Crystal Palace v QPR


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As for our referees.

After a shaky start Andy Halliday picked up his game.

Jake Collin performed steadily and solidly all day.

Lee Mason…

…well, in a game where he had every opportunity to shine (as it was over as a contest after 45 minutes) I’m afraid he came up short. Especially in his application of discipline and recognition of fouls.

Two missed red cards (both for second cautions). Several other missed cautions and fouls. A caution to Onuoha of QPR when it was he who was fouled. Mariappa should have seen two cautions, and, therefore a red. The list goes on.

It is simply not good enough at this, or any, level of football.

He had a wonderful opportunity to take the focus off Mike Riley’s failing officials by just making simple decisions and taking obvious actions…but he failed on both counts.

The post-match press talk will probably all be on the state of QPR but, Lee needs to have a good look back at the DVD of this game and work out how he can improve on some serious shortcomings in his refereeing.

GT at 2015-03-14 15:39:19

And that’s it.

All over at the Palace who took a huge step towards Premier League survival with this win.

Whilst QPR look all but doomed already. They are in deep, deep trouble and look like they lack stomach for the fight.

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Full Time

GT at 2015-03-14 15:36:48

We enter the final minute and QPR waste a corner

GT at 2015-03-14 15:35:39

How has Lee ruled that to be a deliberate handball by Adel Taarabt?

The ball was hit at him from centimetres away.

Poor recognition, Lee.

GT at 2015-03-14 15:33:57

Jake Collin calls another offside correctly.

Well done, Jake.

GT at 2015-03-14 15:33:14

QPR still have time to grab something here

GT at 2015-03-14 15:32:42

That’s the end of the normal 90 minutes…5 extra to go on

GT at 2015-03-14 15:30:43

Mariappa escapes another obvious caution as he hacks down Phillips.

Come on Lee, this is getting ridiculous.

I’m all for low-key refereeing but you have to apply The Laws

GT at 2015-03-14 15:29:06

…as Sandro and Wright-Phillips leave early

GT at 2015-03-14 15:28:46

QPR make a double change, Niko Kranj?ar and Grego-Cox come on

GT at 2015-03-14 15:26:58

If QPR can get another from this free kick it will be a very interesting final 5 minutes

GT at 2015-03-14 15:26:08

Matt Phillips screams one in from miles out of the penalty area.

What a strike!

GT at 2015-03-14 15:25:08

What a  GOAL!

GT at 2015-03-14 15:24:35

Get wider and get out of the way Lee…as he almost makes his second pass of the game

GT at 2015-03-14 15:22:22

Final change for Palace as Murray makes way for Sanogo

GT at 2015-03-14 15:21:46

10 minutes to go…

GT at 2015-03-14 15:20:06

And understandably so as it was he who was fouled…yet he was cautioned!

Unbelievable, confusing and incorrect from referee, Mason.

GT at 2015-03-14 15:18:14

Onuoha is furious with Mason as he receives a caution Yellow Card

GT at 2015-03-14 15:16:00

Jake Collin calls an offside correctly as Palace push for a fourth goal

GT at 2015-03-14 15:12:33

Shaun Wright-Phillips surely has to see a caution there as he climbed all over his opponent, who was making a promising attack.

Again, no card from Lee.

He is far too lenient today

GT at 2015-03-14 15:11:12

Foul but no caution for Adrian Mariappa as he goes through the back of his opponent

GT at 2015-03-14 15:09:40

QPR’s play is at times little better than a Sunday League side, as two of their players tackle each other.

Our referees need to ensure they don’t slip to similar standards

GT at 2015-03-14 15:07:31

Complacency is a killer for referees, and I’m afraid that our team is slipping into the trap.

They need to re-focus and get their game heads back on

GT at 2015-03-14 15:05:36

That had to be a foul on Joe Ledley…

Lee is in a great position to spot it…but AGAIN nothing.

That type of missed foul really winds up players, coaches and supporters as it is so easy to give

GT at 2015-03-14 15:03:44

What on earth is happening now?

Andy Halliday has the clearest of all views as Wright-Phillips stands on the field of play whilst taking a throw-in.

He even looked down at the forward’s feet…but gave nothing.

