Leicester City v West Ham United


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AM at 2016-04-17 15:41:39

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Full time summary

AM at 2016-04-17 15:40:49

What a game with twists and turns and so much to talk about in this game!

At half time we discussed:

Key Match Decision -We have just viewed prior to the L. goal and from a WHU fk that there is a clear foul by Huth on Reid which if seen by Jon Moss then this should have resulted in a penalty kick to WHU. Was Jon Moss viewing Fuchs on Antonio as the ball was played in? was this why this incident was missed?     Let us know what you think by contacting us on either on Twitter @youaretheref or email us at Info@you-are-the-ref.com     2nd half – Otherwise In a game with a real edge to it we have seen further key match decisions. In the 48th minute Huth has his arm around Reid at a WHU CK. no penalty kick awarded. 55th minute Vardy correctly shown 2nd yellow card. The 2nd yellow card was for simulation. 82nd JM perfectly correct to award a WHU penalty kick as Huth fouls Reid. 89th minute then Ogbonna fouls Huth in the WHU penalty area and again a penalty kick would have been the correct outcome here. 90+4 then Caroll fouls Schulp and a L. penalty kick is the correct outcome. This was a very difficult game for Jon Moss and we have discussed the key match decisions where we felt that he could have awarded but also the grappling that we saw at cks was an area that JM worked very hard at and the award of the WHU penalty was a strong and correct decision and my feeling is that this was an area where he had to be preventative and if the players do not follow your instructions then give the penalty kicks where there is clear grappling going on in the penalty areas. Otherwise Jon Moss has worked very hard in a game that always had an edge and JM made some big bold and brave decisions but there were also the missed KMDs that we have discussed. So much to talk about in this game! Both Assistants have supported JM well.



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Full time

AM at 2016-04-17 15:23:14

Full Time

Leicester City 2 West Ham United 2



AM at 2016-04-17 15:22:29

GOAL!Ulloa puts the ball in the back of the WHU goal net to make it 2-2


AM at 2016-04-17 15:21:16

L. continue to press and following a foul by Carroll on Schulp then a L. penalty kick is correctly awarded by JM

4 minutes minimum added time

AM at 2016-04-17 15:19:29


AM at 2016-04-17 15:19:14

L. pressing hard and as the ball comes into the penalty area then Ogbonna looks to have his arm around Huths neck and no penalty is awarded here. This looked to be a penalty kick to me and maybe the arm coming from behind by Ogbonna was not detected by the referee? JM has had some key match decisions to make and this was another one.


AM at 2016-04-17 15:16:02

WHU GK – good teamwork seen here from AH and JM


AM at 2016-04-17 15:14:39

FK to L. correct as JM remains overall consistent in his award of foul / non foul in field


AM at 2016-04-17 15:13:13


1-2 what a tremendous goal from Cresswell that was coming and now makes for a fantastic finish



AM at 2016-04-17 15:12:18

We are in for a massive final 5 minutes and additional time


AM at 2016-04-17 15:11:19

Penalty kick to WHU – correct Morgan fouls Reid and JM is perfectly correct to award – he has spoken enough times to players re preventative grappling!

GOAL! Carroll to make it 1-1


AM at 2016-04-17 15:09:18

WHU ck as Morgan plays the ball out with Payet to take the ck. Prior to the ck JM has words with Huth look at all this grappling going on!


AM at 2016-04-17 15:07:45

AH judges that the ball has not fully gone out of play and OVER THE GOAL LINE and then quickly and also that there is no fk to L.

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Coming up next we have Arsenal v Crystal Palace kick off is at 16.00hrs

L. sub

AM at 2016-04-17 15:04:51

Mahrez 26 off to be replaced by Amarty


AM at 2016-04-17 15:04:07

Morgan Yellow Cardreckless on  Carroll correct slight delay in award but correct – good refereeing seen here as he was waiting to see if he could apply the advantage clause


AM at 2016-04-17 15:02:17

Good sprint and movement seen from JM in that last LC breakaway.


AM at 2016-04-17 15:00:57

WHU. ck  again grappling is being seen prior to the ck being taken.


AM at 2016-04-17 15:00:07

Payet goes to ground no fk awarded –


AM at 2016-04-17 14:59:23

Bilic complaining to 4th Official about time delaying tactics that L. are taking – JM has been proactive here

71 WHU sub

AM at 2016-04-17 14:58:23

20 Moses off Valencia 11 on


AM at 2016-04-17 14:57:51

AH would have decided that the whole of the ball was not out of play therefore play continues with the WHU gk in possession of the ball


AM at 2016-04-17 14:56:47

Reid careless here not a 2nd yellow card for me much to the displeasure of the home crowd as they look to even up things


AM at 2016-04-17 14:55:34

L. throw in – JM alert to time delay tactics by LC and uses his whistle to communicate this to the L. players. Good awareness seen here.


