Liverpool v Arsenal


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From all of us here at You Are The Ref – have a great Christmas and please join us for our extensive Ref am coverage over the festive period.

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This afternoon at You Are The Ref we have witnessed quality performances by 2 of the brightest FIFA referees in this country – for all the recent criticism of the Premier League referees in recent weeks, this was much better – let us know your thoughts by tweeting us @youaretheref or why not visit our facebook page

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An object lesson in maintaining referee focus in additional time, especially with 9 added minutes – just shows how the game can change and it’s never over until it’s over ……..


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Skrtel strikes late on – a great header ….GOAL!


RCT at 2014-12-21 18:52:58

Another justified caution – Cazorla this time – yet again fully justified Yellow Card


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More stellar referring by the Referee – Borini gets a red for 2 yellows and he deserved it for a reckless challenge Red Card


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Borini also gets what he deserves – Micheal Oliver maintaining his standards with a yellow card for dissent Yellow Card


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Great positional play again by the referee, his presence preventing any possible misconduct …


RCT at 2014-12-21 18:40:47

Did you notice the sign of respect from Giroud to Michael Oliver as he left the field of play, – says a lot ….


RCT at 2014-12-21 18:37:43

Good clear signal by Assistant Betts, his first penal offence intervention and a quality one ….


RCT at 2014-12-21 18:34:38

15 minutes to go (plus time for the Skertel injury – 6 minutes at least), surely Liverpool will equalise, or they could even go on to win it ……


RCT at 2014-12-21 18:32:13

More changes in personal, more awareness needed by the match officials – will the patterns of play change ….


RCT at 2014-12-21 18:26:36

Refereeing is about ‘tempo-management’ of the game – is that goal the ‘trigger-point’ for a change in temperature? Important that the referee keeps a tight rein on proceedings for the next five minutes or so.


RCT at 2014-12-21 18:23:48

GOAL!Is there any justice, Arsenal lead after Liverpool’s first half dominance ….



RCT at 2014-12-21 18:22:32

Now, have a degree of sympathy for Michael Oliver here when he did not detect the handball by Sterling.  Absolutely no chance for his Assistants or for the referee himself, no-one could have spotted this ….. so had the goal go in from Gerrard, this is a great reason for using the review system ….


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The time recording of the length of stoppages lies with the 4th official who will inform the referee of how much time to add on.  This allows the 4th man to justify the timings to the management teams as required …


RCT at 2014-12-21 18:13:05

Good sensible refereeing, not hurrying the physios for a head injury, let the experts do their job ….


RCT at 2014-12-21 18:11:27

A word of praise for the Assistant Referees – very little intervention, but when they have done so, it’s been quality….


RCT at 2014-12-21 18:06:16

A great way to cement his authority at the start of the 2nd half …..


RCT at 2014-12-21 18:05:32

Yellow CardCorrect Michael Oliver – an expected caution and well justified ….



RCT at 2014-12-21 18:02:43

So far so good for the refereeing team, but I sense an increase in the intensity as the game progresses from this point.  Arsenal cannot be as poor in the 2nd half – remain focused Gents …….

Half Time

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Hah, Sky’s experts have just asked the same question we asked 3 minutes ago, perhaps they have been tuning into our Ref Cam coverage ….

Half Time

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If you are watching Sky’s coverage, can you tell us why Craig Bellamy is wearing a suit made from a pair of his Mum’s old curtains? Or is that fashion?

Half Time

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Half-time, and a very good, solid refereeing performance by Michael Oliver and his team.  They have been able to maintain control in an appropriate low-profile manner, which has worked well. Just one caution, for Flamini, but should it have been a second yellow ?  Opinions are divided here at You-Are-the-Ref – with one very interesting question being raised – would his 43rd minute challenge have bought a yellow card had the offender not already have been booked ?

Half Time

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Half Time

Well – let is know your thoughts so far on this game by tweeting us @youaretheref or why not visit our facebook page


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GOAL!– where did that come from – Debuchy equalises – somehow …..



RCT at 2014-12-21 17:45:50

GOAL!Well deserved – Coutinho  strikes just before half-time …..



RCT at 2014-12-21 17:44:18

I think Michael Oliver has done well there .. bearing in mind his view of that Flamini challenge, would you have issued a second yellow ?


RCT at 2014-12-21 17:39:16

All credit to the referee for his positional sense when faced with a game with no discernible patterns of play – he is never far from where he needs to be …..


