Leicester City v Manchester United



GB at 2015-11-28 20:30:27

Despite my occasional reservations about Craig Pawson’s work rate at times, there is no doubt that he managed that game really well and ensured it was delivered with a satisfactory conclusion as far as the officials were concerned. No mistakes and no surprises. Just one caution. As I said at half time, this game was clearly not about the officials and they all continued to stay out of it as much as possible and let the players do their stuff in the second half as well.


As a purist I would have liked to have seen a little more energy in evidence a few times as I always tell my referees that you have to exaggerate your effort some times to get an above average mark when there is very little else going on in the game. That said, but there is no doubt that the officials will not be mentioned in any of the papers in the morning – and of course that is how it should be. As we often say, a referee can only manage what is put in front of them, and for me Craig put in a decent shift today and did what was expected of him.


He was ably supported on both lines, but once again there were no major decisions for the assistants to get their teeth into either.


I am sure the officials would have settled for that at 5.30, so this is one that they can all afford to bank and look forwards to much tougher tests in the future!


GB at 2015-11-28 20:20:22

My final summary will follow very shortly.


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Full Time

Leicester City 1 v 1 Manchester United


GB at 2015-11-28 20:18:06

that looked like a tight decision as Vardy broke away then but he was never going to be off-side as he was in his own half when the ball was played


GB at 2015-11-28 20:15:25

those two challenges summed up the respect the players have shown towards each other in this game – a hard fair challenge was not complained about, neither was a  free kick for a “soft” careless challenge


GB at 2015-11-28 20:12:50

The Ref Show has looked for the reasons that referee performances seem to have improved this season and for me a major factor is that the officials are not getting right to the end and then messing up a big call in the latter stages so much this season


GB at 2015-11-28 20:11:11

As we head towards only 5 minutes to go the referee will be concentrating even more now to be ready in case the big decision comes along right at the end


GB at 2015-11-28 20:07:13

not best practice shown by Dave Bryan then at that last throw-in. The assistant has a job to do there in watching the player’s feet as he takes the throw-in, which he clearly did not do!


GB at 2015-11-28 20:05:09

Good alertness demonstrated by the referee then as soon as he thought there had been a head injury


GB at 2015-11-28 20:04:26

I don’t think the referee’s heart rate monitor trace will be much to write home about at the end of this game as he continues to be content to stand still and watch the play go on around him at times


GB at 2015-11-28 20:02:19

great example of how to “wait and see” if a player becomes active before raising the flag for off-side demonstrated then by Scott Ledger


GB at 2015-11-28 20:00:47

good lining then by BD – he did not jump in with his direction for that throw-in until he had checked whether Craig could add anything to the picture


GB at 2015-11-28 19:58:15

that better Scott – good positive goal kick signal with added authority as demonstrated at the other end just now


GB at 2015-11-28 19:55:01

the replay of that Leicester City attack clearly showed up the referees running style of long paces which can I admit be deceiving when you are looking for an injection of speed


GB at 2015-11-28 19:53:28

if the games continues end to end like it did then, Craig Pawson will soon have the opportunity to show off what he has in his tank


GB at 2015-11-28 19:51:55

Scott Ledger seems to have caught the “jogging” habit now. Would have been so much better to see the assistant sprinting back as he followed the ball out of play a minute ago.


GB at 2015-11-28 19:49:45

the referee just checked back with his assistant then that the ball had gone out of play before the Man Utd player caught it to take the throw-in – that’s the type of concentration I was looking for


GB at 2015-11-28 19:47:39

great decisive throw-in signal then by Dave Bryan – so important to crack the flag out with authority if you expect your decision is going to be challenged!


GB at 2015-11-28 19:45:43

safe free kick then – clear push even if it was only a “little” one


GB at 2015-11-28 19:44:59

In games when there really is not much going on, whether you are in the middle or on the line, you need to exaggerate your movement sometimes to emphasize your work rate in order to impress those judging you


GB at 2015-11-28 19:42:39

This is the first time I have blogged whilst Craig Pawson has been the referee, and I have to say his movement style is not a patch on the likes of Clattenburg of Oliver to name just a few


GB at 2015-11-28 19:41:18

DB giving a good example of best practice then by getting into position before signalling for the throw-in – looks so much better than flagging on the move!


GB at 2015-11-28 19:39:17

the more I watch the referee it is becoming clearer that he is content to take root occasionally in this game. There is no need to run around unnecessarily, but there is a balance required not to give the impression that you are not remaining engaged by looking “TOO” laid back


GB at 2015-11-28 19:36:17

good spot again by Dave Bryan as Rooney was off-side before the ball rebounded from the goalkeeper


GB at 2015-11-28 19:35:03

interesting decision – definite foul – even though there was no intent to trip the Man Utd player – intent was taken out of the laws a long time ago now


GB at 2015-11-28 19:33:21

It has to be conceded that it was not a difficult first half for the referee to control, but it is often overlooked that it is because the referee goes about his business quietly and gets all his decisions correct which leads to it looking easy! I assure you it is a lot easier to mess these types of games up if you start making mistakes!


