FIFA Women’s World Cup Final: USA v Japan


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I hope you have enjoyed this RefCam coverage of this game, and once again thank YOU Bik for your continued support with you twitter comments – it is always nice to know that there is someone out there!

That’s it from me until next week, when I will be back for the MLS.

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full time summary

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Well Kateryna Monzul, you deserve to take a bow!


That was a performance which truly befitted the World Cup Final – I thought you were simply brilliant!


You fully justified your selection for this game and led your team by example which ensured that the standard of teamwork displayed by all the officials was just faultless.


This performance was once again underpinned by a superb fitness level which was demonstrated form the first minute to the last. The powerful sprinting on show would put a few of our Premier League referees in England into the shade!


That fitness level coupled with an excellent recognition of foul play provided an overall performance which restored the confidence in the ability of female referees to continue to take charge of their prestigious games.


A very exciting game, despite the one-sided score, was excellently managed throughout by a 3rd team who added value to the occasion by not being noticed at all – except by those who appreciate them!


Congratulations to all 4 of the officials for a job really well done.

full time

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My final summary will follow in a few minutes.


Tonight’s game brings us to the end of our coverage of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Finals, but RefCam has many more games lined up already for July and August:


12th Jul, 10:00pm MLS – New York City FC v Toronto FC 
19th Jul, 10:00pm MLS – Columbus Crew SC v Chicago Fire 
1st Aug, 3:00pm Women’s FA Cup Final – Chelsea Ladies v Notts County Ladies


2nd Aug, 3:00pm FA Community Shield – Chelsea v Arsenal


2nd Aug, 10:00pm MLS – SJ Earthquakes v Portland Timbers
8th Aug, 9:00pm MLS – Toronto FC v Sporting Kansas City
9th Aug, 10:00pm MLS – LA Galaxy v Seattle Sounders
16th Aug, 10:00pm MLS – Seattle Sounders v Orlando City
23rd Aug, 10:00pm MLS – LA Galaxy v NY City FC



A list of all the big games coming up on YATR is always available at:



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Full Time


And no one will be talking about the officials tomorrow except You Are The Ref!


USA 5 – 2 Japan


GB at 2015-07-06 01:49:24

look at that sprint again – simply divine fitness!


GB at 2015-07-06 01:47:49

minimum of 3 minutes to be added at the end of the allotted 90


GB at 2015-07-06 01:46:35

Kateryna demonstrating then that she is easily as fit as the players as the play switched from one end to the other


GB at 2015-07-06 01:45:04

The referee’s strength in her sprinting was there for all to see once again right at the end of the game


GB at 2015-07-06 01:44:15

just the second off-side of the game and again the officials get it right


GB at 2015-07-06 01:43:23

they cant relax though, as that second Yellow Cardof the game proved for Mana IWABUCHI (Japan 16)


Our referee has really nailed this contest and has not dropped her guard at any time during this contest


GB at 2015-07-06 01:41:40

as we get well into the last ten minutes of the game, all the officials need to do now is remain consistent and focussed and close this one out without any fuss


GB at 2015-07-06 01:39:44

first Yellow Card of the game fully deserved by Homare SAWA (Japan 10) for that reckless challenge


GB at 2015-07-06 01:38:03

another good decision by the referee there as she just gave the Japanese player a split second to see is there was a chance for an advantage to be played – which there wasn’t


GB at 2015-07-06 01:35:19

Our referee is showing that she has the skill to keep the game moving and not stop it unnecessarily as there were a few strong challenges going in there in the USA half


GB at 2015-07-06 01:33:17

good example of pro-active refereeing there as Kateryna used her whistle to confirm that throw-in direction. Referees should not whistle for every throw-in, but having the intelligence to know when you need extra emphasis is a skill well used


GB at 2015-07-06 01:31:32

the teamwork between the officials in this game so far has been absolutely faultless


GB at 2015-07-06 01:30:21

Japan are clearly intent on throwing as many players forward as they can which is really testing the USA defence which is standing up well at the moment


GB at 2015-07-06 01:28:28

the pace at which this game has been played has been a great advert for women’s football


GB at 2015-07-06 01:27:15

good example of Kateryna’s foul recognition there as the clash of players on the far touchline did not result in a free kick