AM at 2016-04-17 14:53:42

JM led on that last throw in to WHU as HL unsure. Good teamwork seen here

West Ham corner kicks

AM at 2016-04-17 14:52:19

Grappling is an area that JM will need to tighten up on and to be preventative from WHU corner kicks. This is the main area for JM to consider

Vardy 2nd yellow card = red card

AM at 2016-04-17 14:50:51

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WHU sub

AM at 2016-04-17 14:49:57

Noble 16 off to be replaced by Lanzini 28

Vardy 2nd yellow card = red card

AM at 2016-04-17 14:49:23

Going back to that decision then for me Jon Moss has got this decision correct – why? well Vardy has made a theatrical dive following a challenge with the WHU player. Vardy can have no complaints and JM has made a correct judgement from a good view and angle.


AM at 2016-04-17 14:46:04

Antonio foul. FK to L. correct

L. sub Okazaki off and Ulloa on the field of play


AM at 2016-04-17 14:45:04

Vardy is shown the yellow cardYellow Cardfor simulation and having already received a yellow card earlier in the game is then shown a Red Card red card for a 2nd cautionable offence and is then sent from the field of play

Leicester Sub

AM at 2016-04-17 14:42:05

Albrighton off Schulp on


AM at 2016-04-17 14:41:29

Difficult for JM to detect that last kmd with so much grappling going on in the L penalty area, but this is the area that needs to be detected


AM at 2016-04-17 14:38:39

Jon Moss having a calming word with Carroll prior to that last WHU ck. JM then speaks to Huth and Morgan. From the WHU ck there is a clear arm lock by HUTH on REIDs neck. NO PENALTY KICK IS AWARDED HERE AS PLAYERS JOSTLE FOR THE BALL IN THE L. PENALTY AREA.


AM at 2016-04-17 14:33:51

Huth not penalised for that last challenge and this will be an area for JM to be aware of

2nd half underway

AM at 2016-04-17 14:33:03




WHU half time sub

AM at 2016-04-17 14:32:23

Obiang off Carroll on this should be interesting and one for the match officials to be aware with Carrolls physical presence

Half time summary

AM at 2016-04-17 14:31:21

Key Match Decision -We have just viewed prior to the L. goal and from a WHU fk that there is a clear foul by Huth on Reid which if seen by Jon Moss then this should have resulted in a penalty kick to WHU. Was Jon Moss viewing Fuchs on Antonio as the ball was played in? was this why this incident was missed?



Let us know what you think by contacting us on either on Twitter @youaretheref or email us at Info@you-are-the-ref.com



Otherwise In a game with a real 1st half edge to it we have seen a very solid first half from Jon Moss and his team, there have been no controversial moments or key match incidents, but he has laid very good foundations as the players have tested him in the first half that has 1 yellow card to Leicester and 3 yellow cards to WHU as they look to break up and frustrate the Leicester play and passing movement with reckless challenges which have all been consistently correct. The other pleasing aspect of the Referees performance is his tolerance level on player contact and challenges, he’s got it right so far and as a consequence he hasn’t bought undue attention himself.

Both Assistants have supported JM well.




Half time

AM at 2016-04-17 14:16:43

Half Time

Leicester City 1 West Ham United 0

1 minute minimum additional time

AM at 2016-04-17 14:15:47


AM at 2016-04-17 14:15:28

Advantage to L. good opportunity for JM to judge and allow with L. in a good attacking position


AM at 2016-04-17 14:14:37

No fk for  foul by Huth but in fairness this would have AH to support and award with a better view


AM at 2016-04-17 14:13:30

Yellow Card

Payet becomes No.4 in the referees note book for this reckless challenge as JM remains consistent in this area of application of law and judgement of reckless challenges.


AM at 2016-04-17 14:11:05

GK to WHU. Jon Moss has been consistent in his showing of yellow cards in this high intensity first half – 3 yellow cards to date.


AM at 2016-04-17 14:09:55

Yellow Card

Noble reckless and is rightly shown the yellow card for this challenge


AM at 2016-04-17 14:07:12

Foul by Payet on Mahrez spray out again


AM at 2016-04-17 14:06:41

L. throw in well detected by HL on the nearside touchline


AM at 2016-04-17 14:05:08

Feel free to interact with me at any time during the game by joining in on Twitter @youaretheref or e-mail at info@you-are-the-ref.com


AM at 2016-04-17 14:04:18

Slight delay in the award of that last throw in right in front of the Technical Areas as JM firstly looked to AH and then gave the award.


