Manchester United FC Vs Manchester City FC


DM at 2016-10-26 21:59:23

Full-time summary

Mike Dean and his colleagues can be pleased with their performances in what was a rather timid Manchester derby.  Mike Dean uses his experience very well and manages players confidently and calmly and his decision-making is aided by his positive and fluid movement and positioning.  Mike Dean attempted to allow the game to flow and his use of advantage benefitted the game.  Assistants Long and Hussin also had a good evening although AR Long will be disappointed that he failed to spot a clear foul by Luke Shaw in the 58th minute.  Both Assistants judged offside well and moved well up and down the line, providing sound support to the referee.  Lee Mason managed the technical areas well and sensibly adopted a low key approach.  Mike Dean is a very strong character and he is not afraid of making big decisions.  His failure to caution Herrera for two instances of visibly remonstrating with the official was the only blip in what was a pleasing and positive performance.

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Full time summary to follow – don’t forget to watch this week’s ref show where Alan Biggs, Glenn Turner and Mark Lawrenson discuss the weekend’s action.


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Full Time


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Mike Dean did well there to move in to the incident and correctly caution Pogba for a reckless challenge. Ibrahimovic was given plenty of chance to move away and he failed to heed Mike Dean’s warnings.


DM at 2016-10-26 21:49:55

Yellow CardMan Utd 9 for delaying the restart of play



DM at 2016-10-26 21:49:14

Yellow CardMan Utd 6 for a reckless challenge



DM at 2016-10-26 21:48:36

4 minutes added time


DM at 2016-10-26 21:45:45

Mike Dean has spotted two foul challenges by keeping a ‘trailing eye’ on incidents after the ball has been played.  This is a good technique for all referees.


DM at 2016-10-26 21:44:33

AR Long makes an excellent decision there as Aguero slipped and fouled his opponent.  Correct to award a free-kick.  However, similar to Herrera, Aguero expressed his frustration visibly and again the referee has taken no action.


DM at 2016-10-26 21:41:23

Sterling is going to ground far too easily, he ran in to his opponent there and looked for a free-kick.  Mike Dean was correct to allow play to continue.


DM at 2016-10-26 21:39:16

Man Utd Sub 19 off 14 on


DM at 2016-10-26 21:38:20

The officials will be keen to ensure that the game is brought to a successful conclusion in the last 10 minutes or so.  Focus and concentration is needed here.


DM at 2016-10-26 21:32:32

A good decision by the referee and AR Hussin as Ibrahimovic is caught late by Fernando


DM at 2016-10-26 21:31:00

Man Utd sub 8 off 28 on


DM at 2016-10-26 21:30:23

AR Hussin flags for a foul by Rashford, it looked as though there was minimal contact if any


DM at 2016-10-26 21:29:09

Man City Sub 9 off 10 on


DM at 2016-10-26 21:28:28

Mike Dean awards a free-kick to Sterling and Herrera moves towards the referee again complaining about the decision.  If a caution had been administered to the player in the 51st minute, I suspect he would not have decided to approach the referee there.


DM at 2016-10-26 21:24:20

Mike Dean allows play to continue and then brings it back for a foul by Sterling.  At this stage of the game, it would be wise not to take any unnecessary risks and award a free-kick there, especially as the Manchester City Player was frustrated at not originally being given a free-kick himself


DM at 2016-10-26 21:21:13

Sub Man City 19 off 7 on


DM at 2016-10-26 21:19:10

The challenge between Ibrahimovic and Otamendi in the build up to Man Utd’s goal was in my opinion a fair one and Mike Dean correctly allowed play to continue.


DM at 2016-10-26 21:17:06

Unfortunately AR Long misses a foul challenge by Luke Shaw, a free-kick to Manchester City should have been awarded.


DM at 2016-10-26 21:16:17

Correct decision by Mike Dean to allow play to continue as Pogba runs in to his opponent


DM at 2016-10-26 21:14:05

In the build up to the goal Mike Dean declined a penalty appeal to Manchester United.  A goal was immediately scored but a visible crossing of hands was not needed there, if the referee had just waited then the goal would have been scored and the incident would not have been a talking point.

DM at 2016-10-26 21:12:11

GOAL!1-0 Manchester United



DM at 2016-10-26 21:10:07

Herrera has now on two occasions expressed his frustration at Mike Dean’s decisions.  The visible display of anger with his hands is something that the officials are likely to punish with a caution for dissent.  Herrera is lucky to escape a yellow card there.


DM at 2016-10-26 21:08:41

Mike Dean plays another good advantage to Manchester United for a foul on Rashford


DM at 2016-10-26 21:05:51

Correct offside flag by AR Long

DM at 2016-10-26 21:03:11

Substitution MC11 on MC 4 off

DM at 2016-10-26 20:51:14

Half-Time Summary

The referee Mike Dean has led his team very well so far.  He has correctly differentiated between fair and foul challenges and on the two occasions when players have committed reckless challenges the referee has stepped in and correctly showed the yellow card.  Positive features of the referee’s performance include his fitness, movement, decision-making and use of advantage.  The Assistants have also supported the referee well and their judgement of offside appears to have been sound.  The fourth official has correctly and sensibly adopted a low key approach.  The only real talking point of the match came in the 10th minute when Carrick and Garcia Serrano tangled legs in the penalty area as the ball was moving towards the goal line.  I think the referee correctly adjudicated that this was not a foul challenge and I support his decision to allow play to continue.

The match officials will be hoping that the remainder of the game goes as smoothly.

