Everton V Arsenal


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Thanks for tuning in to ref cam.  More to follow  next as Tottenham take on Liverpool at Wembley.


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Full Time Summary

Craig Pawson’s run of good form continues after this moderately challenging match.  There were two key incidents, both of which in my opinion the referee judged correctly:

1)     In the 11th minute of the match there was a challenge made by E17 on A29.  As a result, Arsenal appealed for a foul and Everton went on to score.  The Everton player won the ball in a fair manner and the referee was correct.

2)     E17 was dismissed for two reckless challenges, one in the first and one in the second half.  Both were worthy yellow cards and the referee not only was correct but should be commended for the speed in which he issued a second yellow card to prevent things from escalating

There was a spell in the second half of the match where the referee appeared hesitant and slightly inconsistent but he corrected this pretty quickly and this apart, his performance was highly commendable.

The referee moved with purpose, he used the advantage clause well and he asserted his authority with the early caution of E5 and he was fairly consistent with his decision-making throughout the match.  Craig has worked hard to address his development areas and his body language looked far stronger today and not ‘wishy washy’ as it has in the past.  He remained level headed and calm and his management of players was very good.  He dealt with A7 very well, especially in the first half when he involved the Arsenal captain to help reinforce his message.

Assistant Smart and Fourth Official Madley did a good job but AR Betts failed to impress.  In a fairly standard game for him, he missed two clear fouls right in front of him as he focused on the feet and the ground rather than stepping back to open up his peripheral vision and take in the full picture.  The second foul led to the Arsenal player ending up in the stand and then returning to have an altercation with the Everton player.  This could have caused the referee problems but thankfully Craig Pawson’s management style diffused the situation.

Overall Craig Pawson did very well and he can be pleased with his contribution to this match.


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Full Time



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A little naïve by the referee to add 5 minutes especially as the game is all but finished.  The Everton Manager makes his point to the fourth official who appears to agree.  The referee could have added 3 minutes and nobody would have complained.  Let’s hope nothing happens in this period.


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Minimum of 5 minutes time to be added

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Yellow CardA6 cautioned for unsporting behaviour



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11 off, 34 on


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Arsenal are unhappy s the referee penalises A8 for a foul challenge that was very similar to the challenge in the first half in the build up to Everton’s first goal.  An element of inconsistency is creeping in here from the referee.  He needs to be confident and assured during these final stages so that he can bring the game home to a successful conclusion.


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9 off, 10 on


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A29 commits a foul challenge on E26 that clearly stopped a promising attack.  I am surprised the referee did not issue a yellow card to the Arsenal player.  A7 Sanchez was once again on the scene to put his opinions forward.  He must be very close now to being cautioned.


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E29 off, 31 on

E10 off, 19 on

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GOAL!A9 makes it 1-3



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E29 has been on the receiving end of several foul challenges the referee will need to monitor this closely just to ensure he is not being ‘targeted’ by his opponents.

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The referee correctly identifies a reckless challenge by E17 and the dismissal was managed swiftly and without fuss.  Craig Pawson did well to use the quick yellow card, followed by the red so that players could not deliberate or argue.


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Red CardE17 dismissed for receiving a second caution


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Craig Pawson is becoming a little pedantic over the position of restarts during this period.  He must be careful not to inadvertently help the team who are winning by slowing the game down as they deliberately try and take throw-ins and free-kicks from the incorrect place.  The referee must be on the spot to be proactive and manage these situations.


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Silly foul by A4 on E29, referee Pawson correctly awards the free-kick to Everton.


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Bobby Madley has been very proactive and sensible by leaving his technical area to monitor the treatment of E29.  The Everton player can only return when the ball is out of play as he has corrected his clothing due to a blood injury.  The fourth official is managing this to ensure the player returns correctly.


DM at 2017-10-22 14:49:39

E29 suffers a head injury following a completely accidental boot in the face by an opponent.  As there is blood, the referee will have to ensure that none is on the player’s clothing before he returns to the field of play.


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A29 unhappy as he concedes a free-kick following a foul on E17.  At the taking of the free-kick A7 hangs around to argue about the position of the ball.  Referee Pawson manages him well but he needs to be on top of this player for the rest of the game.


