Liverpool -v- Southampton


at 2014-08-17 15:36:39

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at 2014-08-17 15:35:37

Game over and the officials can take credit for seeing it to a safe conclusion. Both cautions full deserved and the big picture is that none of the crucial decisions affected the result. The two penalty area decisions will be fully analysed post-match and this was the only area of concern had they affected the result. On another day they might and it is vital that these challenges are correctly identified. Offside judgement by Gary Beswick was well delivered and contributed to the team control of the game. Please join us for the next game at 4.00 pm and let us have any comments about what you’ve seen this afternoon.

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at 2014-08-17 15:19:36

Added time of 4 minutes as Liverpool hang onto the one goal advantage. It is not game over just yet ad Southampton maintain the pressure whilst the officials allow the game to flow.

at 2014-08-17 15:16:29

Southampton hit the bar and miss the rebound. What an opportunity as the Liverpool defence were all at sea.

at 2014-08-17 15:14:13

Liverpool playing ‘keep ball’ which will add to frustration and possible misconduct. Are the officials focused and ready for a sting in the tale?

at 2014-08-17 15:12:12

Southampton definitely deserve something out of the game and with 6 minutes left will be looking to put the pressure on a fragile looking Liverpool defence.

at 2014-08-17 15:10:01

Liverpool score on 78 minutes – excellent offside judgement again by Assistant Beswick as the New S A S put Liverpool ahead (Sterling and Sturridge) .

at 2014-08-17 15:05:35

Ricky Lambert on for Liverpool against his old team. Will the referee step up his game after these changes. How do you rate this referee? Contact us on Twitter @youaretheref or email us at

at 2014-08-17 15:02:11

Here come the substitutes!for Southampton. Substitutions can be another area where added attention is required from the officials as the teams attempt to change the game and possibly the pattern of play. It’s a good ploy for a referee to slow the game down at substitutions if the tempo has increased and control can be threatened.

at 2014-08-17 15:01:00

Advantage played on half-way but it came to nothing as Liverpool gave the ball away. Do they prefer to have the free-kick? I think so!

at 2014-08-17 14:59:26

70 minutes gone and loads of substitutes are warming up at the Managers look to change things in search of a winner. Offside decision 100% correct by Gary Beswick. Well done.

at 2014-08-17 14:56:11

Television suggesting that that earlier penalty area decision was wrong!!! Liverpool defending is desperate as Southampton put on the pressure.

at 2014-08-17 14:54:17

Yellow CardCaution for Southampton 4 for a late reckless challenge in midfield. Correct decision but was he thinking of playing an advantage?

at 2014-08-17 14:51:19

What a chance for Southampton!,Davis misses an open goal and it’ s,substitute time for Liverpool as Lucas goes off.

at 2014-08-17 14:49:31

Penalty area decision to be made. Nothing given but what am incredible position to judge the incident.

at 2014-08-17 14:48:08

Liverpool looking a bit ragged in defence now that Southampton are turning the screw. I’m sure the officials will be talking on their kit to motivate each other at this important phase in the play.

at 2014-08-17 14:46:19

Great offside judgement by Gary Beswick as his correct no-flag contributed to the flow of play.

at 2014-08-17 14:44:39

Southampton have raised their game and stunned Liverpool with a goal. Top corner by Clyne at the Kop end. Game on!,,

at 2014-08-17 14:42:54

More good strong arm signals for throw-in direction have been noted and these have been missing in the Premier League,over the past few seasons. Let’s hope this is the ‘new way’ because it was the old way and very successful in raising the referee’s ability to get decisions right.

at 2014-08-17 14:39:28

The referee’s acceleration through the midfield are is highly,impressive and closes down distance on the break- away. Corner Southampton – foul given in goal area.

at 2014-08-17 14:36:40

Very close to play there and his close proximity probably deterred any misconduct. Excellent refereeing.

at 2014-08-17 14:35:11

Good playing conditions but there is a troublesome wind. Foul by Henderson for holding rightly given.

at 2014-08-17 14:33:02

Second half ready to start and it is looking like a goal will be hard to find for Southampton despite giving Liverpool,a couple of scares. Goals change games and in the period of play after a goal has been scored there needs to be extra vigilance from all the officials. I’m sure the half-time talk in the officials dressing room will have considered these issues and they will be totally focused for the final 45 minutes. We’re under way.

