EURO 2016 – Round of 16: England v Iceland


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Thanks again for all the interaction tonight, it is always great to know that people are following us out there.

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Here are the main refereeing talking points from this game:

  • The referee will not be remembered at all for his part in that game, despite giving a penalty in the 3rd At the end of the day, that is what every official strives for.
  • He was consistent with his style of keeping out of the game as much as possible and generally there were no surprises in what he gave or did not give.
  • The teamwork was sound between all the officials and the assistants were always on the same wavelength so they did not intervene unnecessarily, but mirrored the referee’s tolerance level.
  • There was never any question mark about the referees overall control of this game.
  • The only blot on the referee’s copy book was his very suspect positioning at times which saw him regularly wandering into the zones where the players wanted to play the ball.

With such a wretched performance from the English team, thank goodness there was a referee out there who did not want to be centre of attention and kept out of it as much as possible. I shudder to think what sort of spectacle that would have been if the referee was too fussy and kept interrupting what flow there was. As I said above, he was hardly noticed in the game, which is the best complement any referee could wish for.

Technically I have seen much more polished performances based on better movement and viewing angles, but there is no doubt this game was well managed in a style which had no effect on the game what so ever. His low profile suited this game to a tee. You can only referee what is put in front of you as we often say, and all the officials did what they had to do with this one!

I suggested at half time that he may have got a shout from the Assistant Assistant Referee behind the goal for the penalty, and if so, then good for the teamwork all round.

Finally, as I said in my blog, there is at least a bright side to look at, we might get the chance to see Clattenburg and/or Atkinson in action again in the quarter finals or beyond!

More RefCam to come

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My final summary will follow very shortly.

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Full Time

England 1 v 2 Iceland

Well done to Iceland – the better team won!!!!!


GB at 2016-06-27 21:47:50

3 added minutes


GB at 2016-06-27 21:47:17

good to see the referee penitrate the penalty area that time


GB at 2016-06-27 21:45:47

looking on the bright side, the way things are going, at least there is a chance of seeing out two referees in action again!


GB at 2016-06-27 21:44:40

I am glad I am not commentating on the play!


GB at 2016-06-27 21:43:14

Poor off-side call that one as the player in an off-side position did not get involved in the play


GB at 2016-06-27 21:41:46

The referee obviously has stamina, but he is not as dynamic as some we have seen in the past few weeks


GB at 2016-06-27 21:40:28

So there you have it – nothing wrong with a goalkeeper taking a throw-i , don’t see that very often.


GB at 2016-06-27 21:39:20

Vardy needs to be careful – English is the standard FIFA language which all the officials are tested on!


GB at 2016-06-27 21:38:14

That was an example of this referees willingness to let the game flow – may be too much as the Icelandic player got 3 bites of the cherry before the free kick was given. That tactic is generally working in this game but would have been suicide in the Italy v Spain game earlier!


GB at 2016-06-27 21:34:19

The way England are playing, I think even if the referee got a Key Match Decision Wrong, he would still have less talked about him tomorrow!


GB at 2016-06-27 21:32:18

GET up and go for the ball not the foul!


GB at 2016-06-27 21:31:22

Look how the referee backs right into the position that the England player may have wanted to throw-the ball in for that last throw-in. Have to say his positioning is generally poor in this game


GB at 2016-06-27 21:28:46

So far, none of the headlines tomorrow will be about the officials as they continue to go about their business from a distance


GB at 2016-06-27 21:27:21

Confident advantage played then in the “Red Zone” for Iceland


GB at 2016-06-27 21:26:09

Safe free kick that time as the Iceland player “made a back”


GB at 2016-06-27 21:23:56

Yellow Card Aron Gunnarsson (Isl 17) – reckless challenge, unsporting behaviour


GB at 2016-06-27 21:23:00

A referee’s performance will ultimately be judged on how well he managed the game as a whole, kept control and gets the big decisions right – not his positioning!


GB at 2016-06-27 21:21:26

You could not compare this referees movement with someone like Clattenburg – well you could, but there would be no contest


GB at 2016-06-27 21:20:21

Things are just begining to warm up now, so may be this will be the spark to get the referee moving on his toes a bit more and looking more mobile, rather than walking around at times


GB at 2016-06-27 21:17:07

Great bit of pro-active refereeing there as the referee brought Rooney and an Icelandic player together and told them he had seen what happened off the ball – have to admit that I didn’t see it!


GB at 2016-06-27 21:13:41

No problem with that overhead kick – no one close enough to make it dangerous play


GB at 2016-06-27 21:12:48

The referee is coping well with the tempo of the game so far, even if he continues to get in the way.