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GOAL!A11 scores



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Very good advantage by referee Pawson following a foul on E10, close to the halfway line.  Textbook arm signal, communicated clearly and it is good to see the referee have a quiet word with the offender at the next stoppage.


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The referee hesitates before correctly awarding a free-kick to Arsenal following a foul by E26.


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The Referee awards the retake of a goal-kick as an Everton attacker encroaches in to the penalty area before the ball has left it.  Craig Pawson got caught out on this last season but spots it with the help of his AR Eddie Smart today.


DM at 2017-10-22 14:35:33

Good decision to award the free kick by Craig Pawson after a foul by A9 on E26.

The Everton player was moving back towards his own half and had no advantage.


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5 off, 26 on

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Half-Time Summary

Craig Pawson has been confident, moved with purpose and is by and large getting decisions correct.  There was just one occasion in the first half where he incorrectly awarded A9 a free-kick following a clear act of simulation.  This error apart, the referee has managed the game, correctly issued two cautions and has been on top of things for the first 45 minutes.

Assistant Smart and Fourth Official Madley have supported the referee well but Assistant Betts is not using his experience at this level to adjust his body position when two players are in close proximity.  The Assistant is too focused on the ground and as a result he has missed two clear fouls by E29, the latter which caused the Arsenal player Koscielny to end up in the stand.  He needs to be far more alert and aware as missing such blatant fouls is making the referee’s job harder.

During the second half, the crowd will be after Sanchez as he has been involved in the thick of the action,  The referee managed the Arsenal player well after he remonstrated with Craig Pawson, in an attempt to get E5 cautioned.  The referee will need to be on top of this player but he must be careful not to overreact.

The only KMI of the match occurred in the build up to the Everton goal. The referee in my opinion made the correct call to play on and I support his decision.

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Half Time



DM at 2017-10-22 14:17:58

A7 raises his boot and the referee correctly awards a free-kick.  The crowd want more but Craig Pawson correctly just gives a free-kick

DM at 2017-10-22 14:16:12

Minimum of 2 minutes added time to be played


DM at 2017-10-22 14:13:57

E29 and A18 are spoken to the referee after the Arsenal player ends up in the crowd.  Again AR Betts misses this as his focus is on the feet and the ball.  This could have escalated quite unnecessarily the Assistant in that position needs to be far more vigilant and aware.


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DM at 2017-10-22 14:09:12

E17 becomes frustrated but is correctly penalised for a foul.  The referee will need to work with this player off the ball to calm him down and keep him on the field.


DM at 2017-10-22 14:05:09

Yellow CardE17 Cautioned for persistently infringing the laws of the game.

The crowd are not happy but the referee got that spot on.


DM at 2017-10-22 14:03:48

Replays show that A9 was not fouled by E5 and in fact the theatrical fall to the ground was a clear act of simulation.  The referee dealt well with A7 Sanchez having a word with the Arsenal Captain and advising him that his actions would not be tolerated.  The referee asserted his authority in this incident and I am glad that he dealt positively with the Arsenal player.


DM at 2017-10-22 14:02:05

The referee awards a free-kick against E5 for a trip. The Arsenal player appeared to go down theatrically and A7 should be dealt with for remonstrating with the referee and trying to get the Everton player cautioned.


DM at 2017-10-22 14:00:39

Unnecessary flag by AR Bettes and referee Pawson correctly waves play on


DM at 2017-10-22 13:59:58

Good advantage played on the halfway line by the referee following a foul by Arsenal.  It appeared as though a late trip may have taken place after the advantage had accrued so I would have supported the referee if he had chosen to bring play back there and award a free-kick.


DM at 2017-10-22 13:58:09

E29 is awarded a throw-in after the ball goes out of play but AR Betts was too focused on the feet of the players and he missed the Everton player grab his opponent and push him.  A good learning point for Assistants is to move back in that position and ensure peripheral vision.


DM at 2017-10-22 13:56:10

Craig Pawson sensibly awards a free kick following a foul challenge by A24.  It was obvious during that small passage of play that the players were ‘flying in’ to challenges and perhaps the referee could have awarded a defensive free-kick moments earlier following the challenge on the edge of the penalty area. I would not have argued if the referee had chose to issue a yellow card for A24 as his challenge was on arguably a reckless one.


