England v Italy – Roger Dilkes

RD at 2014-06-15 00:01:14

Referee brings the game to a conclusion as Italy beat England 2-1 on the night.

Bjorn Kuipers has had a tremendous game and has performed extremely well, showing why he is regarded as one of the best officials in the World, following on from his appointment to referee the Champions League final against the Madrid teams.

All referees can learn from this performance and the only problem that I can see for him personally is, if the Netherlands succeed to get through to the later stages of the competition.

His movement, sprinting ability, proactive man management and overall contribution has been first class. Co-operation with colleagues is also worthy of note. Well done to them all.

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Roger Dilkes

RD at 2014-06-14 23:52:09

First caution of the game, Sterling takes one for the team, perfect with the Referee in control right at the end.

Another free kick and the spray is used again.

RD at 2014-06-14 23:50:28

5 minutes of additional time indicated by the fourth official. Is this right.

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RD at 2014-06-14 23:48:51

As we approach the 90 minute mark, England waste an opportunity to score.

RD at 2014-06-14 23:46:41

Another offside as the nearside assistant remains alert and focused. Teamwork has been first class and easily the best we have seen so far. Credit to them.

RD at 2014-06-14 23:44:50

England free kick for foul on Lallana. Spray used again and Referee managing the wall to ensure no hand ball incidents. Proactive refereeing at its best.

Offside decision against Italy sound.

RD at 2014-06-14 23:42:43

Tiredness setting in as suspected. Cahill struggling after foul by Immobile.

RD at 2014-06-14 23:41:42

Referee still following play closely with explosive sprinting when needed. His fitness level has been impressive.

RD at 2014-06-14 23:38:52

England make their final substitute. Fourth official has worked well with Assistant referee and subs have been made without any problems.

RD at 2014-06-14 23:37:29

Italy make their final substitute of the night

RD at 2014-06-14 23:35:56

Sturridge fouled near to edge of penalty area, spray is used to mark out the 10 yards. Great idea, let’s make a plea to see it next year in English football.

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RD at 2014-06-14 23:31:40

Italy and England make their second substitutes

RD at 2014-06-14 23:28:40

Cahill penalised for rash challenge, given strong rebuke from Referee. Has been consistent with his verbal reprimands.

RD at 2014-06-14 23:27:34

Corner management still very good. Referee well placed to see what is going on and speaking to players to advise them of his proximity to play. Well done to him.

Substitutes have given the game another dimension and the Referee has responded well to this change.

RD at 2014-06-14 23:24:50

Players starting to take on fluid at every opportunity. Very sensible at this stage of the game.

RD at 2014-06-14 23:23:05

Look at the Referee’s sprinting to keep in touch with England break, very impressive.

RD at 2014-06-14 23:21:24

Good reading for non offside as Rooney spins and misses the near post with his shot.

RD at 2014-06-14 23:20:15

Italy slowing the game down and making England work hard. Let’s hope frustration does not creep in.

England make first substitution of night with Barkley coming on for Welbeck.

RD at 2014-06-14 23:17:38

Foul on Welbeck awarded

RD at 2014-06-14 23:16:52

Italy make first sub and immediately on their next attack Balotelli is offside. Correct flag.

RD at 2014-06-14 23:15:58

Tempo starting to increase as England try to get back in game. England have corner from which Gerrard bangs into Paletta. Referee clearly indicates no penalty.

RD at 2014-06-14 23:12:22

Penalty appeal but referee not interested and waves play on. In his anxiousness to keep close to play, unfortunately, tripped Gerrard, needs to consider this and not invade player’s space.

RD at 2014-06-14 23:09:54

Italy score their 2nd goal through Balotelli. Sound header past his former colleague Hart.

RD at 2014-06-14 23:08:41

Good management of players at corner kicks – is this a sign for the future in the PL and FL next season.

RD at 2014-06-14 23:07:26

Sound offside judgement and good flagging technique by nearside assistant

RD at 2014-06-14 23:06:26

Referee is talking to players in his proximity – good man management again

RD at 2014-06-14 23:03:58

The second half commences but there are no team changes at this stage.

