Manchester City v Paris SG – UEFA Champions League – Quarter Final 2nd leg


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THE REF SHOW 11.04.2016

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The Ref Show – With the views from the panel this week are Mark Halsey and Keith Hackett discuss with Alan Biggs,

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The Youdan Trophy 2016

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Plans are well in hand for the Youdan Trophy, an International Youth Tournament to be held between August 1st – 5th in Sheffield.  Following on from the success of last year’s inaugural tournament, we have expanded to allow 16 teams at both Under 14 and Under 16 level, with teams from 11 countries taking part.  Please visit for more details.

My Final Thoughts

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The referee from start to finish has achieved very good match control throughout,, he has achieved this by his reading of play, game management and his clear detection of foul / non foul – He had a key match decision in the 28th minute the referee has judged this decision correctly as Aguero was in the penalty area and going wide of the goal as Trapp PSG gk has then felled him in the process as he has moved wide of the goal so yellow the correct colour of the card and not red. Just the 3 opportunities to play advantage and good communication throughout has been seen with the referee using stoppages to speak to players as and when he needed to. The 3 yellow cards in the space of 5 minutes came at a time when the tempo was rising in the 2nd half and the referee rose to this challenge with his disciplinary sanctions which had a clear and positive effect on keeping the game well within his control. There have been challenges by players to win fks but the referee has overall remained firm, fair and consistent in this aspect of his game management. We have viewed the MC goal and clearly whilst Aguero is standing in an offside position he is not in this position interfering with an opponent (PSG GK) clearly he is not directly in the gks line of vision of play and therefore not interfering with an opponent. Both Assistant Referees have dealt with all matters in a low key but effective manner such has been the referees overall reading and control of this game. The nearside Assistant Roberto Alonso Fernandez has had to make some key match offside judgements and he has been correctly placed in the 2nd half on both occasions to correctly rule that Ibrahimovic was offside as he placed the ball in the MC goal net. Both AARs have looked well placed and positioned to support.



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Final thoughts of the Referee and Assistants Match Performance

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To follow:


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Full Time

Manchester City 1 Paris ST-Germain 0

Manchester City win 3-2 on over 2 legs and move into the Champions League Semi Final


AM at 2016-04-12 21:36:51

MC sub 10 Aguero off to be replaced 72 Ihneancho


AM at 2016-04-12 21:35:02

MC fk the referee remains close by to play to manage the situation


AM at 2016-04-12 21:34:13


AM at 2016-04-12 21:33:47

Ibrahimovic offside and the referee quite rightly stops play and awards the free kick to MC


AM at 2016-04-12 21:32:20

MC fk referee well placed close by to judge = good whistle no further action required

86 – MC sub

AM at 2016-04-12 21:31:16

21 Silva off 18 Delph on


AM at 2016-04-12 21:30:28

Ibrahimovic puts the ball in the goal only to look across the field of play to see Roberto Fernandez with his flag aloft signalling that he was offside no goal confirmed by replay


AM at 2016-04-12 21:28:34

MC sub – 17 goal scorer off De Bruyne – 42 Toure on


AM at 2016-04-12 21:27:04

PSG advantage in an attacking third – clear signal from the referee


AM at 2016-04-12 21:26:19


AM at 2016-04-12 21:26:05

MC fk spray out as the referee manages the fk just outside PSG penalty area


AM at 2016-04-12 21:25:15

Good open movement and long strided sprint from our referee in that last MC breakaway


AM at 2016-04-12 21:23:57

Great save again from Joe Hart this time from Cavani as the referee bears down on play


AM at 2016-04-12 21:22:39

MC continue to press the game as the referee keeps close to play and allows a quickly taken fk to PSG


AM at 2016-04-12 21:21:30


What a De Bruyne special! as MC open up the game – 1-0 – PSG now require 2 goals to win


AM at 2016-04-12 21:19:22

As play moves across then our referee does a good jump over the ball to evade it hitting him


AM at 2016-04-12 21:18:10

Yellow Card

Fernandinho on Pastore this is probably for persistent infringement of the laws of the game – which means totting up of free kicks conceded!


