain fully focused and not let his concentration levels slip.

MH at 2017-09-17 16:08:06

It is so important to pick up these small free kicks early in the game as it could lead to players getting frustrated with the referees decision making and take law into their own hands.

MH at 2017-09-17 16:06:11

E10 not happy with Andre for a high boot raise by MU player dangerous play. No free kick given the Everton player has a point.

MH at 2017-09-17 16:04:23



MH at 2017-09-17 16:03:13

Also what is important is his recognition of careless and reckless challenges.

MH at 2017-09-17 16:02:17

From past experience I think we will see some strong challenges today and Andre will have to set his tolerance levels to as what is acceptable and what is not.

MH at 2017-09-17 16:00:07

Manchester United to get us underway.

MH at 2017-09-17 15:57:01

Today’s referee is Andre Marriner who has refereed 3 games to date. Starting the season well. This is always a difficult game to referee as I have refereed this fixture at respective grounds and agree with the appointment of Andre to this game. He will be assisted by Simon Beck technical area side, Andy Halliday far side and 4th official John Moss. Good luck to all.

MH at 2017-09-17 15:53:26

Good afternoon and welcome to the second of our refcam games Manchester United V Everton. United have got off to an excellent start to the season and that does not surprise me with my good friend Jose at the helm. While Everton have not had the start they have hoped for I am sure there will Be huge disappointment around Goodison Park but there is a long way to go. Today we also see the return of Wayne Rooney to Old Trafford but in a blue shirt. I am sure he will want to prove a point. I have been involved in some memorable   games at Old Trafford with Wayne wearing the red shirt. While Romelu Lukaku has made the change from the blue shirt to the red, he is in sensational form at present, can his old colleagues stop him from scoring today.