Hull City v Newcastle United


GT at 2015-01-31 15:48:20

And that’s all for our opening game of the weekend.

But that’s not all….not by a long way…

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GT at 2015-01-31 15:46:17

Man of the Match went to Cabella of Newcastle United, but should have gone to assistant referee Darren Cann.

Just imagine what he was having to deal with when he disallowed that cheated-effort at the end of the first half by Elmohamady…

He was watching the free-kick for encroachment, for it being taken correctly, at the same time as looking for offsides, whilst also having the added pressures of the home side and its supporters being on his back, it was the end of the half and the away team was leading 0-1….the list goes on yet still Darren kept his focus and nerve, and gave the correct decision.


Give him the champagne!!

A final comment on the mercurial Cann….those who held him back and prevented him from going to the EURO Championship should hang their heads in shame.

The FA should be ashamed of themselves and made to answer, when did it become practice not to send the best officials from England to major tournaments?

GT at 2015-01-31 15:45:24

In summing up the game from our officials point of view…

Neil Swarbrick (4th official) – went about his duties calmly and efficiently.

Michael Salisbury (assistant referee) – a decent game. One glaring mistake in the second half, but overall he did well.

Darren Cann (assistant referee) – once again, OUTSTANDING. The pick of the bunch by far…..more comment to follow.

Phil Dowd (referee) – a good game. Judged the feeling of the game well. All cautions were warranted. Perhaps one missed on Colback of NUFC.

GT at 2015-01-31 15:40:23

A very professional job done by John Carbver’s men to halt a run of 5 consecutive away defeats in a game described by Steve Bruce as one that his Hull City team “must win”.

The pressure mounts upon Bruce’s shoulders.

OK every team can lose, but the way that Hull went down without a fight has to be a concern to him and everyone involved with the club.

Well done to John Carver though. He loves Newcastle United and is desperate to land the job as manager permanently.

His team move into the top half of the Premier League with that win and that will delight Geordies the length and breadth of the country.

GT at 2015-01-31 15:36:39

Full Time

GT at 2015-01-31 15:36:03

Abeid replaces Ameobi in the game’s final change

GT at 2015-01-31 15:34:16

the regualr 90 minutes are up…

… 2 added minutes to go

GT at 2015-01-31 15:33:31

Livermore sees yellow as Phil was perfectly placed to judge his foul.

Well done, Phil. Yes the Hull man took the ball but if his opponent had not taken evasive action he could have been injured.

Yellow Card

GT at 2015-01-31 15:31:32

Good spot again by Phil for yet another small foul by Ameobi.

GT at 2015-01-31 15:28:20

…nothing comes of it though and the home supporters begin to leave early

GT at 2015-01-31 15:27:53

Another small foul on Aluko, and Hull desperately need a goal from this free kick

GT at 2015-01-31 15:26:33

Newcastle make a second change of personnel…

…Perez off, Cisse on.

GT at 2015-01-31 15:22:20

Appeals from Newcastle for a penalty for a push on Ameobi, but Dowdy waves away strong appeals…

No matter though as Gouffran follows up with a good strike on goal


GT at 2015-01-31 15:17:39

Less than twenty minutes to go and Big Phil is showing his first signs of tiring.

There was a quick break by Hull and he was struggling to sprint into position.

Hang in there Dowdy…it’s almost all over

GT at 2015-01-31 15:16:24

Brady replaces Robertson for Hull’s last change.

Sensible management, as I felt Robertson was a prime candidate for a red card the longer the game went on.

Cabella also makes way for Gouffran for Newcastle.

GT at 2015-01-31 15:12:55

Well done there, Phil.

He let Davies know that he had seen a foul on him but allowed Hull to play on.

The big defender appreciated that…

GT at 2015-01-31 15:10:29

Another change for Hull.

‘Loanee’ Tom Ince replaces Henandez.

GT at 2015-01-31 15:09:27

Yellow Card for Robinson of Hull City.

That one has been coming since he gave the ball away for the opening goal, as he has looked frustrated ever since.


GT at 2015-01-31 15:08:35

An absolutely incredible miss by Jelovic.

No more than 3 yards out, with an open goal…he hits the ball with his knee and misses the easiest of chances.

GT at 2015-01-31 15:02:41

The two sides of assistant refereeing on show there….

Darren Cann has made the decision of the match, whilst his ‘oppo’ Salisbury makes a hash of a simple decision in awarding a throw in to Newcastle which was clearly a Hull ball.