DM at 2017-10-22 13:51:43

Although the Everton goal was against the run of play, it means that the crowd are becoming more vociferous and the atmosphere around Goodison Park has picked up.  This will bring an added pressure on the officials as the crowd will shout for everything.  The referee shows he is not influenced and correctly plays on following a collision around the halfway line.


DM at 2017-10-22 13:45:39

Yellow CardE5 Williams for Unsporting Behaviour


DM at 2017-10-22 13:43:35

A29 appeals in vain for a foul in the build up to the Everton goal.  The referee Craig Pawson had a great position to judge the incident and in my opinion he called it correctly as E17 won the ball.


DM at 2017-10-22 13:42:02

GOAL!Everton 10



DM at 2017-10-22 13:40:03

Despite the windy conditions, Arsenal are playing some nice football and the ball is being moved around on the ground.  The referee is taking good positions and looks calm and confident in his decision-making.  Arsenal are dominating possession and have had the better chances, it will be interesting to see if the atmosphere changes as the game goes on.


DM at 2017-10-22 13:37:40

Another good piece of refereeing by Craig Pawson as he applies the advantage clause after a foul on A7 Sanchez, who is certainly in the thick of things this afternoon.


DM at 2017-10-22 13:36:35

A7 Sanchez penalised for a foul on the halfway line.  Although the Arsenal player may have won some of the ball the challenge was careless and contact was made with the player before the ball.  Safe and sensible refereeing by Craig Pawson.


DM at 2017-10-22 13:34:53

A7 Sanchez makes a half-hearted appeal for a penalty kick, referee Pawson correctly awards a corner-kick


DM at 2017-10-22 13:33:42

Good teamwork between AR Smart and Referee Pawson to award a corner-kick to Arsenal following a fingertip save by Pickford


DM at 2017-10-22 13:31:43

Even in these early stages, Craig Pawson looks far more confident and assertive than he has in the past, his body language looks strong and he looks calm.

DM at 2017-10-22 13:30:14

Craig Pawson gets the match underway

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DM at 2017-10-22 13:26:49

Craig Pawson is on a good run of form and I hope that this season is the one in which he really shines and becomes one of the leading lights in the Select Group.  Assertive body language, recognition of offences and player management are all areas of development that Craig has been picked up on by ref cam coaches in the past.  This afternoon, Ronald Koeman is under immense pressure and it is likely that he will lose his job if Everton lose again.  This will bring an increasing amount of pressure not just to the referee but also to Bobby Madley who will be managing the technical areas.  A calm and level head will be what is needed on the sidelines this afternoon.

DM at 2017-10-22 13:24:47

Lee Betts and Eddie Smart are the Assistants this afternoon and it will be interesting to see how they cope with the atmosphere at Goodison Park in what is a high profile and high pressured encounter.

DM at 2017-10-22 13:24:00

During Saturday’s fixtures, the topic of simulation was once again in the headlines.  Manchester City’s Bernardo Silva committed a clear act of simulation when he initiated contact with a Burnley player before going to ground and drawing a penalty kick award from the referee.  The incident will certainly be referred to the FA’s new diving panel, which has not made the best of starts having cleared Richarlison last weekend but they took the easy option of charging a Carlisle player for an offence and making him the first player to be suspended by the diving panel.  The FA has certainly not helped match officials by turning a blind eye to such behaviour in the Premier League so far.  Craig and his team will need to be alert and aware to such behaviour today and I am sure they will discuss this in their pre match talk.

DM at 2017-10-22 13:23:23

Craig Pawson has refereed 7 games this season in the EPL, in which he has cautioned 28 players and dismissed 2, both sending offs were in the opening game of the season between Chelsea and Burnley.  He took charge of Arsenal’s 4-0 defeat at Anfield in late August and he has yet to referee Everton this season. 

DM at 2017-10-22 13:22:03

Appointed Match officials:

Referee – Craig Pawson

Assistants – Lee Betts and Eddie Smart

4th official – Bobby Madley

DM at 2017-10-22 13:21:36

The referee for the match is Craig Pawson from South Yorkshire and his Assistants are Lee Betts (technical area side) and Eddie Smart (far side), with Bobby Madley holding the boards as fourth official for the second time in as many days.

DM at 2017-10-22 13:20:49

Welcome to this afternoon’s ref cam as Everton play Arsenal in the EPL.