GB at 2015-11-28 19:32:22

second half underway – eventually after everyone complied with the law!


GB at 2015-11-28 19:26:12

Well this game has certainly not been about the officials so far – and neither does it deserve to be.


Craig Pawson has judged his level of involvement very well so far. No surprised from the man in the middle. I said in my pre-match notes that I hoped this could be a game for the officials to sit back and orchestrate from a distance, and so far that is precisely what has happened.


We are only half way at the moment of course, so the officials need to be getting ready for the second half which might turn out to be a totally different game altogether. The skill required from the 3rd team now is to stay focussed and expect the unexpected as I said in my blog.


The pace of the game has not exactly been electric, so the referee has rarely broken into a sustained sprint so far. In fact he has been content to coast around some times which can give the impression of being one-paced. I know this guy is fit, so I trust that he does not relax and let the play go on around him but keeps on his toes more in the second half.


GB at 2015-11-28 19:17:44

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GB at 2015-11-28 19:17:10

Half Time

Leicester City 1 v 1 Manchester United


GB at 2015-11-28 19:16:26

GOAL! Bastian Schweinsteiger (MU 31)

Leicester City 1 v 1 Manchester United


GB at 2015-11-28 19:15:30

good to see the referee being pro-active before the corner was taken


GB at 2015-11-28 19:13:31

with less than 5 minutes to go to half time the referee will not be looking to take any chances now but will want to close the half out safely


GB at 2015-11-28 19:11:26

the referee is sensibly squeezing the play right over to his assistant as Man Utd have a succession of throw-ins from that side


GB at 2015-11-28 19:09:25

The referee demonstrated an important tactic then as the play moved towards the edge of the penalty area he swerved his position so he could monitor the edge of the penalty area just in case a challenge went in right on the line


GB at 2015-11-28 19:07:08

this is not a game for the referee to have to raise his profile yet and Craig is looking very relaxed but focussed at the moment


GB at 2015-11-28 19:05:40

no question of Rooney trying to deceive the referee for me that time


GB at 2015-11-28 19:04:20

looking back to Varny’s record goal – did you notice the Man Utd player attempt to illegally stop Schmeichel releasing the ball into play from his hands at the start of the build up? luckily it did not work!


GB at 2015-11-28 19:01:55

30 minutes gone and still only 4 free kicks awarded in the game – but the officials need to be ready for the unexpected tonight


GB at 2015-11-28 18:59:35

that last replay of the last Leicester City attack was not very flattering to Dave Bryan as he was a few yards behind play as the players raced forwards


GB at 2015-11-28 18:57:42

if anyone finds a roof lying around please return to the King Power Stadium as it has just come off!


GB at 2015-11-28 18:55:42

that goal was just what this game needed to set it alight


GB at 2015-11-28 18:54:56

GOAL! and it had to be Jamie Vardy (LC 9)

Leicester City 1 v 0 Manchester United


GB at 2015-11-28 18:53:53

good to see hardly any grappling at corners so far and I am sure Craig is communicating with the players as his position is so close to them


GB at 2015-11-28 18:52:28

The referee has had precious little opportunity to show off his superb fitness yet in this game


GB at 2015-11-28 18:51:11

There is no need for the referee to go looking for trouble in this game and I am sure he will be looking to manage what he can, as he did a few minutes ago


GB at 2015-11-28 18:49:40

That was a different type of foul of impeding. Just gave the referee enough wriggle room to keep his tinder dry on that occasion


GB at 2015-11-28 18:48:05

Craig Pawson had no option with that first caution. When an offence like that is committed the referee cannot afford to try to manage those events.


GB at 2015-11-28 18:46:42

great spot by Dave Bryan there – kept his concentration well to spot the player off-side as he picked himself up off the ground to get involved with the play


GB at 2015-11-28 18:44:57

1st Yellow CardAshley Young (MU 18)

A mandatory caution


A caution for unsporting behaviour must be issued when a player holds an opponent to prevent him gaining possession of the ball or taking up an advantageous position



GB at 2015-11-28 18:43:17

Vardy had his finger on the trigger for the first time but could not get his shot away


GB at 2015-11-28 18:40:56

10 minutes gone at this is more like a chess match than a football match at the moment


GB at 2015-11-28 18:39:26

the opening pace of the game is very subdued at the moment – the officials wont be too worried about that


GB at 2015-11-28 18:37:49

both teams seem happy to just suss each other out at the moment


GB at 2015-11-28 18:36:39

people often asked me if the moving advertising boards were a distraction when you are running the line and I must say that when you are concentrating you never even notice them


GB at 2015-11-28 18:35:07

subtle direction signal for the throw-in used by the referee to Dave Bryan on the line there. Good to see referees sticking to basics and not always relying on their communications kits – which can fail!