This is getting very shoddy and sloppy boys.

Come on, tighten up…this is a chance to shine on a game which is over as a contest

GT at 2015-03-14 15:01:59

Good decision by Andy Halliday as he leads Lee into a foul on Gayle

GT at 2015-03-14 15:01:06

Yellow Card

Glenn Murray of Palace

GT at 2015-03-14 15:00:50

Lee finds himself too close to play, and in a poor position as he plays a one-teo with the forward

GT at 2015-03-14 15:00:00

Another change for Palace as the injured Zaha is replaced by Adrian Mariappa

GT at 2015-03-14 14:58:08

Dwight Gale comes on for the injured Jason Puncheon for the Eagles

GT at 2015-03-14 14:57:43

there is absolutely no doubt that Karl Henry should have seen his second yellow and therefore a red card, as he clearly grabbed the Palace man’s ankle in that break.

Poor refereeing. Poor recognition.

GT at 2015-03-14 14:56:22

Sandro is correctly cautioned by Lee Yellow Card BUT…

GT at 2015-03-14 14:55:44

Well done again Jake Collin and Lee.

Zaha tries to buy a foul by going to ground, but the officials do exactly what is required….nothing

GT at 2015-03-14 14:53:23

As expected the game is more open at the beginning of this second half.

There should be plenty of chances as the game unfolds

GT at 2015-03-14 14:50:42

Murray and the Palace faithful scream for a handball followed by a foul, but Lee and Jake Collin wisely tell them to get on with it

GT at 2015-03-14 14:48:05

QPR get us underway for the second half, having made a change of personnel with Clint Hill coming on for Darnell Furlong

GT at 2015-03-14 14:38:37

It’s all about game management from here in for Lee and his team.

The match is over as a competition, but there is still plenty which could go wrong in the second half.

What they need to do is just take to simple decisions, not go looking for ‘clever’ decisions. Just plain, simple refereeing…as the saying goes ‘No surprises for anyone’.

At the end of the game all of the focus will then be on the plight of QPR, so why going trying to be the star of the show by making decisions which no-one else understands?

GT at 2015-03-14 14:33:44

For a team which had been struggling this season, Palace don’t have a bad strike rate in this one today.

3 shots on target….3-0 scoreline!!

GT at 2015-03-14 14:32:25

Half Time

GT at 2015-03-14 14:31:45

Clear foul by QPR – spotted and awarded by Lee

GT at 2015-03-14 14:30:38

That’s the end of the first 45 minutes… 2 added minutes to go on

GT at 2015-03-14 14:28:16

And that is surely that as Zaha teases and torments the QPR defence then sets up his team mate John Ward to score Palace’s second goal in 90 seconds

GT at 2015-03-14 14:27:03


GT at 2015-03-14 14:26:46

40 minutes played and James McArthur piles on the pressure for QPR.

That could be a very large nail in the Hoops’ Premier League coffin

GT at 2015-03-14 14:25:27


GT at 2015-03-14 14:21:29

Good decision by Lee to award a free kick to QPR.

Yoon Suk-Young didn’t go to ground, but he was pulled back.

Good refereeing Mase.

GT at 2015-03-14 14:19:12

Offside against Scott Dann – correctly given again by Andy Halliday.

Well done the North East assistant referee

GT at 2015-03-14 14:18:17

Sandro commits a foul on Murray which Lee gives, but if he had held on to the whistle for a second Palace had a good advantage

GT at 2015-03-14 14:16:35

It’s all Palace, Zaha is running the QPR back four ragged

GT at 2015-03-14 14:15:00

Good support from Andy Halliday as he leads Mase into the first caution of the game, Karl Henry Yellow Card

GT at 2015-03-14 14:13:12

Palace scream for a penalty as Damien Delaney goes to ground, but Lee is well placed to correctly wave away their claims

GT at 2015-03-14 14:12:13

A simple, but nonetheless still correct, decision from Andy Halliday as he calls Andy Johnson offside from a standing position

GT at 2015-03-14 14:10:31

It’s a crucial goal though as Palace continue their march away from the relegation zone.