Players seem to know where they stand with him, and this empathy is even more important in international games

GB at 2016-06-27 21:09:38

@tom_vandepeer @youaretheref can u stand infront of a person taking a throw in ?

@DRS_Engineering @youaretheref only of you are 2 metres away.

Thanks for doing my JOB Tom!


GB at 2016-06-27 21:07:52

Second half has started a lot more competitively so good to see referee raising his game with routine free kicks as required.


GB at 2016-06-27 21:06:38

1st off-side, and pleased the referee did not risk playing advantage on that one


GB at 2016-06-27 21:05:49

Yellow Card Daniel Sturridge (Eng 15) first reckless challenge gets what it deserves. The last thing England deed now is to loose their discipline!


GB at 2016-06-27 21:04:34

Right from the start, the referee is backing out of the way from the same position again! If he had a coach in the dressing room at half time, they would have pointed this out!


GB at 2016-06-27 21:02:55

second half underway

GB at 2016-06-27 21:02:27

@youaretheref Some interesting timekeeping in that half. 3 goals including a penalty, no added time?

Quite right Tom, seen that a few times in the tournament

GB at 2016-06-27 21:01:38

@youaretheref bit too soft on grappling at the minute for me in that 1st half when compared with rest of tournament decisions of refs

Fair comment Simon, but the other have set the bar high!

GB at 2016-06-27 20:59:58

There is no disputing that the overall standard of refereeing in the Tournament so far has been very high, but former FIFA Referee and Head of Premier League Referees in England, Keith Hackett, has warned about complacency in respect to the appropriate sanction for reckless challenges in his latest blog: Euro 2016: Hackett’s Blog – Rizzoli and recklessness – there can be no complaints in that department from Damir Skomina in this game so far, as there has not been any reckless play!


GB at 2016-06-27 20:59:20

Well it must be said that the referee has hardly had a look in so far apart from a penalty inside the first 4 minutes of course! It looked easier to give than not, to be fair, but it seemed to take a nano-second more than required to point to the spot. I wonder whether we have just seen the first major help from an Assistant Assistant Referee in the tournament? Who knew?

After his first big call, the referee has since melted into the background as much as he can, and just let the players get on with. Nothing missed, and no fussy interventions not required.

The one caution was for delaying the free kick (not for the foul I suggested in the first place), so even that was sending out a solid message to the players.

This is clearly a referee who enjoys managing games without being the centre of attention, and he is delivering on that front.

One reservation, has been his lack of positional awareness on the attacking left flank of the English team as he has been caught out in the way a few times now.

Both assistants have displayed sound technique and have looked sharp, calm and confident with all their signal so far.

As for England ……… I will leave that to the others!

GB at 2016-06-27 20:49:38

Don’t miss this week’s Ref Show which when up on our web site today, with Mark Halsey and David Hirst who really give the run down on the standard of the refereeing in the European Championships so far.


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Half Time

England 1 v 2 Iceland


GB at 2016-06-27 20:45:28

That was England’s first free kick conceded by Ali in the 39th minute. Referees always used to come back from international tournaments and say that all the other referees loved refereeing England as they were generally so well behaved. Same old same old today it would seem. Well you cant win the game if you are on the bench!


GB at 2016-06-27 20:42:39

My colleagues here at YATR tell me the caution was for delaying the restart – fair enough then, good strong refereeing in that case!


GB at 2016-06-27 20:40:29

Yellow Card Gylfi Sigurdsson (Isl 10) very strong statement made by the referee then with the first caution. Did not seem reckless to me, or was it for delaying restart?

Always nice to get a caution before half time, but first caution in a game like this needs to be a good one – not a soft one


GB at 2016-06-27 20:38:00

Without wanting to harp on about his positioning (well at least that is all we have to talk about), Skomina seems to be too rigid with his patrol path and needs to show a bit of intelligence to adapt to the English pattern of play down the left channel


GB at 2016-06-27 20:34:41

Once again I have to say the referee is finding himself getting caught up with the players in the same place. Positioning is always subjective, but referees at this level should be able to work out where the players want to be and keep out of the way!


GB at 2016-06-27 20:32:43

The players are going to have to do better than that in the penalty area to con this referee tonight!


GB at 2016-06-27 20:29:55

Well at least we have a nice attacking game with chances at each end, and I repeat that it is good to have a referee prepared to let it flow


GB at 2016-06-27 20:28:30

I wish players would not claim for things when they know they are wrong!