AM at 2016-04-17 14:01:33

Yellow Card

Quickly followed by Winston Reid of WHU into the referees note book as JM RIGHTLY feels the time is right to step in and rightly assert his control on this game


AM at 2016-04-17 13:59:53

Yellow Card

Vardy 9 receives a yellow as we discussed earlier then Jon Moss has already spoken to him off the ball and now feels the time is right to get out the 1st yellow card


AM at 2016-04-17 13:58:32

Andy Halliday calming players close to him as play moves along by the touchline


AM at 2016-04-17 13:56:41

No foul on Emenike who feels he should have had a fk – it looked a firm but fair challenge.


AM at 2016-04-17 13:54:43

Morgan 5 careless on Emenike and JM has a word separately to both players. Good player management seen here to separate both players and speak to them separately. This has a calming effect and takes the heat out of this situation.


AM at 2016-04-17 13:52:26

No fk to LC. looking at the position of JM then he decided no foul the challenge looked strong one but fair

AM at 2016-04-17 13:51:31

To all our REFCAM followers it is important to remember that we are an education and training organisation where we raise constructive developmental advice and not criticism. We are offering different ways of developing our referees and also to all those interested in the game. One way is to watch out top referees in this Country, watching and learning from our very best professional referees and today Jonathan Moss is taking on this role.


AM at 2016-04-17 13:49:39


Who else but? Jamie Vardy excellent breakaway and goal and also a good non offside flag from Harry Lennard


AM at 2016-04-17 13:48:21

FK to WHU following a foul by Fuchs on Moses replays confirm correct decision.


AM at 2016-04-17 13:47:38

fk conceded by Vardy who complains he did not get an earlier fk – Jon Moss has some calming words off the ball to Vardy without making it to public as this would leave little room for JM should a further challenge come in from Vardy. Good refereeing seen here.


AM at 2016-04-17 13:45:29

JM right on the spot to award a fk to LC. following a foul by Obiang. From the L. fk JM correctly spots a foul by Huth. FK correctly awarded.

AM at 2016-04-17 13:42:34

As LC attacked earlier it was noticeable how Jon Moss veered off to the right of his patrol to squeeze play with his Assistant Harry Lennard. Keep an eye on this area today.


AM at 2016-04-17 13:40:25

From Fuchs throw in JM plays an advantage following a foul by Vardy in the WHU penalty area. This is then followed by a fk to WHU. HL comes on to the field of play to assist JM with the management of the fk to L


AM at 2016-04-17 13:37:33

Early words from JM to Drinkwater, calming words here as WHU press hard for an early goal. L. have not yet really put in any sort of attack as yet


AM at 2016-04-17 13:36:02

No FK to LC with Mahrez feeling there was a foul on him. No fk from JM


AM at 2016-04-17 13:34:48

Bobby Madey is having some early words with Bilic WHU Manager – good management seen here by RM.


AM at 2016-04-17 13:33:41

Good early advantage from JM sees WHU appreciating this in a good attacking move onto L. goal


AM at 2016-04-17 13:32:26

Early fk to WHU sees an excellent save from Schmeichel onto the L. post.

Assistant Referees

AM at 2016-04-17 13:31:35

Andy Halliday is on the far touchline – Technical Area – and Harry Lennard is on the near touchline

West Ham to kick off

AM at 2016-04-17 13:30:23

We are underway

Teams are on the field and we are ready for the kick off

AM at 2016-04-17 13:29:14

Jonathan Moss

AM at 2016-04-17 13:26:48

Jonathan Moss – all you need to know Matches in 2015/16: 22 (11 on TV) Fourth official appointments in 2015/16: 18 Football League appointments in 2015/16: 28 Last refereed Leicester City: 5 March 2016 Last refereed West Ham United: 2 February 2016 Honours: 2015 FA Cup Final —

Todays Match Officials

AM at 2016-04-17 13:25:47

The Match Officials selected by The PGMOL Management Team for this crucial game top of the table English Premier League Game are as follows:



Referee: Jonathan Moss (JM)



AR1. Andy Halliday (AH)



AR2. Harry Lennard (HL)




4th Official. Robert Madley (RM)

Pre Match Build Up

AM at 2016-04-17 13:20:33

Good afternoon to all our REFCAM followers from around the world as we cover this live Refcam commentary game –

The game is taking place at The King Power Stadium the home of Leicester City the current English Premier League Leaders. Who would have thought that at the beginning of this season that a fixture between these two sides would take a top of the table end to the season finish?

This could be one of the games of the season between two very evenly matched sides and it’s not far off the mark to describe the hosts as the irresistible force, their visitors the immovable object.

West Ham have played some superb football this season and will ensure that Leicester have to work very hard for a result today.

Stay with us for this live REF CAM commentary and feel free to interact with me during the game.




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