GT at 2015-01-31 15:00:19

First change as Aluko replaces Meyler for Hull, as the snow begins to fall at The KC Stadium

GT at 2015-01-31 14:57:03

A comedy of errors in the Newcastle defence ends with their captain Coloccini almost slicing the ball into his own goal

GT at 2015-01-31 14:55:45

Colback fortunate not to see a caution for that cynical trip

GT at 2015-01-31 14:55:09

Superb strike by Ameobi from distance, but again it was awful defending by Hull in giving the ball away, whilst the ‘keeper will also be disappointed not to have saved the shot.

GT at 2015-01-31 14:53:54



GT at 2015-01-31 14:51:29

More good work from DC as he ignores Hull appeals for an offside.

He starts his second half as he ended the first….a top official who is performing at the top of his game.

GT at 2015-01-31 14:49:07

The second half is upon us, with Hull taking the kick-off.

If Elmohamady has anything about him, he will keep his head down and his mouth firmly shut this half as he is going to be very embarrassed when he looks back on his actions at the end of that first half.

GT at 2015-01-31 14:48:26

Many people take about the disgrace within our game of players diving, and quite rightly so. But that type of behaviour from Elmohamady is just as bad. He blatantly cheated. Got caught. Then cheated again by trying to push blame on to the one man who came out of that situation with his dignity and credibility intact….Darren Cann.

GT at 2015-01-31 14:42:35

with the score still one up to the visitors.

The two stand-out moments of that first half were the finish by Cabella and then the outstanding spot by Darren Cann to have Elmohamady’s handball ‘goal’ disallowed.

GT at 2015-01-31 14:39:10

and so it’s Half Time

GT at 2015-01-31 14:37:28

…but I won’t hold my breath waiting for him to do the right thing.

GT at 2015-01-31 14:36:38

How can Elmohamady leave the field of play arguing with the officials over that decision?

He knows he put the ball into the goal using his arm.

He knows he has been caught cheating.

Yet he still tries to get the crowd on his side by arguing.

I trust his manager, Bruce, make him apologise to Darren Cann for that blatant act of cheating

GT at 2015-01-31 14:33:55

Yellow Card for the handball on Elmohamady

GT at 2015-01-31 14:33:26

What an absolutely fantastic decision by Darren Cann.

He spotted a handball by Elmohamady as he out the ball into the Newcastle net.


GT at 2015-01-31 14:31:47

Darren Cann gets a little over-excited giving a free kick to Hull,….so much so that he dropped his flag!!

GT at 2015-01-31 14:30:53

Definite foul by Robinson, well spotted by Phil.

I would have liked to see a caution though – not for the foul, but for the ‘volley’ of abuse the Hull man aimed at Michael Salisbury afterwards

GT at 2015-01-31 14:26:55

Awful  defending to give the ball away by Hull’s defence, but what a finish by the Newcastle man

GT at 2015-01-31 14:25:56



GT at 2015-01-31 14:25:28

Why no advantage there, Phil?

Yes, it was a foul but Newcastle retained the ball and were in a good position to attack.

GT at 2015-01-31 14:24:07

Definite free kick to Newcastle, given by both Phil and Michael.

Good teamwork,

GT at 2015-01-31 14:22:20

Jelavic unhappy to have a foul given against him, but Dowdy was correct. The Hull man had a raised boot on his opponent

GT at 2015-01-31 14:20:46

Excellent non-offside by Michael Salisbury

GT at 2015-01-31 14:18:12

Sissoko fortunate not to receive at least a  warning there as he takes out his own version of ‘natural justice’ on Meyler, following that earlier studs-up challenege by his opponent

GT at 2015-01-31 14:16:53

Another small foul by Elmohamady.

There are a number of little fouls building up now.

Game spoilers, as they are known.

Phil should be aware of them and be thinking of sterner action if they continue.

GT at 2015-01-31 14:15:45

More good work from Dowdy as he isn’t fooled by the Hull forward falling over in an attempt to win a free kick

GT at 2015-01-31 14:14:25

Well done, Phil.

Despite the extraordinary length of time it took for the ball to go out of play, he has indeed gone back to caution Anita of Newcastle

Yellow Card

GT at 2015-01-31 14:11:57

Phil plays a good advantage after a foul by Anita.

I hope he goes back and cautions him when the ball goes ‘dead’

GT at 2015-01-31 14:10:51

First caution of the day.

Meyler of Hull for a naughty challenge with 6 studs showing.

Certainly could have been a red…

Yellow Card

GT at 2015-01-31 14:06:53

First error from our referee there as he incorrectly awards a free kick to Newcastle.