RD at 2014-06-14 23:00:28

Garry Lewin has dislocated his ankle according to the media. Let’s hope he is fit for the next game, he has such a wealth of experience and this will be missed if he is not able to work with the team.

RD at 2014-06-14 22:57:52

What are your views on the officials?

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RD at 2014-06-14 22:55:51

Half Time

The officials can be well pleased with their performance in the first half. Referee has been proactive throughout and well placed to make all his decisions. His colleagues are all on the same wavelength and you can see the benefit of them working together on a regular basis.

Now they have to start again as the second half will bring the additional problems of tiredness for the players and possibly increased foul count as we approach the final 10 minutes. Be aware of this possibility. Substitutes could play a key part in the final result tonight.

The referee has given confidence in his ability to both teams, he has let the game breathe and not been at all fussy. This has contributed to the entertainment value for the fans.

Now they will be taking on fluid to re-energise for the second 45 minutes. Hope they continue to do well.

RD at 2014-06-14 22:48:27

Good defending on line by Jagielka and then Italy hit post. Referee now brings 1st half to an end

RD at 2014-06-14 22:45:50

Fourth official indicates a minimum of 2 minutes additional time

RD at 2014-06-14 22:44:13

The game has gone quiet as both teams start to think of half time.

RD at 2014-06-14 22:41:06

Garry Lewin, great guy, hope it is not as serious as it looks. He has a lot of respect from referees in the PGMO.

RD at 2014-06-14 22:39:26

Great response from England as Rooney finds Sturridge, who obliges with a super volley. Will this now change the tempo of the game and present the officials with problems. Let’s see what happens.

RD at 2014-06-14 22:35:50

Italy score from Marchisio with shot from outside the area. Great effort after Pirlo sells a dummy.

RD at 2014-06-14 22:32:50

Referee right on the spot to defuse a challenge on Rooney. Strong words to De Rossi – good proactive man management.

RD at 2014-06-14 22:31:30

Good spot for latish tackle on Johnson. Nothing serious. Now Sterling is penalised for a foul. Nothing is escaping the referee at present.

RD at 2014-06-14 22:29:29

Near side Assistant focused on the ball to award England throw. Officials are working well together.

RD at 2014-06-14 22:27:02

Slightly late tackle on Sterling correctly penalised but England take the free kick quickly. Referee not fussy.

RD at 2014-06-14 22:25:13

England putting on the pressure with successive corners, Referee proactive in his control before second one taken.

RD at 2014-06-14 22:23:41

Referee very close to play again to deny Italy a free kick – good refereeing.

RD at 2014-06-14 22:20:02

Minor infringement on Pirlo, correct free kick awarded

RD at 2014-06-14 22:18:09

Referee enforces his authority with free kick award

RD at 2014-06-14 22:17:34

Watch the Assistant’s sideways movement on the far side – good crabbing

RD at 2014-06-14 22:16:06

Two quick free kicks, one to each side – referee just keeping players in check. European Champions League Final experience coming through already.

RD at 2014-06-14 22:12:55

Referee is staying close to play but letting the game breathe.

RD at 2014-06-14 22:10:58

10 minutes gone and we are enjoying a counter attacking game. Very open.

RD at 2014-06-14 22:08:43

Pirlo appeals for penalty, referee unsighted. Johnson may have been a little lucky.

RD at 2014-06-14 22:06:59

England have started well and pressing high up the pitch, causing early problems for the Italian goalkeeper deputising for Buffon.

RD at 2014-06-14 22:04:04

Referee already showing good movement and keeping in tune with quick forward breaks

RD at 2014-06-14 22:02:11

first free kick to Italy, spotted by referee

RD at 2014-06-14 22:00:12

The referee blows his whistle and away we go.

RD at 2014-06-14 21:42:50

Finally, it has arrived, England’s first game in the 2014 World Cup against Italy. Tonight’s officials are from the Netherlands, Bjorn Kuipers(Referee) and his Assistants Sander van Roekel and Erwin Zeinstra.

We wish them well for this opening encounter of two respected International teams, both from Europe.

Will the playing surface cause problems or will the heat and humidity have the final say? Who knows.

I am sure you can’t wait for the start, I know I can’t, so over to Bjorn Kuipers to get the game underway.

Enjoy the game – Roger Dilkes