DM at 2016-10-26 20:46:34

Half Time



DM at 2016-10-26 20:45:35

1 minute added time


DM at 2016-10-26 20:44:56

Herrera not happy with the decision by the officials to award a throw-in to Manchester City.  The referee made a subtle indication to AR Hussin before the ball went out of play to communicate his intentions.  This is a good example of teamwork and how a referee can avoid the situation of crossing with his assistant.


DM at 2016-10-26 20:41:21

Another good advantage by Mike Dean for a foul challenge by Mata.  He is now becoming noticeable as he has made a couple of careless challenges.  The referee should not overreact but make the player aware that he could be on the border of persistently infringing the laws of the game.


DM at 2016-10-26 20:39:29

Another good decision by AR long as he indicates a foul challenge for a push by Pogba


DM at 2016-10-26 20:37:36

Good non-offside decision by AR Long in the build up to Rashford’s chance


DM at 2016-10-26 20:36:54

Mike Dean played an excellent advantage to Manchester City which led to a promising attack.


DM at 2016-10-26 20:32:54

The incident involving Mata and Otamendi took place right on the touchline in front of the technical areas.  The referee correctly awarded a free-kick for a careless challenge and it is important officials are aware of the consequences of allowing things to go in that area can have.


DM at 2016-10-26 20:30:08

The officials have had a good start to this match.  They have adopted a low profile and have allowed fair contact but on the two occasions the referee has needed to step in and issue yellow cards, he has done so.  It is vitally important that match officials do not try to manage reckless challenges and Mike Dean has done this on both occasions so far.

Another key feature of the referee’s performance is his excellent movement around the field.  Mike Dean creates angles and yet is not detached from play, meaning he is very often in the optimum position to make a decision.


DM at 2016-10-26 20:26:00

Yellow CardReckless challenge by MU25 – Correct caution issued by Mike Dean


DM at 2016-10-26 20:25:02

Mike Dean accompanies many of his decisions with subtle hand gestures which can aid communication but can also appear gimmicky. One also has to be careful not to indicate something that has not happened.  However, Mike Dean has the balance about right.


DM at 2016-10-26 20:22:16

Foul by Otamendi on Mata – Mike Dean excellently placed to make the award

DM at 2016-10-26 20:20:15

The incident involving Carrick and Garcia Serrano was a tangle of legs and I think Mike Dean was correct in judging that a foul challenge had not taken place.

DM at 2016-10-26 20:15:20

Interestingly early on a number of players have slipped on the field of play.  The caution for MC 72 resulted from him sliding and then slipping in to the challenge and fouling his opponent.  The referee will have made the decision to caution based on the distance and speed that the challenge came in from and at.


DM at 2016-10-26 20:13:34

Yellow CardManchester City 72 for a reckless challenge.



DM at 2016-10-26 20:12:59

Interesting incident there as the MU16 and MC75 tangle legs in the penalty area.  Mike Dean waves away the appeal for a penalty.


DM at 2016-10-26 20:09:40

Mike Dean is right on the spot to detect the foul challenge by Blind.  Again a correct free-kick awarded to Manchester City.


DM at 2016-10-26 20:07:32

Careless challenge by Rashford correctly results in a free-kick to Manchester City


DM at 2016-10-26 20:05:53

Mike Dean is moving around the field well in these first 5 minutes, he sometimes sacrifices distance for an angle but is always well positioned to make decisions.


DM at 2016-10-26 20:02:04

What is noticeable from the start is the body language of the referee, he appears very calm – this is reassuring for the players.

DM at 2016-10-26 19:58:22

Interesting to see that David De Gea is wearing a black shirt which clashes with the match officials.  Match officials can be proactive in managing this pre-match by inspecting team colours and working with club officials to ensure that there are 5 colours on the field of play.

DM at 2016-10-26 19:54:07

Lee Mason who is refereeing Manchester City on Saturday will potentially have a challenging job managing the two technical areas.  It is vitally important that he does not overreact whilst maintaining authority in his role.  He will need to balance carefully the fact that the managers are passionate and have a job to do with the impact any irresponsible behaviour can have on the match control of the referee.

DM at 2016-10-26 19:49:43

I would expect that both teams will play this match at a high tempo, both will want to win and despite Manchester City making a large number of changes, an occasion such as this provides fringe and younger players with the opportunity to consistently earn a first-team place.  The officials in their pre-match preparation will be aware of the importance of this game and it will be particularly important that they are totally focused, alert and aware right from the start.

DM at 2016-10-26 19:44:35

The officials will be hoping to have a controversy free evening, especially as Messer’s Dean, Mason and Hussin are officiating Manchester City again on Saturday in their Premier League fixture at West Brom.

DM at 2016-10-26 19:42:04

Mike Dean is a very experienced referee and has officiated as a Select Group referee since 2000.  Up until 2013 he was a FIFA referee and he has refereed the FA Cup, League Cup and Community Shield Finals.  Mike Dean has refereed 8 games to date this season and has issued 34 yellow cards and 1 red card.  Mike Dean is not afraid of making big decisions and his profile this season has been high with a number of penalty kick awards for shirt pulling and grappling.

DM at 2016-10-26 19:38:18

The two teams met last month when Manchester City came out 2-1 winners.  The referee for tonight’s fixture is Mike Dean and his Assistants are Simon Long (technical area side) and Ian Hussin (Far Side), the 4th official is Lee Mason.

Referee – Mike Dean

Assistants – Simon Long and Ian Hussin

4th Official – Lee Mason

DM at 2016-10-26 19:34:44

Good evening and welcome to tonight’s EFL Cup Round 4 tie at Old Trafford between Manchester United and Manchester City.