AM at 2016-04-12 21:15:33

PSG offside correct form our nearside AR as confirmed by replay


AM at 2016-04-12 21:14:35

Pastore who has come on as sub has really made a difference to the midfield / impact of PSG


AM at 2016-04-12 21:12:45

Quickly followed by another reckless challenge by Van DerWeil so the outcome a Yellow Cardcard as the tempo moves up as PSG now really chase the game


AM at 2016-04-12 21:11:20

Pastore Yellow Cardreckless as the referee attempted to initially keep play moving but then correctly bought back play for the original foul


AM at 2016-04-12 21:09:57

Good save form Hart for a further ck. How evenly poised this game is with MC having the away goals advantage


AM at 2016-04-12 21:08:45

At that last MC ck did you notice the body language and bouncing movement of our Additional AR on the goal line. Keep an eye on these 2 Additional Assistants they both look really focussed and positive tonight


AM at 2016-04-12 21:07:14

No offside against PSG – AR is in a good position to view and no replay seen of this decision


AM at 2016-04-12 21:06:22

Just seen replays of a PSG player stumbling to the ground in a challenge with a MC player not enough contact here for me for a penalty kick


AM at 2016-04-12 21:04:45

19 OFF 27 ON


AM at 2016-04-12 21:04:11

CK to MC good viewing position adopted by our referee just on the edge of the PSG penalty area and having a clear and unobstructed view


AM at 2016-04-12 21:02:49

FK on Navas both AR and Referee signal in unison good teamwork seen here


AM at 2016-04-12 21:02:00

That seemed to be a rather robust challenge by Auriel on Fernandinho no fk awarded here


AM at 2016-04-12 21:00:26

The referee moves across to have a calming word with Carvani – good communication skills seen here


AM at 2016-04-12 20:59:19

Good decision from our nearside assistant – did you notice the cut of the grass aided his decision here? use these factors as an assistant if it helps you


AM at 2016-04-12 20:56:57

No handball well communicated by our referee who clearly pats his chest


AM at 2016-04-12 20:54:31

Ball just our of play for a throw in to PSG the AR far side raises his flag in the air and then signals the direction of the throw in


AM at 2016-04-12 20:51:57

FK conceded on Carvani – spray out from our referee this is a key area and from the fk Ibrahimovic strikes the ball with a super save from Hart


AM at 2016-04-12 20:50:05

Aguero offside good position from our far side AR to judge in line with 2nd rearmost defender

2nd half underway

AM at 2016-04-12 20:49:12




Half time thoughts

AM at 2016-04-12 20:48:07

The referee has achieved very good match control throughout the 1st half, he has achieved this by his detection of foul / non foul – He had a key match decision in the 28th minute the referee has judged this decision correctly as Aguero was in the penalty area and going wide of the goal as Trapp PSG gk has then felled him in the process as he has moved wide of the goal so yellow the correct colour of the card and not red.

Just the one opportunity to play an advantage to MC and good communication with the players has been seen throughout. There have been challenges by players to win fks but the referee has remained firm, fair and consistent in this aspect of his game management. Both Assistant Referees have dealt with all matters in a low key but effective manner such is the referees overall reading and control of this game.

Both AARs have looked well placed and positioned to support.

An interesting 2nd half awaits us with this game so evenly balanced.




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What are your thoughts? Contact us on Twitter @youaretheref or email us at

Half time

AM at 2016-04-12 20:35:21

Half Time

Manchester City 0 PSG 0


AM at 2016-04-12 20:34:45

As the ball deflects for a MC ck – time is up for the first half and the referee blows his whistle with the score at 0-0


AM at 2016-04-12 20:33:21

Good leading by our referee in that last throw in to MC initially with a low hand / arm as guides the far side Assistant Referee – good teamwork here

3 minutes minimum time added

AM at 2016-04-12 20:32:00

Advantage to MC signalled by Carballo as MC attack down the left hand side


AM at 2016-04-12 20:31:07

Foul by Rabiot  again awarded by the referee from a close view


AM at 2016-04-12 20:30:26

No fk awarded to MC as the referee signals no foul with an outstretched wave of the arms

42 – PSG sub

AM at 2016-04-12 20:29:28

Motta goes down again in what looks to be a hamstring injury. He is now leaving the field of play to be replaced by Lucas 7


AM at 2016-04-12 20:27:56

Motta 8 of PSG leaves the field of play with an injury – on the signal from our referee he has now returned


AM at 2016-04-12 20:26:42

The ball brushes our referee and diverts its movement in that last MC attack as Navas then plays the ball wide of the PSG goal. The referee just got caught up in play in this situation


AM at 2016-04-12 20:24:40

Good infield throw in signal to PSG from our far side AR Juan Carlos Yuste Jimenez – did you notice flag delivery height of flag and body language all very good


AM at 2016-04-12 20:22:31

Further foul on Aguero this time by Marquinhos – MC physio and stretcher bearers are on the field of play as Aguero then leaves the field of play – ready to return on the referees signal