at 2014-08-17 14:24:06

Ball through the referee’s legs in the centre circle. Remember that the tactical formations of the teams (4-4-2 or 5-3-2-1) have different positional requirements for the referee to get the best viewing angles without being in the way  of play. First half ends and the officials will reflect on the first half where just a couple of decisions were not delivered to expectation. Join us for the 2nd half after I enjoy my cup of Yorkshire Tea during the interval. How do you rate this referee? Contact us on Twitter @youaretheref or email us at

at 2014-08-17 14:17:06

Time allowed in the 1st half of 2 minutes as Southampton force a great save for a corner in the dying minute. A wake up call for Liverpool!!

at 2014-08-17 14:14:45

Offside decision making by the Assistants on the Premier League last season was generally of a very high standard and let’s hope those standards are carried forward into the games this season. Getting the first one right is where to start and it was a close one for Assistant Beswick. His signals throughout have been very positive as a contribution to the referee’s control.

at 2014-08-17 14:11:48

First shot on goal formSouthampton. Easy save followed by a free kick after foul by Johnston. Corner Southampton easily defended. What are your thoughts? Contact us on Twitter @youaretheref or email us at

at 2014-08-17 14:07:09

10 minutes to half time and the referee will want to see the half to a safe conclusion with no incidents. The caution came at a good time to re-enforce his control.

at 2014-08-17 14:05:12

Yellow CardCaution Manquillo for Liverpool for a late, rash and reckless challenge.

at 2014-08-17 14:01:27

Good awareness to stop play with what appeared to be a head injury but it looks like an ankle! Ball sportingly given back by Southampton.

at 2014-08-17 13:59:01

Fitness and work rate are the basis of his game today so that he remained close to play and is able to sell his decisions from close proximity. This is particularly important in, and around, the penalty area where the ‘big decisions’ in the game have to be made. Despite getting a couple wrong, referee Clattenburg has achieved this and that last corner award was a perfect example.

at 2014-08-17 13:56:02

Delayed advantage where free-kick would have been better to Liverpool. The boos from the Kop tell the story!

at 2014-08-17 13:54:26

Liverpool score after wonderful pass from Henderson and it’ a Sterling silver finish. One nil Liverpool.

at 2014-08-17 13:53:14

The referee will have done his homework on both teams in an attempt to be in total control. He’ll be aware of where his problems might arise and let’s hope that he will be able to get into the best viewing positions to judge incidents.

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at 2014-08-17 13:52:18

Corner Southampton. Holding in the area but not excessive and play continues with the keeper in possession.

at 2014-08-17 13:50:15

Good to see referee Clattenburg indication throw-in direction with a firm arm signal to increase his profile.

at 2014-08-17 13:48:10

The foul count increases as Southampton try and spoil the Liverpool passing game. Time to identify the need for a bit firmer control.

at 2014-08-17 13:46:52

15 minutes gone – no score and only the one talking point on that last decision. A clear foul against Liverpool waved away when it should have been spray can time!

at 2014-08-17 13:44:56

Big decision for a foul just outside the area not given. A clear foul but waved away by the referee. He won’ t be happy when he sees that one again!!

at 2014-08-17 13:43:32

Offside decision by Gary Beswick was very tight.

at 2014-08-17 13:42:33

No goals yet but Liverpool looking most likely with some neat passing.

at 2014-08-17 13:39:42

Corner to Liverpool and not how referee sold it with a great signal from deep in the penalty area.

at 2014-08-17 13:38:32

First real shot on goal but Sturridge just shot over.

at 2014-08-17 13:36:25

That challenge was as rough as Gerrard’s facial hair! Is it a beard or did he lose his razor? Free kick Southampton.

at 2014-08-17 13:34:26

Clattenburg getting close to play which is good in the early stages to let the players know he! There. A good word after that challenge.

at 2014-08-17 13:32:32

Good first flag for a goal kick by Gary Beswick.

at 2014-08-17 13:31:37

The referee will have done his homework on both teams in an attempt to be in total control. He’ll be aware of where his problems might arise and let’s hope that he will be able to get into the best viewing positions to judge incidents.

at 2014-08-17 13:30:24

We’re underway and looking at the referee and his Assistants to try and gauge what his game plan is for this important game. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression!

at 2014-08-17 13:25:08

The teams are in the tunnel and the new season is about to begin for Liverpool and Southampton. It’ the same for the officials and they will be keen to ensure that their season gets off to a good start by being totally focused on the job in hand. Good judgement, sound decision making and selling their decisions with full credibility.