Nothing at all in the challenge and if he had been better placed he would have seen so.

GT at 2015-01-31 14:03:41

Superb save by Tim Krul denies Hull an opener


GT at 2015-01-31 14:01:39

Well done, Phil.

Another ‘small’ foul, but a foul nonetheless.

This one goes to Newcastle

GT at 2015-01-31 13:58:27

Another good offside decision from DC – excellent positioning made his decision look easy. But you don’t get into those positions purely by chance. This lad is a top, top performer.

GT at 2015-01-31 13:54:34

Excellent non-offside by Darren Cann at that free kick chance.

Meyler was certainly offside, but he didn’t become involved in active play.

Top lining, Darren.

GT at 2015-01-31 13:53:16

….and Dawson just cannot stretch enough to convert the header

GT at 2015-01-31 13:52:36

A small push by Ameobi on Meyler, well spotted by Dowdy.

Free kick to the hosts

GT at 2015-01-31 13:51:41

Five minutes into the game and it’s a steady start for our referees…just the way we like it.

No testing decisions to make so far…

GT at 2015-01-31 13:50:05

I used to relish running the line at The KC Stadium, not just for the superb atmosphere, but also because the added advantage the ‘extra’ white lines across the field of play gave us.

They are there due to the rugby games which are also played there.

The assistants should take every advantage available to them when judging offsides…and those lines definitely help!!

GT at 2015-01-31 13:48:43

First foul – Dawson of Hull City – and Phil spots it correctly, choosing to issue only a public rebuke

GT at 2015-01-31 13:45:29

Newcastle United take the kick-off and get us underway…

GT at 2015-01-31 13:41:04

It’s almost time for kick-off at The KC Stadium…

GT at 2015-01-31 13:37:23

How will this one go today?

Is this the start of the long road to recovery for Hull or the start of Newcastle’s push for a European place?

Let us know what you think and give us your views by contacting us either on Twitter @youaretheref or email us at

GT at 2015-01-31 13:28:09

As for our referees today the experienced Phil Dowd takes charge of his 17th game of the season. Incredibly, Martin Atkinson, Jon Moss and Michael Oliver have refereed more often than ‘Big Phil’ this season.

We should not let the moment pass without wishing Phil a belated ‘happy birthday’ as he turned 52 years of age on Monday of this week.

First appointed back in 2001, the Staffordshire-whistler has issued 70 cautions and 4 dismissals in his previous 16 games this season.

He has achieved the hat-trick in terms of honours games having refereed The FA Cup (2012) and League Cup (2010) Finals along with The Community Shield (2011).

Dowdy is very fortunate to have with him the country’s, indeed for me the world’s, best assistant referee Darren Cann on one line with Michael Salisbury patrolling the opposite line. Neil Swarbrick completes the quartet as fourth official.

Let’s hope today’s game offers Phil a birthday week to remember.

May the ball run very kindly for you gents…

GT at 2015-01-31 13:12:07

Hi everyone and welcome to another live Refcam commentary on today’s Premier League fixture Hull City v Newcastle United

Who can forget this fixture from last season, when we were all left open-mouthed at the events which unfolded in the technical area?

I refer, of course, to the head butt which the then manager of The Magpies, Alan Pardew, planted on David Meyler.

It was one of those mad moments which top flight football throws up from time-to-time and no-one could believe what they saw.

Pardew spent days afterwards apologising for his outrageous behaviour but it served to fuel the fire for the ‘Pardew-Out’ gang which plagued him during his tenure in the North East.

I guess many of those might wish the target of their campaign was still at the helm today though as he has since moved on to Crystal palace and overseen something of a revival in their fortunes with four wins, whilst Newcastle have managed just one draw in the same period.

As for the hosts today, Hull City, their manager Steve Bruce, who is also a Geordie, sees his side in exactly the same position as they were during the 2009/10season when they were relegated. After 22 games The Tigers sit 18th in the table with just 19 points and the alarm bells will be ringing around The KC Stadium as they occupy one of the relegation places.

After an awful run of injuries, Bruce will be relieved to see his hitmen Nikica Jelavic and Abel Hernandez return, with Robertson and Ramirez also back to fitness.

This really is a crucial game for both sides who need all three points for different reasons – Hull City for survival, and Newcastle United for their temporary manager John Carver who is desperate to land the job permanently.

The fixture usually throws up goals, averaging almost four per game in the last five encounters. But with Hull having won only 2 of their last 12 home games and Newcastle only 1 of their last 7 matches something has to give today.