Liverpool v Manchester City


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and apologies to all fans of Stoke City!

As The Potters occupy 7th place…Liverpool are now 8th!!

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As for our referee…

Martin Atkinson was quite simply, EXCELLENT.

He controlled this frantic game with an air of calm assurance and authority.

Both sides wanted to play, and he allowed them to do so yet never had his control compromised.

Tonight Martin showed why he has been selected for EURO 2016, and if he referees like this at that tournament then he can look forward to a very good summer indeed.

Well done, Atko….that is the best I have seen you referee in a very, very long time.

Top man!

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That’s game over, and it is the red men of Liverpool who leave much the happier as they complete a League double over City.

The Reds got their game plan exactly right, pressing City from start to finish and offering them no breathing space or time on the ball.

That is Liverpool’s first win at home in the League in 2016, and no one could deny they deserved it, as they inflicted City’s third League defeat in a row. That hasn’t happened to them since 2008.

The three points elevate The Reds to 7th in the league and keep alive their hopes of finishing in a Champions League place.

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We have had all of the added time, and it is…

Full Time

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Joe Allen comes so close to making it 4-0 with an audacious effort from a long way out, but the ball ends up on the roof of Joe Hart’s goal with the City ‘keeper beaten

GT at 2016-03-02 22:47:30

That is the end of the regular 90 minutes.

Sensibly, with the game over as a contest, Atko adds on just 3 more minutes

88 minutes

GT at 2016-03-02 22:45:03

Liverpool replace the impressive James Milner with Jordan Ibe

GT at 2016-03-02 22:44:20

Flanagan goes down after receiving a blow to his face…but it was purely accidental from Kolarov.

Atko gives nothing, and is correct in doing so

GT at 2016-03-02 22:42:15

Final five minutes to go…

GT at 2016-03-02 22:41:51

….but Henderson’s effort is JUST wide of the post.

Goal kick to City

84 minutes

GT at 2016-03-02 22:41:02

Kompany is sailing close to the wind as he fouls Benteke yet again….free kick to Liverpool in a very dangerous position

GT at 2016-03-02 22:38:45

Kompany wrestles Benteke to the ground with 10 minutes to go, and Atko correctly awards a free kick to the home side

GT at 2016-03-02 22:32:52

More good recognition from our referee as he spots a foul by Bony on Emre Can

74 minutes

GT at 2016-03-02 22:32:14

Liverpool also make a change….Joe Allen on for Firmino

74 minutes

GT at 2016-03-02 22:31:30

City make their final change as Kolarov takes over from Clichy

GT at 2016-03-02 22:28:20

As we enter the final 20 minutes of the game, everything is crossed for Atko.

He is refereeing right at the top of his game tonight, and we all hope that nothing goes array in this final period.

Please put this one safely to bed, Martin!

69 minutes

GT at 2016-03-02 22:27:28

Benteke comes into the action for Origi at an ideal time for the Liverpool man.

The game is comfortably set up for a Liverpool win, and the big man can go out relaxed and seek out a goal

GT at 2016-03-02 22:26:04

The game is getting a little spicy now, as City’s frustrations start to show.

Keep a hold on it Martin…

67 minutes

GT at 2016-03-02 22:25:13

First major call for Atko to deal with as Navas is overly-aggressive in his challenge with Adam Lallana.

The City man deserves and yellow card….and that is exactly what he got.

Well done, Atko.

Yellow Card

GT at 2016-03-02 22:19:08

Atko has got this game right in the palm of his hand.

The players have come to play, and he has come to allow them to do so.

These are the games where referees can shine, and Atko is certainly doing so.

Keep it going Martin….it is so refreshing to be able to heap praise upon your performance…top man tonight!

GT at 2016-03-02 22:16:15

Yet again, Adam Lallana is pivotal in the goal as he picked up the loose ball, beat a couple of City players then fed a delicious ball into Firmino’s feet.

The Liverpool number 11 made no mistake in burying his shot into the corner.

Fantastic team goal.

57 minutes

GT at 2016-03-02 22:14:24

GOAL! Firmino !!

55 minutes

GT at 2016-03-02 22:12:31

Second change by City as Fernandinho is replaced by Iheanacho

GT at 2016-03-02 22:11:22

There is no let-up in the pace.

Especially from Liverpool who are playing this game at tremendous pace.

Excellent work rate from Atko in keeping in touch with play

51 minutes

GT at 2016-03-02 22:09:34

Atko is ‘Jonny-on-the-spot’ to call no foul as Kompany takes the ball away.

Good call, referee

GT at 2016-03-02 22:08:32

and Origi does similar….committing a pointless  foul on his marker.

Well seen and called by mike Mullarkey

GT at 2016-03-02 22:06:44

Silly foul by Lallana who pushes over Fernandino, when the ball was running to a Liverpool player

47 minutes

GT at 2016-03-02 22:04:04

Offside against Origi.

Good call, Mike Mullarkey

GT at 2016-03-02 22:03:01

City have made a change at half time, with Raheem Sterling being replaced by Wilfred Bony

GT at 2016-03-02 22:02:16

Here we go with the second half.

And it’s Liverpool who get us going, attacking The Kop End, as they like to do in the second half at home games.

Will the Merseyside giants go and take out revenge for Sunday’s defeat?

Or can City come back into this one?

Let us know what you think and give us your views by contacting us either on Twitter @youaretheref or email us at

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Half time is upon us in this tremendous contest between two sides who have played fast and furious football for that opening 45 minutes.

It is so pleasing to see our referee, Martin Atkinson, also playing a major part in making this such a spectacle.

Atko has been flawless in that opening half and has done his level best to keep play moving for both sides.