GB at 2016-06-27 20:26:59

@youaretheref I like Skomina. Excellent ref but his career held back by a lack of FIFA standard AR’s. Good to see him back with his new team

These two look sound so far Gayle!


GB at 2016-06-27 20:26:02

Going back to the long throw-in, keep an eye on whether the assistant is watching the player’s feet as the ball is released.


GB at 2016-06-27 20:24:59

Important call that by the referee – foul on the keeper when his feet is off the ground


GB at 2016-06-27 20:23:10

And immediately we get a “good” push in the back which is punished with a very strong whistle, just to remind everyone that the referee is still around!


GB at 2016-06-27 20:21:54

It has to be said that the referee is managing the early stages true to form and keeping well out of it! Cant be criticised for that as very little foul play going on out there. No need for him to raise his profile yet


GB at 2016-06-27 20:20:17

GOAL! Kolbeinn Sigthórsson (Isl 9)

England 1 v 2 Iceland


GB at 2016-06-27 20:17:20

Should we give the officials the benefit then and say they must have played advantage when the England player was knocked over on the touch-line ? – referee out of shot so could not see a signal


GB at 2016-06-27 20:15:22

The referee found himself “in the mixer” twice then as he needed to scamppered out of the way. This can happen occasionally but more than once a half and positioning becomes quesioned


GB at 2016-06-27 20:13:50

@youaretheref straight away the Nick 10 yards on a throwing !!!! and u guessed it the ref done nothing

Someone agrees with me about the importance of ensuring throw-ins are taken in accordance with law. The referees were very hot on this in the opening games


GB at 2016-06-27 20:12:28

First chance for the referee to show his tolerance level as the Iceland player steps on Raheem Sterling (Eng 7) – safe free kick to start with

GB at 2016-06-27 20:10:48

Seems Mark Halsey was right when he said England’s defending could let them down!


GB at 2016-06-27 20:09:06

When a player has such a dangerous throw as that, it is very important that all the officials ensure that it is taken in accordance to law


GB at 2016-06-27 20:08:01

Game on

GOAL! Ragnar Sigurdsson (Isl 6)

England 1 v 1 Iceland

I thought this would be a bust one!


GB at 2016-06-27 20:06:31

WOW here we go!

Keeper takes the player out – definite penalty, but you still have to have the nerve to give it

GOAL! Wayne Rooney (Eng 10)

England 1 v 0 Iceland



GB at 2016-06-27 20:03:53

Very early I know, but already both assistants displaying sound technique and looking light on their feet

GB at 2016-06-27 20:02:21

AR1: Jure Praprotnik (SVN) (JP) is patrolling the touchline in front of the technical areas.


GB at 2016-06-27 20:01:48

Iceland won the toss so it will be England to kick off.

Good luck to all the officials and may the ball run kindly for you!

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GB at 2016-06-27 19:56:15

Not long to go now as the players sing their Nation Anthems


GB at 2016-06-27 19:55:17

For those of you who did not see my Tweet yesterday about the performance of some of the Assistant Assistant Referees, I loved the commentator’s quip in the Hungary v Belgium game yesterday when he described them as “sleeping policemen”! Seemed like the referee in the last game didn’t get much support from behind the goal either in the toughest game of the completion so far. That would appear to be the one weak point in the officials’ general high standards so far.

The jury is still out on how the Turkish top official did in the Italy v Spain game. All I would say is you need to look at the full picture – did he keep control of a very feisty game?


GB at 2016-06-27 19:48:13

Today’s officials are:

Referee: Damir Skomina (SVN) (DS)

Assistant referee1: Jure Praprotnik (SVN) (JP)

Assistant referee2:  Robert Vukan (SVN) (RV)

Additional assistant referee 1: Matej Jug (SVN) (MJ)

Additional assistant referee 2: Slavko Vin?i? (SVN) (SV)

4th Official: Carlos Velasco Carballo (ESP) (CC)

Reserve official: Roberto Alonso Fernandez (ESP) (RF)

UEFA Referee Observer: Pierluigi Collina (ITA)


Based purely on the amount of international games completed, Slovenian Damir Skomina is the most experienced referee in the Squad for Euro 2016, having refereed over 120 matches before this Tournament. Although he has not reached a big final at men’s level so far, he has certainly caught the eye of the UEFA Referees committee ever since he was elevated to the FIFA List in 2003, moving up to the Elite Category in UEFA in 2009.

He has a reputation for a generally “low key” refereeing style, rather than the extrovert or extravagant variety, and he is not known as the type of official who openly engages in “friendly banter” with the players, but prefers to manage his games calmly from a “distance”.