GB at 2015-07-06 01:25:51

sound refereeing again there – if you are going to make a big call in the penalty area, the closer you are to the incident the better


GB at 2015-07-06 01:23:46

safe refereeing again there by the referee – no intent to foul the goal-keeper by the USA player but it is still a foul whether she meant to make contact with her opponent or not


GB at 2015-07-06 01:21:02

that said – I do have the feeling that USA have everything under control and have an extra gear if required


GB at 2015-07-06 01:20:12

the way Japan have come out in this second half to attract, it does beg the question how different the game could have been if they had not ley that 5th goal in


GB at 2015-07-06 01:18:34

USA certainly taking their time over this substitution. The referee will need to be alert to any time wasting tactics and ensure that sufficient time is added on at the end of the half


GB at 2015-07-06 01:16:54

on comes Japan’s secret weapon – this girl really has some skill as we saw in the semi-final against England


GB at 2015-07-06 01:15:33

once again the referee’s proximity really helps to sell her decisions as she gives that free kick against the Japan player deep into the USA half


GB at 2015-07-06 01:14:32

It is certainly an exciting game fitting to mark the rest of the tournament though


GB at 2015-07-06 01:13:30

I was just about to ask if anyone from the USA was getting nervous yet when Japan capitulated again


GB at 2015-07-06 01:12:20

GOAL! great response from USA as Tobin HEATH (USA 17) gets the 3 goal lead back


USA 5 – 2 Japan


Japan are really poor in deference in this game


GB at 2015-07-06 01:10:09

GOAL! own goal by Carli LLOYD (USA 10)


USA 4 – 2 Japan


There could be a lot more left in this game yet


GB at 2015-07-06 01:08:47

the foul count has significantly increased at the start of the second half and out referee is “all over it”


GB at 2015-07-06 01:08:03

Very positive whistle by the referee again as she spots an infringement at that USA free kick


GB at 2015-07-06 01:07:18

USA starting the second half very strongly


GB at 2015-07-06 01:06:50

AR1 Natalia looks very alert on this near touchline


GB at 2015-07-06 01:06:09

very good estimation of 9.15 meters at this free kick to USA


GB at 2015-07-06 01:05:32

Now she is raising her profile as required


GB at 2015-07-06 01:05:04

The referee is picking out all these standard free kicks in the game effortlessly


GB at 2015-07-06 01:04:25

a quick check by eye contact by the referee to her assistant then to check the keeper did not touch the ball as it went over the cross bar for a goal-kick


GB at 2015-07-06 01:03:07

check out that first signal from the referee again – she really looks the part – full of authority


GB at 2015-07-06 01:02:09

USA get the second half underway

half time

GB at 2015-07-06 01:01:09

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half time

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In the next edition of The Ref Show this week, the team will be running the rule over the standard of refereeing in the FIFA Women’s World Cup as a whole, as well as dipping into any breaking news concerning referees in the MLS. There should be plenty to talk about with so much football being played around the world at the moment and with preparations for the new EPL Season well under way, as the top teams start their pre-season warm up games (notice I did not say “friendlies”). For some of our top teams the early qualifying rounds of the UEFA competitions have already started.


All the previous editions remain available to view at The Ref Show  which will continue to run throughout the closed season in England with much more emphasis on the MLS, starting from this week.


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half time summary

GB at 2015-07-06 00:53:14

Well it has been a very steady game for all the officials so far.


I am really scraping around for anything negative at all to say about any of them which is just how it should be at this level. May be an isolated hand ball missed – but that’s not bad in 45 minutes!


No off –sides for the Assistants so far and just one intervention required when the refree could not see a hand ball offence.


Referee Kateryna Monzul has displayed excellent fitness and kept out of the game as much as she can but still chipped in every time her presence has been required.


Keep it up girls, so far so good, but Japan could come out fired up in the second half so you all need to remain focussed all the way to the end.

half time

GB at 2015-07-06 00:47:49

Half time summary to follow in a minute or two:

In his two most recent blogs, Keith Hackett first gave an interesting insight into the comparisons between top flight Rugby League referee’s in England and our elite Premier League officials, followed by some well-deserved praise in the light of some recent prestigious appointment  rewards for up and coming officials. All of the regular blogs compiled by the former Head of Premier League Referees in England are still available to read now at Hackett’s Blog



As usual there are many other new articles available at YATR-MAG which keep you right up-to-date with what is going on in the world of refereeing both home and abroad. If you have not seen them yet, the top 6 referee errors selected by YATR are worth a look at: Six of the worse referee howlers in history. Don’t forget to send us your candidates as well to Twitter @youaretheref or email us at



You will also enjoy the recent piece which asks the question as to whether arguing with the Referee is ever worth it? Check this link out before you answer that question.