In particular Liverpool have a clear game plan to press and move the ball at pace, and Atko is not being overly fussy, which has helped the game become the exciting contest is.

Well done, Martin.

More of the same in the second half, please!

GT at 2016-03-02 21:47:46

Half Time

GT at 2016-03-02 21:47:31

Calls go in from City for a handball and penalty against Milner but Atko called that corrrectly, too….play on!

GT at 2016-03-02 21:46:39

Good call by Atko as City get a chance at the end of the half following  a trip by Firmino.

GT at 2016-03-02 21:45:37

That is the end of the first 45 minutes…1 additional minute to go on

GT at 2016-03-02 21:45:13

Well done again Stephen Child….who makes an excellent offside call on Firmino.

That was a close call made at pace….super lining

GT at 2016-03-02 21:43:00

Outstanding play by Adam Lallana, who is tormenting the City back four.

The Liverpool frontman shows great trickery in the build up, the ball ended up at the feet of James Milner, and the Liverpool number 7 took an excellent first touch then buried the ball into goal with his second

40 minutes

GT at 2016-03-02 21:41:07

GOAL! and it’s the former City hero, James Milner


GT at 2016-03-02 21:40:32

Mike Mullarkey joins the party on 40 minutes with a good offside call

GT at 2016-03-02 21:36:40

Correct offside call this time by Stephen Child as Firmino goes too early in an attempt to get on to the end of a cross into the penalty area

34 minutes

GT at 2016-03-02 21:35:24

…and there is the missing piece in the jigsaw as Adam Lallana strikes one from distance which finds its way into the bottom left hand corner of Joe Hart’s goal.

Game on…

GT at 2016-03-02 21:34:02

GOAL! Adam Lallana!!

GT at 2016-03-02 21:30:20

The opening 30 minutes have gone, and all this game lacks so far is a goal.

Frantic pace.

Excellent battle between the two sides.

And top refereeing

GT at 2016-03-02 21:27:47

Emre Can is too strong in the challenge for City’s Navas and Atko correctly sees that as a interception by the Liverpool midfielder.

More good work, referee

GT at 2016-03-02 21:24:35

Good decision Atko…

Despite Navas’ sarcastic finger-wave our referee correctly called that as a goal kick to Liverpool.

Well done again referee

GT at 2016-03-02 21:23:13

Just three days ago these two sides played 120 minutes of cup final football followed by a penalty shoot-out.

Yet here they are with a quarter of the game over still playing at break-neck speed.

That illustrates the importance of fitness for the referees.

There is no place to hide for those lacking in fitness.

19 minutes

GT at 2016-03-02 21:19:58

A tight call for Stephen Child, but he missed Adam Lallana in an offside position there

GT at 2016-03-02 21:16:54

Lallana needs to take care as he commits another foul challenge.

He is racking them up and could soon see yellow for persistent infringement

GT at 2016-03-02 21:15:07

With the ball being moved around so quickly from one end to another and one wing to the opposite, different positional challenges face Atko in this fixture.

He is meeting those challenges well, though…staying out of the way whilst still retaining credible positioning in order to correctly judge foul play.

Well done, referee

GT at 2016-03-02 21:11:12

10 minutes have already passed, and there is little let-up in the pace so far.

Atko is doing well keeping the payers going, looking for advantage where he can so as not to spoil the frantic pace of the game

GT at 2016-03-02 21:06:54

We talk about teams making quick starts….but it is just as important that the referees do likewise, and Atko and his team have certainly matched Liverpool and City in this opening phase.

Well done Atko and Stephen Child

4 minutes

GT at 2016-03-02 21:05:18

Four minutes gone and we already have our third free kick.

Another correct decision…this time ion favour of the home side

GT at 2016-03-02 21:04:29

Stephen Child leads his referee into a free kick for City.

Correct call, Childy…Firmino did push Sterling in the back

GT at 2016-03-02 21:02:54

Liverpool have set off like a train…they are playing at great speed and pressing for an early break through

GT at 2016-03-02 21:01:47


If the opening 30 seconds are anything to go by….this is going to be frantic!

Free kick to Liverpool.

Good decision Atko

GT at 2016-03-02 21:00:21

Manchester City take the kick-off and get us underway…

GT at 2016-03-02 20:54:53

It’s almost time for kick-off at Anfield…

GT at 2016-03-02 20:44:13

As for our officials today…

It is not surprising to see Martin Atkinson leading out a team on another televised game.

Atko continues to be regularly chosen for these big games, as he makes another small screen appearance.

Confirmed as one of England’s EURO 2016 referees, the expectation is that the Yorkshire-based will turn in a near flawless performance, particularly when we consider he has with him part of his team for that tournament (Mike Mullarkey and Stephen Child as Assistant Referees with Craig Pawson operating as 4th Official tonight).

So, don’t go anywhere…follow us here on YATR…

This should be a fascinating clash officiated at the very highest level.

GT at 2016-03-02 20:39:31

Hi everyone, and welcome to tonight’s live Refcam commentary games

We are delighted to bring to you Liverpool v Manchester City, a fixture which could prove pivotal in determining which teams reach those lucrative UEFA Champions League places.

These two giants within world football met only three days ago at Wembley Stadium, when City took away the first major silverware of the season after a penalty shoot-out in the final of The Capital One Cup.

However, whilst City took that trophy on Sunday, their recent history at Anfield is not great.

The Manchester outfit have not won in their last 12 visits to Liverpool.

Indeed, The Reds have won 8 and drawn 4 of those meetings.

It is 11th v 4thin The Premier League so you may think that suggests an away win, but this is a tough one to call…

What do you think?

How will it go?

Let us know who you believe will be triumphant by contacting us either on Twitter @youaretheref or email us at