GB at 2015-11-28 18:33:17

first challenge for the referee then with a clear careless challenge easily spotted and free kick awarded


GB at 2015-11-28 18:31:44

AR1: Scott Ledger (SL) is patrolling the touchline in front of the technical areas.


GB at 2015-11-28 18:30:18

Leicester City won the toss so it will be Manchester United to kick off.


Good luck to all the officials and may the ball run kindly for you!


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GB at 2015-11-28 18:26:22

Not long to go now as the players and officials prepare to leave the tunnel


GB at 2015-11-28 18:21:25

Craig Pawson steps forward for his 11th game of this season, following another week when his decision making was questioned over a “missed” penalty for Norwich last weekend. A look back at his appointment so far sees that he has regularly been entrusted with games involving teams in the top 4 places. This is par for the course for a referee in his first season on the FIFA List, as the “Powers That Be”, attempt to raise his profile to enhance his international standing and encourage elevation in that particular merit list.


That’s all very well when the official delivers on the deal and performs true to the white badge on his chest with consistent accurate decision making from week to week, but the tactic of keeping him in the spotlight can have a negative affect when the referee’s judgements are debated rather than heralded.


Last weekend’s “was it or wasn’t it” penalty debate came on the back of another one in his Aston Villa v Man City game, which the YATR experts felt was a sound decision by the Sheffield official, so he needs to put the record straight again today in the biggest game of the weekend so far. Setting aside those few isolated incidents, there has been little else lacking in this young referee’s performances this season which sees him in the type of form which fully warranted his elevation to the FIFA list at the beginning of this calendar year.


Helping him to stay on the straight and narrow this evening from the side-lines is the vastly experienced Dave Bryan, alongside Scott Ledger, who joined the Select Group in 2009. This is the first time this crew have worked together since the opening game of the season at Newcastle v Southampton.


The board holding duties today will be carried out by Robert Madley, who has the same job lined up at Norwich tomorrow.


GB at 2015-11-28 18:20:28

Today’s officials are:

Referee: Craig Pawson (CP)

AR1: Scott Ledger (SL)

AR2: Dave Bryan (DB)

4th Official: Robert Madley (RM)

Craig Pawson 2


GB at 2015-11-28 18:18:37

Here are the starting line-ups for this game:

Leicester City


Kasper Schmeichel (LC 1)

Daniel Drinkwater (LC 4)

Wes Morgan (LC 5)

Robert Huth (LC 6)

Jamie Vardy (LC 9)

Marc Albrighton (LC 11)

Ngolo Kanté (LC 14)

Danny Simpson (LC 17)

Shinji Okazaki (LC 20)

Riyad Mahrez (LC 26)

Christian Fuchs (LC 28)


Ritchie De Laet (LC 2)

Andy King (LC 10)

Jeffrey Schlupp (LC 15)

Leonardo Ulloa (LC 23)

Nathan Dyer (LC 24)

Mark Schwarzer (LC 32)

Gökhan Inler (LC 33)


Manchester United

Man Utd

David De Gea (MU 1)

Juan Mata (MU 8)

Anthony Martia (MU 9)

Wayne Rooney (MU 10)

Chris Smalling (MU 12)

Michael Carrick (MU 16)

Daley Blind (MU 17)

Ashley Young (MU 18)

Bastian Schweinsteiger (MU 31)

Paddy McNair (MU 33)

Matteo Darmian (MU 36)


Memphis Depay (MU 7)

Sergio Romero (MU 20)

Marouane Fellaini (MU 27)

Morgan Schneiderlin (MU 28)

Marcus Rashford (MU 39)

Cameron Borthwick-Jackson (MU 43)

Andreas Pereira (MU 44)


GB at 2015-11-28 18:14:49

All eyes will be on this one today as Leicester City set out to prove that their week on top of the pile was fully justified!

The Home team will be hoping that the form book is more of a marker that ancient history, as they take on the Red Devils for the first time back at the King Power Stadium since they smashed them 5 – 3 last season in September 2014. Add to that the most recent form table positions which depict a far greater gap than the one place in the League Table before a ball was kicked today, and the Foxes fans find themselves sitting in a position which they have not become accustomed to in recent years!


1 Leicester W D W W W W 16
2 Stoke W L D W W L 13
3 Arsenal W W W W D L 13
4 Spurs D D W W D W 12
5 Man Utd L W D D W W 11


United supporters, however, will be much happier to point out that, setting aside last September’s meeting, you will have to go all the way back to 1998, to find the last time that Leicester City pulled one over the Mancunians.

But enough of the old stats, the added interest of whether Jamie Vardy can break away from the pack and become the first player to score in 11 consecutive Premier League games, adds the extra icing on the cake for one of the most mouth-watering fixtures between these two clubs for a very long time indeed. Let’s hope it turns out to be another classic encounter in which the officials can sit back and orchestrate the proceedings from afar, without needing to become centre of attention.


GB at 2015-11-28 18:12:21

Welcome to this early evening’s RefCam coverage today of the premier League game between Leicester City and Manchester United.

With 23 goals in the Premier League already today this game has a lot to follow!

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