France v Romania, Euro 2016


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So the Refereeing talking points in this game were

  • Managing the event and the pressure that brings
  • Establishing a consistent threshold of allowable player contact
  • Consistent recognition of offences
  • France win a game where their opponents should have been reduced to ten men

This was a big occasion make no mistake about that, the spotlight was clearly on Viktor Kassai, opening a tournament brings added expectation and with it pressure. This Refereeing performance won’t be remembered  for being either particularly good or bad for that matter, but the Referee could have used this opportunity to impress more. It appeared that UEFA had instructed the Referee to allow the game to breath and for him not raise his profile unnecessarily, this he attempted to do during the first half and other than a couple of careless challenges he achieved that in the first half, his first caution being the highlight.  However a important opportunity to stamp his authority on the game was missed with Chiriches reckless challenge on Matuidi in the second half that would have earned the offender a second caution and then been sent off. Then the bar was lowered as more marginal offences were penalised. This sent out a mixed message on recognition of offences and for a while things looked untidy. But well timed cautions and a correct if somewhat delayed penalty decision restored normal service. Positioning and movement were strong features of the Referee’s game and he did well here in both halves. A wonderful late strike from Payet sealed Romania’s fate and the missed sending off, not then as significant in match destiny terms as it might have been if Romania had sneaked a draw. Both Assistants had mixed fortunes, each making sound offside calls but then making offside errors in both halves. So not a disapointing night by any means but I’m left thinking that Collina’s message to Euro 2016 has yet to be fully delivered, I feel that his aims and objectives will become clearer as other top European Referee’s will demonstrate to us in the next 50 games!

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Full Time

Summary to follow

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The Referee is still moving well in the channels to seek sound viewing angles and following into the penalty area, this has been a good aspect of his game!

RH at 2016-06-10 21:51:45

A minimum of three minutes additional time to be played!

RH at 2016-06-10 21:49:14

GOAL!Payet with a wonder goal, priceless!


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Sapunaru fortunate to escape conceding a free kick for shoving Evra in the back

RH at 2016-06-10 21:45:48

Assistant Toth flags Rami offside but I’m not so sure about that, looked onside to me?

RH at 2016-06-10 21:44:36

An obvious offside flag from Assistant Ring as Grigore was the offender!

RH at 2016-06-10 21:43:06

Alibec a little fortunate to escape a caution for a deliberate shirt pull following an advantage played earlier as France mounted an attack!

RH at 2016-06-10 21:40:51

Yellow CardApologies for not mentioning Giroud’s earlier yellow card for an offence with his arm, I was still blogging the non penalty award!

RH at 2016-06-10 21:38:35

Yellow CardPopa picks up a caution for breaking down a promising French attack by pulling down Payet

RH at 2016-06-10 21:36:08

Positionally I like the Referees ability to get close to the action without getting in the way, particularly in the final third

RH at 2016-06-10 21:33:56

Sapunaru using his arm carelessly with Evra in close attendance, again borderline but this time in think a free kick was sufficient

RH at 2016-06-10 21:30:53

Tricky stage of the game here for the Referee, I don’t think he sent out the right message by allowing Chriches to go unpunished and then being picky with that Pintilli trip, he just needs to tread a consistent line

RH at 2016-06-10 21:28:32

Giroud goes down under contact from Chiriches, would have been harsh in my view, right decision!

RH at 2016-06-10 21:26:58

Well its all about getting the big calls right and delay or not the correct verdict was reached!

RH at 2016-06-10 21:25:38

Penalty Romania, what was Evra doing there? Clear penalty. 1-1 can’t see why the Referee hesitated before awarding the kick?

RH at 2016-06-10 21:21:46

Pintilli pulled up for trip, a bit harsh

RH at 2016-06-10 21:20:42

Well fortunate in my view that France scored there because in my view Chiriches  should have been sent off for a second yellow card following that late challenge on Matuidi earlier this half

RH at 2016-06-10 21:18:20

No offence committed there by Giroud for me, the Frenchman wanted it more!

RH at 2016-06-10 21:17:36

GOAL!Giroud scores Euro 2016’s first goal!

RH at 2016-06-10 21:14:55

Chiriches making a borderline late challenge on Matuidi, lets be honest it was late and certainly risky

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RH at 2016-06-10 21:12:35

The Referee again penetrating the penalty to be in close proximity as Giroud attempted to score from close range!

RH at 2016-06-10 21:10:22

The Referee is well here, with play condensed in the French final third he’s close to play without getting in the way!

RH at 2016-06-10 21:08:11

Great non offside flag by Assistant Ring as Stancu has a nailed on chance for Romania

RH at 2016-06-10 21:06:10

Good to see the Referee closing in on the French penalty area as Andone made that threatening run!