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GB at 2015-07-06 00:46:40

Half Time


USA 4 – 1 Japan


GB at 2015-07-06 00:45:47

minimum of 1 added minute in the first half


GB at 2015-07-06 00:45:19

I have been really impressed by the power of the referee as play switches from end to end – excellent sprinting style and ability


GB at 2015-07-06 00:44:04

good assistance then by AR2 Yolanda doing precisely what she is paid for to signal for a hand ball offence which the referee would not have been able to see from her angle


GB at 2015-07-06 00:42:43

excellent positioning by the referee again as she could be seen purposefully moving in towards the scene of that challenge in the Japan penalty area and correctly called no foul


GB at 2015-07-06 00:41:16

that could have been the referee’s first error – that certainly looked like a deliberate hand ball to me by the Japanese player then as her arm was outstretched in an un-natural position


GB at 2015-07-06 00:39:50

substitutions can often change games and so the officials will need to be alert to the change in tactics which these Japan substitutes have been sent on with


GB at 2015-07-06 00:38:06

she is being consistent again there with her management of that free kick at the opposite end of the field of play


GB at 2015-07-06 00:37:20

The referee is remaining very close to the play which is helping her to sell her decisions


GB at 2015-07-06 00:36:42

great wait and see “non off -side” decision by AR2 Yolanda in that last forward movement by USA as the player out on the touchline was not off-side even though the player just inside her was in an off -side position – good lining


GB at 2015-07-06 00:33:42

Good to see the referee being pro-active with the grappling as the USA prepared to take that free kick. It is such a simple but effective tactic to move in and lay the law down before the ball is in play


GB at 2015-07-06 00:31:59

30 minutes gone and there has been very little for the assistants to become involved in the game yet, but they need to remain focussed as they could be suddenly called upon to make an important decision at any time


GB at 2015-07-06 00:30:13

well it certainly looks like we could still have a game on after all if Japan continue to press like they are doing at the moment


GB at 2015-07-06 00:28:25

GOAL! Rumi UTSUGI (Japan 13)


USA 4 – 1 Japan


Was that in the script I wonder?


GB at 2015-07-06 00:25:50

good to see the referee following the play into the penalty area then and not stopping outside of the area as if it were a brick wall. This is a good habit for new referees to get into when the play dictates that the referee should stay close to it in attacking situations


GB at 2015-07-06 00:24:05

Kateryna continues to display sound mobility as she changes direction and twists and turns as the play moves around whilst keeping her eyes on the ball at all times


GB at 2015-07-06 00:22:38

Just watch the referee when she gives her direction signals for throw-ins -perfect feet together in military fashion gives that extra little panache to here signals


GB at 2015-07-06 00:21:11

Kateryna well placed and on the move at that corner which helped her to spot the foul play in the penalty area


GB at 2015-07-06 00:19:29

another safe decision by the referee – no need for her to take any chances in this game now. She just needs to steady the ship and take care of the players


GB at 2015-07-06 00:17:56

You cant help feeling that the USA felt they had a point to make in this game and they are certainly doing just that


GB at 2015-07-06 00:16:33



USA 4 – 0 Japan

That was just pure class!


GB at 2015-07-06 00:15:31



USA 3 – 0 Japan


Game nearly over as a contest already but there is still a lot of refereeing to do in this one


GB at 2015-07-06 00:14:09

Very quick whistle again there gives confidence to the players that the referee is switched on. No need to delay the whistle and look to play on in that area


GB at 2015-07-06 00:12:52

Hello again Bik – good to have you with us again on Twitter


I think the referee has started very steadily so far – no surprises!