The 39-year-old will be taking charge of his third match at the tournament having officiated for Slovakia’s 2-1 victory over Russia and Switzerland’s 0-0 draw with France during the group stage. The later game will be remembered for the burst ball and ripped shirts caused by  the  amount of holding, including and a decent claim for a penalty which got away, but I would not expect the referee to be as lenient in that department again tonight. With only three yellow cards in his first two matches, he has been true to form so far and has not needed to dramatically change his style to meet the demands set by his boss over the last couple of weeks (who just happens to be tonight’s UEFA Observer as well!)

FIFA badge: 2003

UEFA EURO matches: 11

UEFA matches: 107

Tournaments: 2013 FIFA U-20 World Cup, UEFA EURO 2012, 2007 UEFA European Under-21 Championship, 2005 UEFA European Under-19 Championship, 2005 UEFA Regions’ Cup, 2003 UEFA European Under-17 Championship

Finals: 2012 UEFA Super Cup 2007, UEFA European Under-21 Championship

Here are the squads for the Tournament:

GB at 2016-06-27 19:46:35


England Ball

1       Joe Hart (Manchester City)

2       Kyle Walker (Tottenham Hotspur)

3       Danny Rose (Tottenham Hotspur)

5       Gary Cahill (Chelsea)

6       Chris Smalling (Manchester United)

7       Raheem Sterling (Manchester City)

9       Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur)

10     Wayne Rooney (Manchester United)

15     Daniel Sturridge (Liverpool)

17     Eric Dier (Tottenham Hotspur)

20     Dele Alli (Tottenham Hotspur)

On the bench:

4       James Milner (Liverpool)

8       Adam Lallana (Liverpool)

11     Jamie Vardy (Leicester City)

12     Nathaniel Clyne (Liverpool)

13     Fraser Forster (Southampton)

14     Jordan Henderson (Liverpool)

16     John Stones (Everton)

18     Jack Wilshere (Arsenal)

19     Ross Barkley (Everton)

21     Ryan Bertrand (Southampton)

22     Marcus Rashford (Manchester United)

23     Tom Heaton (Burnley)


Iceland Ball

1       Hannes Halldórsson (Bodø/Glimt)

2       Birkir Sævarsson (Hammarby)

6       Ragnar Sigurdsson (Krasnodar)

7       Johann Gudmundsson (Charlton)

8       Birkir Bjarnason (Basel)

9       Kolbeinn Sigthórsson (Nantes)

10     Gylfi Sigurdsson (Swansea)

14     Kári Árnason (Malmö)

15     Jón Dadi Bödvarsson (Kaiserslautern)

17     Aron Gunnarsson (Cardiff)

23     Ari Skúlason (OB)

On the bench:

3       Haukur Heidar Hauksson (AIK)

4       Hjörtur Hermannsson (Göteborg)

5       Sverrir Ingason (Lokeren)

11     Alfred Finnbogason (Augsburg)

12     Ögmundur Kristinsson (Hammarby)

13     Ingvar Jónsson (Sandefjord)

16     Rúnar Már Sigurjónsson (Sundsvall)

18     Elmar Bjarnason (AGF)

19     Hordur Magnússon (Cesena)

20     Emil Hallfredsson (Udinese)

21     Arnor Ingvi Traustason (Norrköping)

22     Eidur Gudjohnsen (Molde)


GB at 2016-06-27 19:40:59

So it is winner takes all from now on as these two teams fight it out the final Round of 16 game to see who gets to play France in the Quarter Final, and England certainly won’t want another one of their KO fixtures to go down to penalties! England have not lost over 90 or 120 minutes in 25 EURO fixtures, going back to a 3-2 qualifying defeat by Croatia in 2007 which ended their hopes of reaching UEFA EURO 2008. Since then, their record is W18 D7, although they were beaten on penalties by Italy in the UEFA EURO 2012 quarter-finals.

This is Iceland’s first time at a major championship. They are one of two countries making their major finals debut at UEFA EURO 2016, along with Albania. With a population of 330,000, Iceland is the smallest nation to have appeared at any big final tournament

These teams have never met before in a competitive match.

Team Pld W D L GF GA
England 2 1 1 0 7 2
Iceland 2 0 1 1 2 7


GB at 2016-06-27 19:39:01

Stade de Nice, Nice

EURO 2016 capacity: 35000

Opened: January 2013

Round of 16: England v Iceland

20 minutes before KO and welcome to this evening’s RefCam coverage today of the European Championship game between England and Iceland.

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I have a feeling that this could be a busy one – so please bear with me if I don’t get back to your Tweets straight away.