at 2014-08-17 13:14:05

With 15 minutes to go before kick- off the tension inside all three dressing rooms will be starting to build. Understanding the players feelings is an important part of the early stages of a game for the officials as they continue their mental build- up before the equipment checks in the tunnel.

at 2014-08-17 13:07:55

Players from both teams and the officials are out doing their warm-ups and getting the feel of the surface and the atmosphere inside the ground. It’ s a great feeling to be doing that and a big help in getting the focus for the game.

at 2014-08-17 12:57:58

Red CardLiverpool -v- Southampton
August 17th 2014
Kick-off – 1.30pm

Referee – Mark Clattenburg
Assistant 1 – S. Beck
Assistant 2 – G. Beswick.
Fourth Official – Kevin Friend

After the biggest game of his career in refereeing the UEFA Super Cup on Tuesday, it’s back to Premier League action for referee Clattenburg. Here’s what he said ahead of that game on Tuesday:-

I never dreamed I would be a part of this … This is huge,” said English referee Mark Clattenburg when the 39-year-old spoke to ahead of the UEFA Super Cup in Cardiff between Real Madrid CF and Sevilla FC Are you excited to be here in Cardiff?

Mark Clattenburg: Very much so. It doesn’t feel too different – we have the same stormy weather back home at the minute! But it’s fantastic to have the Super Cup in Cardiff and be a part of such a wonderful event. This is a real bonus for me. Have you been brushing up on your Spanish?

Clattenburg: A few words! For an English referee, it is a wonderful experience to take charge of an all-Spanish game. I want to give the best performance with my team. Can you elaborate on the homework you have done?

Clattenburg: Teams change every year with different managers and players, and it is tricky at the start of a season. But they play pre-season games and as referees we look at their tactics and pace of their play – any little details that can help us during the 90 minutes. If I do my research, it will make my job easier on the pitch. Are there any differences between games like this and matches in the Premier League?

Clattenburg: The differences are not as clear as they used to be, as the English league has become slower and more technical. In international football they keep the ball a lot longer, but it is still the same game, and the same 90 minutes. How do you prepare for such a big match so early in the season?

Clattenburg: We are prepared mentally and physically, even though it is the first big game of the season for us. I have put in a lot of physical training and also worked on the mental side of things. We use sports psychologists to make sure we are mentally prepared for the big kick-off. Your pre-season sounds as intensive as the ones the players dread …

Clattenburg: It is all about timing during the off-season. At the end of a campaign you are mentally and physically fatigued and it is important to be able to rest. We have help from within UEFA, getting advice on when to train, although personally I don’t really stop. I like to keep going, and just steadily build up the intensity. I increased it about four weeks ago so I knew, when this appointment was made two weeks ago, that I was ready to go if called upon. I wouldn’t have to react to the appointment; I was being proactive. It’s important I keep my body tuned. What’s your schedule like before kick-off?

Clattenburg: European games are different to the Premier League as you have to travel up the day before the game. So I make sure that I eat right the night before and try to sleep well. My team will attend a pre-match meeting on the morning of a game, preparing with the two clubs, and we will have our own meetings within the team, working out how we’re going to do things, analysing things we have done well in previous games, and trying to address any problems we might have had last season. Last term you officiated a UEFA Europa League semi-final and UEFA Champions League quarter-final: Do you still get nervous?

Clattenburg: I don’t think you’d call it nerves, but it is a strange feeling. Anticipation. You’re so much looking forward to getting out on that pitch in front of millions of viewers in such a wonderful event. To be a part of this is just amazing – when I started off as a referee at 16 years old I never dreamed I would be a part of this competition. This is huge: a wonderful occasion. What targets are on your personal horizons now?

Clattenburg: I set myself goals every year to simply improve on my form last season. I believe that last year went well for me, but I still have to work on the negatives. If I can do that the rewards will come.

He will have undertaken a tried and tested pre-match routine and we all wish him well for a successful outcome to this game. Following the retirement of Howard Webb there will be an added incentive for all Select Group referees to try and perform to the highest standard and attain Howard’s crown as the country’s top official.

Pre-match hype by Brendan Rodgers pointed to Liverpool signing 3 players from Southampton (Lallana £25 million, Lovren £20 million and Lambert £4 million). Saying “I have no sympathy for Southampton, they don’ have to sell. Maybe their objectives have changed”. We know after yesterday’s games that no result is predictable so watch out for Southampton using the Rodgers’ words to fire up the team.