GB at 2015-07-06 00:10:52

The referee is consistent again there with some more safe refereeing following another careless challenge by Japan


GB at 2015-07-06 00:09:19

Kateryna is already showing an excellent energy rate with some powerful sprinting movements


GB at 2015-07-06 00:07:43

We can expect to see Japan changing their tactics now as they will need to start thinking about route one, so the officials need to stay alert to how the play develops from here


GB at 2015-07-06 00:06:01

GOAL! Carli LLOYD (USA 10)

That girl again with another tap-in


GB at 2015-07-06 00:05:17

Good to see the referee setting her tolerance well with that first foul awarded to the USA


GB at 2015-07-06 00:04:35

I was just about to comment on how the referee might deal with the first case of grappling at the first corner when the game has been set alight already


GB at 2015-07-06 00:03:37

GOAL! Carli LLOYD (USA 10)


GB at 2015-07-06 00:02:37

AR2 Yolanda already showing the importance to follow the ball to the goal-line there as the goalkeeper just kept it in play


GB at 2015-07-06 00:00:59

AR1: Natalie Rachynska (NR) is patrolling the touchline in front of the technical areas.


GB at 2015-07-06 00:00:26

USA won the toss so it will be Japan to kick off.


Good luck to all the officials and may the ball run kindly for you!


Feel free to interact with me during the game by joining in on Twitter @youaretheref or e-mail at


GB at 2015-07-05 23:55:54

Not long to go now as the national anthems are playing.


I always like to see everyone singing their hearts out!


GB at 2015-07-05 23:54:46

At this point I’d like to say a very special welcome to all of you from around the world who are tuning into RefCam for the very first time, particularly those of you watching the game in Japan or USA.


Figures recently announce by FIFA reported that the semi-final between the USA and Germany broke the viewing record for football coverage in North America, attracting an average audience of 8.4 million. It was the most-watched FIFA World Cup semi-final, for either men or women, on record in the United States.


Couple this with an average audience of 9.3 million viewers in Japan who tuned in to the nation’s match against England, which was just below the 9.8 million fans that watched the 2011 final, and the organisers, and above all the competitors, can justifiable feel very proud of a job well done!


In the UK, an average audience of 1.7 million for England’s defeat against Japan, was the highest figure for the given time slot this year and the largest UK audience for the 2015 edition of the competition.


If you are tuning in the RefCam for the first time and are not sure what this is, then you are about to receive a minute by minute commentary on the game from a referee’s perspective. We aim to highlight best practice displayed by all the officials and to explain aspects of The Laws of the Game which may not be universally understood. We also comment on aspects of performance by any of the officials which falls short of that expected at the highest level, and offer coaching advice where appropriate.


GB at 2015-07-05 23:54:15

Assistant Referee 1: Natalie Rachynska – Ukraine (NR)

Natalie is no stranger to the big stage when it comes to refereeing, ever since she became the first female in the history of the Ukrainian football championship, to be appointed to a Ukrainian Premier League Match in 2011, under the direct recommendation of Pierluigi Collina, who was Ukrainian referees’ supervisor.  Collina was quoted at the time as stating,


“The following weekend for the first time a game of the Premier League will be handled by a female official. But I think that this practice is absolutely normal. If the assistant referee has really done well, if he is a man, or a woman, I don’t care. The main thing is that people do their job well. So Mrs. Rachynska will be assigned to one of the Premier League’s games,”  he emphasized. She has since officiated in the top echelons of Ukrainian Football ever since.


In 2012, Natalie became the first female official to be appointed to the Ukrainian Cup Final, when she was appointed to run the line in the biggest game in her country. She was also Assistant Referee to today’s referee for the 2014 UEFA Women’s Champions League Final, as well as watching her back in all 3 games the referee has conducted in the tournament so far.


Kyiv’s Natalia Rachynska, 46, has been working in football officiating for over 16 years. The former professional football player (played for Dynamo Kyiv and the French Toulouse) she completed her playing career in the late 90s after the birth of a son. Her referee career began in 2000 at the amateur level, and in 2003 she officiated at Second League matches. A year later, she received the status of the FIFA Assistant Referee.


Assistant Referee 2: Yolanda Parga -Spain (YP)

This will be the first time in this tournament that Yolanda has worked with Kateryna Monzul. For officials regularly working at this level, that should not cause either of the officials any issues, particularly as the Spanish official has ample experience at international level. Here is a list of the games she has officiated in so far in this tournament.