RCT at 2014-12-21 17:35:35

Welback and Lucas involved in a game of “my dad is bigger then your dad”, no need to intervene Mr Referee, let Uncle Steven Gerrard sort it out ….


RCT at 2014-12-21 17:31:56

I wonder what Herbert Chapman or George Graham would think of this Arsenal performance so far ……


RCT at 2014-12-21 17:28:24

The match officials will be using the comms kit – talking to each other – keeping focused on the task in hand ……. this is key when things are going well


RCT at 2014-12-21 17:26:33

25 gone – so far, so good – keep going guys …..


RCT at 2014-12-21 17:24:28

Mmmm – wonder who gave that corner – the first blip on a very good performance so far …….


RCT at 2014-12-21 17:20:34

Also, they are not frightened to penetrate the penalty area to be as close as possible to key incidents …


RCT at 2014-12-21 17:19:09

Just notice Michael Oliver’s anticipation of play and his movement over the first 5 metres – top class – a feature of the play of the young breed of Premiership referees, not an ability held by some of their senior colleagues I’m afraid to say ….


RCT at 2014-12-21 17:16:54

Is Steve Gerrard playing deep lying midfield, or is he operating from behind the goal Row Z of the Kop ?


RCT at 2014-12-21 17:13:53

a second offence for Flamani – and a correct caution Yellow Card


RCT at 2014-12-21 17:11:06

This edict is coming down from the PGMO, who manage the match officials on the professional game, but it’s relevant at all levels, especially if you have been refereeing on a local park this weekend


RCT at 2014-12-21 17:09:50

Sometimes the challenge itself gives the referee no choice, but if you can manage it, then do so ….


RCT at 2014-12-21 17:08:44

As per Anthony Taylor’s player management earlier, a good use of common sense refereeing, not going for the yellow cards too early …


RCT at 2014-12-21 17:04:23

A good start from Michael Oliver – correct recognition of the penall offence and a well controlled defensive ‘ wall’ as Gerrard shoots wide


RCT at 2014-12-21 17:00:57

Here we go …..

RCT at 2014-12-21 16:56:47

The match officials for this game are led by Michael Oliver, who had a good test of his authority at Bramall Lane during the week in the Capital One Cup Quarter Final, who will be supported by Lee Betts and Simon Long with Craig Pawson on 4th official duties.  Craig has recently been appointed to the FIFA List of Referees for 2015 and here at You-Are-The-Ref offer our congratulations to him.

RCT at 2014-12-21 16:54:57

If Liverpool v Arsenal doesn’t set the pulse racing, you haven’t got a pulse !  Ok, so neither team will win the Premiership, but there is just something about this game, especially at Anfield.  Think back to Keegan, Tosh, Tommy Smith, Wrighty, Charlie George and Tony Adams, the list goes on and on ….

RCT at 2014-12-21 16:49:34

Nevertheless, Anthony Taylor’s performance was probably the best all round refereeing performance we have witnessed on You-Are-The-Ref this season

RCT at 2014-12-21 16:48:49

Going back to our earlier game,

did you notice the management of the game by Anthony Taylor in terms of the balance between public rebuke and formal caution.  Do you think he was wise not to caution Lee Cattermole for his penal offence inside the first 10 seconds.  It’s a question of risk verses reward, did he take a risk on his match control in interest a being rewarded by controlling the game without using an excessive number of cards.

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What’s your thoughts …. let us know by tweeting us @youaretheref or why not visit our facebook page

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We note with interest on Social Media the growing recognition amongst respected football journalists regarding our call for retrospective video reviews and the possibility of using video referees.

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If you managed to catch any of our earlier game, Kevin Friend certainly had his work cut-out controlling the Newcastle and Liverpool Technical areas.  Did you notice Kevin in the first-half having his ‘hands-on’ and gently pushing Poyet back towards his seat. Wise or not ?

RCT at 2014-12-21 16:41:00

Not sure we are in for Liverpool 5 Arsenal 1 – as per last season – but who knows ……..

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What are your views, let us know your thoughts by tweeting us @youaretheref or why not visit our facebook page

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Thanks to Mark Halsey @RefereeHalsey for his tweets following out last game – Mark is right – Anthony Taylor had a cracking game ….


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Welcome to our 2nd game of the day here on You-Are-The-Ref – the much awaited Liverpool v Arsenal