DC United v New England Revolution


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This was as good a PRO Refereeing performance as i have seen this season! Referee Ismail Elfath was the coolest man in the RFK Stadium as he expertly controlled this game in 33 degree heat!. He judged his involvement level superbly  on several fronts not least his tolerance level on physical contact, all aspects of Law 12 were overseen well. He also got into great positions for judging the two key decisions of the game, firstly when there was a suspicion that  Concalves pushed Espindola , the Referee was right on hand to wave any appeals away, which the attacker accepted. The second decision was the penalty that led to the wining goal, as New England’s Neumann tripped DC’s Espindola just inside the penalty area, again the Referee’s positioning was spot on. Just the one caution in the game for DC’s Arnaud which was nailed on. The Referee wisely measured his pace and running  well to get into advanced positions when it mattered, on other occasions in the heat he wisely slowed things down during slow build up play phases to conserve his energy in the heat.  It was noticeable that in a game where so much was at stake the players showed the Referee a lot of respect and dissent was minimal. My only observation by way of advice would be of the need to create a good viewing angle always on aerial challenges deep in the attacking half following goal keeper clearances. But in context of this performance its a minor point, this Referee had a great game! Both Assistants supported well, good technique and poise were much in evidence and Corey Parker made a couple of excellent ‘non flags’ when the attacking players one in each half were just onside .All in all a great days work for the Match Officials team!

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Full Time

Summary to folloow

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3 minutes added time

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GOAL!Rolfe converts to make it 2-1 to DC

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Penalty New England substitute Steve Neumann trips Espindola just inside the penalty area, great Refereeing as Ismail Elfath is superbly placed to correctly award a penalty!

RH at 2015-06-21 23:58:24

Yellow CardRightly given to Davy Arnaud for shoving Lee Nguyen as he was attacking the DC half, good caution!

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A suspicion that New Englands Jose Goncalves pushed Espindola but the Referee was well placed and there was now reaction when the Referee waved penalty appeals away!

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Referee Ismail Elfath did well to go deep and spot that deliberate handball offence by a DC player

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Another good offside call there from Corey Parker as Juan Agudelo played everyone onside!

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GOAL!Rolfe scores for DC its 1-1


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Assistant Kevin Klinger showing good poise and signalling technique in his work, that corner being a good example

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As with play in the first half, the Referee showing his ability to read play well and judge his involvement level superbly

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TV Replays showing what a great non flag was made by Assistant Corey Parker as Nick DeLeon was clearly onside during that DC attack , great decision!

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The Referee is conserving his energy by slowing down during slow play build ups, in this heat so long as he remains close to play this is no problem

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The second half is underway!

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An impressive first half from  Referee Ismail Elfath and his team, he has read play well, judged his involvement level well and gained the confidence of the players, despite the heat he has maintained a close proximity to play. He has not needed to show any yellow cards, lets hope that the players continue to play in the same spirit. Just one thing to note, that being the need to gain better viewing angles on deep aerial challenges from goal keeper clearances, hes tending to view such challenges end on on a couple of occasions, but otherwise an impressive first half, both Assistants looking good also

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Half Time

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one minute added time!

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one minute added time!

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Well the tempo may have been steady this half, but this should not detract from a strong first half offering from Ismail Elfath and his team!

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Great position and body language as Arnaud is carelessly challenged, good Refereeing!

RH at 2015-06-21 22:50:04

From some of the goalkeeper clearances from hands the ball is going over the Referees head and aerial challenges are made up field, the Referee needs to make sure he’s got a decent viewing angle, i’m not sure he is always doing this

RH at 2015-06-21 22:47:50

Arnaud of DC going to ground in the Penalty area, but quite rightly the Referee having none of it!

RH at 2015-06-21 22:43:40

Good idea to have words with DC’s Korb and New Englands Davies who were pushing each other before that last New England corner

RH at 2015-06-21 22:42:16

Noticeable the lack of questioning from the players of the Referees decisions, proof that he is judging his tolerance level and involvement well, good to see also that he follows through into advanced positions during attacks

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We’ve another two cracking games for you on Refcam in June, tomorrow evening we’re covering the next England Women’s World match when they take on Norway at 22.00, there have been some great Refereeing performances in this tournament so it’s well worth joining us to get expert analysis of the match!  Then on 28th June at 10.00 its the Big MLS Big Apple derby game between New York City v New York Red Bulls!

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The Referee continuing to read play well, keeping close proximity to play and judging his involvement level well

RH at 2015-06-21 22:29:03

Good spot by the Referee following that late challenge by Davy Arnaud

RH at 2015-06-21 22:27:04

Again to his credit the Referee was close to play when awarding that last half way line free kick to New England

RH at 2015-06-21 22:24:29

Noticeable how close the Referee is squeezing play between himself and his active Assistant, hope it doesn’t leave him too much to do if play breaks away quickly!

RH at 2015-06-21 22:21:28

Good offside call in the scoring of that goal by Assistant  Corey Parker as Davies was just onside before he struck!

RH at 2015-06-21 22:19:45

GOAL!Davies makes it 1-0 New England!


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Good poise from both Assistants so far when presenting their signals!

RH at 2015-06-21 22:16:37

First corner of the game to DC

RH at 2015-06-21 22:16:09

Good offside call there by Assistant Kevin Klinger as  Chris Rolfe came from an offside position to play the ball

RH at 2015-06-21 22:13:11

Good to see the Referee close to play when awarding both of the free kicks

RH at 2015-06-21 22:11:07

This is a great appointment for today’s team of Match Officials, first verses second in the League is always a fixture that every Referee or Assistant wants to officiate on, let’s hope the ball runs kindly for Ismail and his team

RH at 2015-06-21 22:10:36

Davies of New England concedes the first free kick!

RH at 2015-06-21 22:09:39

Our match Referee Ismail Elfath gets us underway!

RH at 2015-06-21 22:06:18

Our match Referee Ismail Elfath made his professional debut in 2009 when he Refereed the NASL Austin Aztex v Montreal Impact game in May 2009, last season he took charge of 17 MLS games

Assistant Referee Corey Parker made his professional debut in 2011, including his 19 games last season has officiated in 81 MLS games before this season

Assistant Referee Kevin Klinger made his professional debut in 2012, including his 9 games last season has officiated in 33 MLS games before this season

Fourth Official Mark Kadlecik made his professional debut in April 2011, before this season he has Refereed 25 MLS games and has been Fourth Official 36 times.

RH at 2015-06-21 21:57:13

Welcome to our coverage this table topping Eastern Conference MLS game, live from the RFK Stadium Washington where league leaders DC United host second placed New England Revolution!