Tue 23/06/15 United States 2 – 0 Colombia 2nd assistant
Tue 16/06/15 Ecuador 0 – 1 Japan 1st assistant
Fri 12/06/15 Australia 2 – 0 Nigeria 2nd assistant


Yolanda achieved her FIFA status in 2002, and the 38-year-old official has first-hand experience of the last FIFA Women’s World Cup Finals in Germany, in which she completed just one game. During her distinguished international career so far, however, she has amassed vast experience at UEFA and FIFA tournaments as she approaches nearly 100 international appointments so far.


In 2014, Yolanda participated as an Assistant Referee in the 2014 U-17 FIFA WWC.


4th Official: Claudia Umpierrez – Uruguay (CU)

Claudia has refereed 3 games in the tournament in her own right and was appointed as 4th Official once prior to this game:


Sun 28/06/15 England 2 – 1 Canada  2 Yellow cards
Wed 24/06/15 Japan 2 – 1 Netherlands Fourth official
Tue 16/06/15 Switzerland 1 – 2 Cameroon  5 Yellow cards
Tue 09/06/15 United States 3 – 1 Australia  2 Yellow cards


There is much more to this appointment than just holding up the board for substitutions and to announce the minimum amount of added time at the end of each half.


As the advent of video referees reviewing major decision still seems a long way away, it falls on the 4th Official under the current Laws of the Game to fulfil her responsibilities to assist the referee to control the match. This can include bringing to the referees attention any acts of serious foul play not witnessed by any of the other officials, as well as any blatant errors in administering the Laws. Ultimately the referee always retains the authority to decide on all points connected with play, and any assistance or opinions offered by the 4th Official must be considered only before play has been re-started.



GB at 2015-07-05 23:48:11

Today’s officials are:

Referee: Kateryna Monzul  – Ukraine (KM)

AR1: Natalie Rachynska – Ukraine (NR)

AR2: Yolanda Parga -Spain (YP)

4th Official: Claudia Umpierrez – Uruguay (CU)



Kateryna Monzul, has been a FIFA referee since 2004 and has officiated three games at the tournament in Canada, including two group-stage matches and a quarter-final.


The 36-year-old official’s most previous prestigious appointments include the 2014 UEFA Women’s Champions League Final.


In 2014 she was voted second in the International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS) World’s Best Woman Referee, behind Bibiana Steinhaus from Germany. Monzul speaks fluent English and has a degree in architecture and town planning from Kharkiv National Academy of Municipal Economy.


In a very rare coincidence, Kateryna is following Polish Referee Szymon Marciniak’s footsteps (who recently took charge of the UEFA U21 Final between Sweden and Portugal), as she completes an unusual scenario having refereed the opening match between hosts Canada and China, and will now oversee the final tie.


That first game gave the Ukrainian First Division Referee a chance to show her metal, when her twenty-twenty vision ensured she spotted an illegal use of the arm by a Chinese defender, which resulted in a Penalty in injury time which settled the match.


That crucial decision obviously impressed the Referee’s Committee for this tournament and she has subsequently continued to bank some impressive and consistent performances since the opening day. Here is a list of the games she has already controlled in this tournament.

Sat 27/06/15 Australia 0 – 1 Japan 1 yellow card
Wed 17/06/15 Nigeria 0 – 1 United States 4 yellow cards + one 2nd yellow
Sat 06/06/15 Canada 1 – 0 China PR 1 yellow card



Kateryna could do a lot worse that following Marciniak’s example in the recent UEFA U21 Final as well, in which RefCam’s former World Cup Final Tournament Official Glenn Turner, described his performance as “simply superb” – we would all like some more of that today.


All the team at the You Are The Ref would like to congratulate Monzul on her appointment, and wish her and all her colleagues all the very best.

starting line-ups

GB at 2015-07-05 23:45:30

Here are the starting line-ups, along with the full squads for each nation to select from for this today’s game:




Hope SOLO (USA 1)


Carli LLOYD (USA 10)


Lauren HOLIDAY (USA 12)

Alex MORGAN (USA 13)

Morgan BRIAN (USA 14)

Megan RAPINOE (USA 15)

Tobin HEATH (USA 17)




Kelley O HARA (USA 5)

Whitney ENGEN (USA 6)

Shannon BOXX (USA 7)