RH at 2016-06-10 21:04:55

The second half has started!

RH at 2016-06-10 21:00:11

An interesting first half, its obvious that UEFA chief refereeing officer Pierluigi Collina has instructed the Referee to allow as much contact as possible to take place without compromising the his match control. So far with a couple of exceptions its worked well, but a couple of challenges firstly by Evra and then a near  penalty area challenge by Koscielny should have resulted in free kicks, but the contact was careless and no cautions have been missed. The two cautions issued were straight forward, the first was really good Refereeing following an advantage and coming back to show the yellow card at the next stoppage in play. But overall Viktor Kassai is trying to squeeze as much play as possible from the game so far. Both Assistants have been involved, the nearside Assistant  Gyorgy Ring looked hasty with an offside flag against Giroud an the far side Assistant Vencel Toth could be better technically with his movement, which looks casual at times, but other than that no really baggage for the match officials to take into the second half!

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Half Time

RH at 2016-06-10 20:48:14

A minimum of two minutes additional time to be played!

RH at 2016-06-10 20:47:49

Yellow CardRat earns a yellow card for a high foot on Giroud, in fairness the offender was always looking at the ball although it looked bad


RH at 2016-06-10 20:46:37

Good Refereeing there as Payet goes airborne following contact from Pinitlii, it looked worse than it was!

RH at 2016-06-10 20:44:14

Andone the guilty party there as he looks at the man rather that ball during that last challenge!

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RH at 2016-06-10 20:41:36

Andone goes to ground following contact from Koscieilny in fairness to the Romanian player he should have got the verdict of a free kick

RH at 2016-06-10 20:39:08

Greizmann goes close and should have won a corner but a goal kick is given

RH at 2016-06-10 20:38:03

Don’t forget to join us on Refcam tomorrow when England take on Russia at 8.00 pm, we’re following all of the England games plus other selected home Nations matches, we’ll also be featuring matches where Mark Clattenburg or Martin Atkinson and their teams will be officiating. We’re also covering the MLS game between Sporting Kansas and FC Dallas,

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Yellow CardGood advantage played by the Referee following a Reckless challenge by Chiriches on Giroud, he then does really well to go back and caution the offender

RH at 2016-06-10 20:33:05

Play is halted as Pintilli bounces off Matuidi and collects an injury for his pains, no offence committed though by the French player

RH at 2016-06-10 20:31:08

Andone concedes an obvious touch line free kick with a careless challenge

RH at 2016-06-10 20:29:54

So with a quarter of the game over its obvious that the Referee is prepared to allow a degree of contact to take place, and to be fair with the exception of that last Evra challenge I’ve no problem with that. Positionally movement forward is taking place in the channels with cross field runs in midfield. Interesting though how the Referee is prepared to squeeze play with his active Assistant

RH at 2016-06-10 20:26:26

Eva with a robust challenge on Sapunaru, looked careless to me but no free kick given

RH at 2016-06-10 20:25:11

Giroud pulled for offside, a TV replay which wasn’t in line does suggest that he may have been onside?

RH at 2016-06-10 20:24:17

Words from the Referee to Sapunaru for a silly challenge on Pogba, I don’t think he’ll get away with another like that!

RH at 2016-06-10 20:22:11

Popa goes to ground near to the Assistant but again no offence, no problem with that!

RH at 2016-06-10 20:19:39

Griezmann commits that continental sin of a raised foot!  free kick Romania

RH at 2016-06-10 20:17:39

Here’s an interesting change to the Offside Law that now operates! 

A player is in an offside position if:

  • Any part of the head, body or feet is nearer to the opponents’ goal line than

both the ball and the second-last opponent. The hands and arms of all

players, including the goalkeepers, are not considered.

Clarifies that the hands and arms of the defenders, attackers and goalkeepers are not included when judging offside!

RH at 2016-06-10 20:14:15

On two occasions so far Romanian players have gone to ground and looked towards the Referee, nothing doing!

RH at 2016-06-10 20:13:10

first free kick to France following a careless challenge by Pintilli

RH at 2016-06-10 20:11:17

First corner to France!

RH at 2016-06-10 20:09:40

The Referee is prepared to allow a degree of player contact to take place without intervening until Rami concedes the first free kick!

RH at 2016-06-10 20:07:43

h Additional Assistant Referees Tamas Bognar and Adam Farkas are both from Hungary

RH at 2016-06-10 20:06:50

That goal line incident and save by Lloris was well monitored by both Referee and Additional Assistant Referee

RH at 2016-06-10 20:05:23

First corner to Romania!

RH at 2016-06-10 20:03:59

If you are watching the game on TV, Vencel Toth is operating on the far side and the other Assistant Gyorgy is running the nearside touch line.

RH at 2016-06-10 20:01:46

Our match Referee Viktor Kassai gets us underway!