AM at 2016-04-12 20:20:27

FL conceded by Cavani and rightly penalised by our referee

Penalty kick is blasted by Aguero

AM at 2016-04-12 20:17:58

That was a massive opportunity for City to take the lead


AM at 2016-04-12 20:17:02

PSG gk Trapp 16 fells Aguero with a reckless challenge and a penalty kick is awarded by Carlos Velasco Carballo and he is shown the yellow card for this challenge – not a denial of an obvious goal scoring opportunity so the decision to show Trapp the yellow card is correct


AM at 2016-04-12 20:14:29

Slow patient build up in play with teams probing each other makes a much different view for us from our usual premier league games. Again an added consideration for our referee in his movement, positioning and reading paly


AM at 2016-04-12 20:11:38

Rabiot 25 concedes a fk on Aguero and this is quickly followed up by a careless challenge by Van derwiel penalised by our referee


AM at 2016-04-12 20:09:31

Good breakaway from MC sees our referee make good movement wide down the left side creating as well a good angle / view to make any crucial key match decision judgement


AM at 2016-04-12 20:07:30

No fk to MC as Silva appears to put out an arm across Aguero and then quickly following this incident – Paris SG win a fk much to the whistles from the home crowd


AM at 2016-04-12 20:04:15

Good infield position adopted by the referee for that last PSG throw in attacking third


AM at 2016-04-12 20:03:06

FK conceded by Fernandinho as the referee gets out the spray to use as a  aid to this PSG fk – well measured 9.15m and managed prior to the kick being taken


AM at 2016-04-12 20:00:06

Foul conceded by Fernandinho – did you notice the expression of the referee in the calmness and focus on his facial expression


AM at 2016-04-12 19:56:57

FK conceded by Aguero firm blast of the whistle by our referee to communicate this fact


AM at 2016-04-12 19:55:49

No fk to MC as our referee judges no foul also with good support from the AR nearside technical area touchline Roberto Alonso Fernandez (RAF)

Good early movement and positioning from our referee tonight

AM at 2016-04-12 19:53:59

Keep a close eye on this referee tonight look at his movement, positioning and reading of play. He is one of the best referees in Europe if not the world. So all to learn from him tonight!


AM at 2016-04-12 19:49:32

1st offside tonight correctly signalled by AR nearside Roberto Alonso Fernandez on the far touchline as we view is Juan Carlos Yuste Jimenez


AM at 2016-04-12 19:47:45

1st free kick to PSG for a foot up challenge any one like this type of challenge will be penalised tonight

Kick off

AM at 2016-04-12 19:45:59

Man City kick off

Match Officials and Players enter ther field of play

AM at 2016-04-12 19:43:07

All Match Officials are looking relaxed as they enter the field of play

Is this the biggest game in Manchester City`s History?

AM at 2016-04-12 19:41:59

What a game awaits us tonight so evenly balanced and Manchester City now at home with so much at stake, can they get into the semi final for the first ever in their history?


Let us know what you think by contacting us on either on Twitter @youaretheref or email us at


What are your thoughts? Contact us on Twitter @youaretheref or email us at

Carlos Velasco Carballo – Tonight`s Referee

AM at 2016-04-12 19:38:07

Carlos Velasco Carballo is 45 years old and from Spain has been chosen to oversee this Champions League Quarterfinal return leg between Manchester City and Paris SG tonight, having controlled Borussia Dortmund. 1 vs Liverpool FC. 1 last Thursday, with 5 yellow cards shown during this game.

In the last 10 games Carlos Carballo has shown 61 yellow and 5 red cards in all competitions.

Tonights Match Officials

AM at 2016-04-12 19:32:41


Referee: Carlos Velasco Carballo – Referee  (CVC)  (ESP)

Assistant Referee 1: Roberto Alonso Fernández (RAF)  (ESP)

Assistant Referee 2: Juan Carlos Yuste Jiménez (JCYJ)  (ESP)

Additional Assistant Referee 1: Jesús Gil Manzano (JGM)  (ESP)

Additional Assistant Referee 2: Carlos Del Cerro Grande (CDCG)  (ESP)

4th Official: Raúl Cabañero Martínez (ESP)

UEFA Referee Observer: Francesco Bianchi (SUI)

UEFA Delegate: Christian Schmölzer (AUT)

Referee Liaison Officer: David Pugh (ENG)

Pre Match Build Up

AM at 2016-04-12 19:30:06

Good evening to all our REFCAM followers from around the world as we cover this live Refcam commentary game –  the return leg of this EUFA Champions League Quarter Final 2nd leg – with a 2-2 draw the outcome of the 1st leg in Paris, all to play for then tonight at the Etihad Stadium the home of Manchester City in England.