Heather O REILLY (USA 9)

Sydney LEROUX (USA 2)

Christie RAMPONE (USA 3)


Ashlyn HARRIS (USA 18)


Alyssa NAEHER (USA 21)

Christen PRESS (USA 23)




Ayumi KAIHORI (Japan 18)

Azusa IWASHIMIZU (Japan 3)

Saki KUMAGAI (Japan 4)

Aya SAMESHIMA (Japan 5)

Mizuho SAKAGUCHI (Japan 6)

Aya MIYAMA (Japan 8)

Nahomi KAWASUMI (Japan 9)

Shinobu OHNO (Japan 11)

Rumi UTSUGI (Japan 13)

Yuki OGIMI (Japan 17)

Saori ARIYOSHI (Japan 19)


Miho FUKUMOTO (Japan 1)

Yukari KINGA (Japan 2)

Kozue ANDO (Japan 7)

Homare SAWA (Japan 10)

Megumi KAMIONOBE (Japan 12)

Asuna TANAKA (Japan 14)

Yuika SUGASAWA (Japan 15)

Mana IWABUCHI (Japan 16)

Yuri KAWAMURA (Japan 20)

Erina YAMANE (Japan 21)

Asano NAGASATO (Japan 22)

Kana KITAHARA (Japan 23)


GB at 2015-07-05 23:42:04

The contrasting styles of play between the methodical “keep-ball” short passing game displayed by the current World Champions and the direct attacking tactics of the team ranked 2 places above them in the FIFA World rankings at the moment, promises us a fascinating contest.


A sell-out crowd here in Vancouver, plus the millions of TV viewers expected across the globe, are about to see a repeat of the 6th World Cup Final played in Germany 4 years ago, when Japan won on a penalty shoot-out following a 2–2 draw after extra time and became the first Asian team to win a FIFA World Cup.


The dominance that the United States of America has held in the international arena of Women’s football over the past 25 years has been well documented but still makes very impressive reading:

World Cup Champions:

1999, 2003

Olympic Games Champions:

1996, 2004, 2008, 2012

CONCACAF Championship and Gold Cup Champions:

1991, 1993, 1994, 2000, 2002, 2006, 2014

Algarve Cup Champions:

2000, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015


Current holders Japan on the other hand, relatively recently broke into the top echelons of the game when they became the first Asian team to subsequently win both the FIFA Women’s World Cup and AFC Women’s Asian Cup. They are now 4th in the current FIFA World rankings.

World Cup Champions:


Olympic Games runner-up:


AFC Asian Cup Champions:


EAFF Women’s Football Championship Champions:

2008, 2010

Asian Games Champions:



The Head-to-head stats reflect the USA Women’s dominance in recent years:


09/08/2012 Olympics Women 2012 London United States 2 – 1 Japan

17/07/2011 World Cup 2011 Germany [Penalties 3-1] Japan 1 – 1 United States

18/08/2008 Olympics 2008 Beijing Japan 2 – 4 United States

09/08/2008 Olympics 2008 Beijing United States 1 – 0 Japan

20/08/2004 Olympics Women 2004 Athens United States 2 – 1 Japan

13/06/1995 World Cup 1995 Sweden Japan 0 – 4 United States

21/11/1991 World Cup 1991 China PR Japan 0 – 3 United States




Won Drawn



7 1 0 6


7 6 0



But as I have said several times in my previous blogs, form counts for nothing in these winner takes all encounters.


GB at 2015-07-05 23:38:31

There were a few doubts aired at the beginning of the tournament surrounding the expansion to allow 24 nations to participate in the show-case finale, but with 51 matches down and just 1 to go, you would struggle to find many people who could deny that the whole event has been a tremendous success. Following all the negative headlines about FIFA which were abundant before these finals began; this has been exactly what the world of football needed to reignite everyone’s confidence in the sport which truly unites nations.



GB at 2015-07-05 23:37:15


FIFA Women’s World Cup Final

USA Flag  V  Japan Flag


BC Place Stadium, Vancouver – Local time 16:00


25 minutes before KO and welcome to this  live RefCam coverage of the final game between USA and Japan, in what has undeniably been the best Women’s World Cup Final Tournament ever.

Feel free to interact with me at any time game by joining in on Twitter @youaretheref or e-mail at