RH at 2016-06-10 19:55:45

The teams and Match Officials have entered the field of play for the pre-match introductions and National Anthems!

RH at 2016-06-10 19:53:51

Don’t forget that the Law has been changed regarding the Denial of an obvious goal-scoring opportunity! 

For Denial of an obvious goal-scoring opportunity in the penalty area

Additional text

Where a player denies the opposing team a goal or an obvious goal-scoring

opportunity by a deliberate handball offence the player is sent off wherever the

offence occurs.

Where a player commits an offence against an opponent within their own

penalty area which denies an opponent an obvious goal-scoring opportunity and

the referee awards a penalty kick, the offending player is cautioned unless:

  • The offence is holding, pulling or pushing or
  • The offending player does not attempt to play the ball or there is no

possibility for the player making the challenge to play the ball or

  • The offence is one which is punishable by a red card wherever it occurs on

the field of play (e.g. serious foul play, violent conduct etc.)

In all the above circumstances the player is sent off.


When a DOGSO offence is committed by a defender in the penalty area, the

penalty kick effectively restores the goal-scoring opportunity so the punishment

for the player should be less strong (a Yellow Card) than when the offence is committed

outside the penalty area. However, where the offence is handball or clearly not a

genuine attempt to play or challenge for the ball (as defined in the wording) the player will be sent off.

RH at 2016-06-10 19:50:10

UEFA referee briefings for EURO teams

UEFA is determined that referees, players and coaches will be on the same page at UEFA EURO 2016, and will visit the 24 team camps ahead of the tournament to explain how the Laws of the Game will be interpreted.

UEFA chief refereeing officer Pierluigi Collina said at a briefing in Enghien-les-Bains, near Paris, on Wednesday that it was essential for everyone to “speak the same language” at the final round in France as far as refereeing decisions and actions are concerned.

“We will visit the 24 teams before the EURO kicks off, in the last days of May and at the start of June,” said Collina. “We have prepared a collection of clips which will be shown to players and coaches, with the aim being that they and the referees all know the same instructions as to what will be done on the field of play with respect to the laws.

“This is very important this year, because the International Football Association Board (IFAB) has decided on changes to the Laws of the Game which will be implemented at EURO 2016,” he added.

One amendment concerns the so-called ‘triple punishment’ rule, which previously involved dismissal, a penalty and a suspension for the denial of an obvious goal-scoring opportunity within the penalty area. Under the revision, referees will give a yellow card, and not a red card, if a goalkeeper or defender in the penalty area genuinely and honestly tries to challenge for the ball and commits a foul. Red cards and penalties will still be given, for instance, for violent play, or pulling or pushing involving no intention to play the ball.

“This change is something that the players and coaches [at EURO] must know properly,” said Collina, who also emphasised that the aim of the meetings with the teams would not be to give warnings to individual players.

“Of course, if we think, for example, that ‘mobbing’ (players putting pressure on the referee by surrounding him) could be an issue, then we will emphasise that we do not accept this,” he stressed.

Collina addressed the question of holding and pulling in the penalty area by expressing the view that such incidents had been on the decrease at UEFA matches, thanks in no small part to the introduction of additional assistant referees (AARs) to monitor events in the penalty box, in particular at set-piece situations such as free-kicks and corners. “The players know that they are being controlled,” he reflected. “This certainly could not be considered as an issue.”

Collina also explained the reasons for the introduction of goal-line technology at UEFA EURO 2016. The system will work alongside additional assistant referees while they control the penalty area. “Goal-line technology will be used to focus on the goal-line, freeing the additional assistants to focus on the rest of the penalty area, and be ready to take a decision and support the referee,” he said. “We are convinced that the two systems will work together very well.”

Among the instructions that referees are receiving for UEFA EURO 2016 is the brief to protect players on the field. “One of the main goals of UEFA is to protect the safety of the players,” said Collina. “For some years, UEFA has been quite strict in punishing those fouls that endanger players’ safety, and we will continue to do so.”

RH at 2016-06-10 19:45:18

Today’s Match Referee is Viktor Kassai. His Assistant Referees are Gyorgy Ring and Vencel Toth, all three are from Hungary. The Fourth Official is Bjorn Kuipers and the Reserve Official is Sander van Roekel, they are both from the Netherlands, by the way Sander Van Roekel is an Assistant Referee in Bjorn Kuipers team!

RH at 2016-06-10 19:38:09

Welcome to our coverage of the 2016 European Championship’s! We kick off Refcam’s analysis of this prestigious tournament with the host Nation France entraining Romania in Group A at the Stade De France in Paris! Hold on tight as Refcam takes us through a month’s exciting action where Europe’s finest Refereeing talent is on show, this is game number 1 of 51 to be played!