The game today has benefited too, as QPR will now have to come out and attack

GT at 2015-03-14 14:08:51

The big centre half climbed all over his opponent’s back to set up the move with a header…but Mase chose to allow play to continue.

QPR’s run of bad luck with refereeing decisions continues

GT at 2015-03-14 14:07:29

Zaha is the man, but QPR will be very unhappy as there was a foul by Scott Dann in the build up to the goal which Lee was perfectly well placed to see.

GT at 2015-03-14 14:06:21


GT at 2015-03-14 14:05:55

The game is opening up a little as Palace pile on the pressure from a corner

GT at 2015-03-14 14:01:32

With 15 minutes gone I’m afraid things are not looking overly promising for our referees.

Three clear errors on fouls and an assistant who looks like he cannot stay up with play,

Come on lads…we all want to see you put in a great performance

GT at 2015-03-14 13:59:44

Good free kick call again goes unpunished, and again the QPR (13) Yoon Suk-Young is the beneficary as he clearly kicks his opponent to the ground but nothing is seen or given by Lee or Andy Halliday

GT at 2015-03-14 13:58:24

Just watching the movement of the nearside assistant referee, Andy Halliday.

He seems to be a way behind play on the breaks

GT at 2015-03-14 13:56:11


Lee needs to step up to the pace of the game as he calls another one incorrectly.

This time the QPR (13) Yoon Suk-Young pushes his opponent out of the way, but Lee somehow sees a foul in favour of the Hoops’ man

GT at 2015-03-14 13:54:46

A free kick for Adel Taarabt goes unpunished by Lee.

He maybe thought the QPR man made too much of it, but it was a foul

GT at 2015-03-14 13:51:14

A perfect opening five minutes for our referees.

It’s a quick pace but both teams are playing football, rather than kicking eaxch other.

Keep letting them play, Mase…

GT at 2015-03-14 13:48:03

Whilst we never pre-judge players, I don’t suppose Lee lost any sleep last night over Joey Barton being ineligible to play today

GT at 2015-03-14 13:45:21

Palace take the kick-off and get us underway…

GT at 2015-03-14 13:41:40

It’s almost time for kick-off at Selhurst Park.

GT at 2015-03-14 13:28:24

As for our referees today, Lee Mason is the man-in-the-middle with Jake Collin and Andy Halliday running the lines. Mike Dean completes the team as fourth official before he referees at Chelsea tomorrow.

44 year old Lancashire official Mason (or Mase as he is known amongst the group) is a popular figure with colleagues. He’s one of the jokers in the pack, and can be relied upon to provide quality entertainment at the end of season get-togethers. From experience I can testify that his impressions of figures within the football world are of professional standard!

YATR followers should not be drawn into thinking Lee doesn’t take his refereeing seriously though. He is fastidious in pre-match preparations and when the action begins you can guarantee Lee will have his game-face on.

I had the pleasure of running a few lines with Lee before he became a Select Group referee in 2006 when Mase told me it was a blessing for all that he had been promoted to the referees’ list, since when he has taken control of 175 matches, issuing 29 red and 557 yellow cards.

A really great guy, and it is a delight to see him still refereeing at the top level.

One final piece of information on Lee which YATR aficionados may not know…his brother, Andy, is a former professional footballer who had a career at clubs including Bolton Wanderers, Hull City and (the mighty) Chesterfield. So the old criticism of ‘you don’t understand the game ref’ cannot be aimed at today’s whistler.

May the ball run kindly for you Lee, and your team.

GT at 2015-03-14 13:18:18

Hi everyone and welcome to another live Refcam commentary on today’s crucial Premier League fixture Crystal Palace v Queens Park Rangers.

There can be no more important fixture than this one today as both teams will see this as a ‘must-win’ game. The outcome will go a long way to determine who stays up and who is relegated at the end of the season.

Under boss Alan Pardew the Eagles have climbed out of the relegation zone, and were in fantastic form after their ‘hero’ returned to take over as manager. However, with only one win in their last eight league and cup outings (p8, w1, d2, l5) Palace need to return to winning ways, or risk being dragged back into the relegation dogfight.

They hold an unbeaten Premier League record against Rangers though, and will fancy collecting all three points today to steer further clear of danger.

Standing in their way is a QPR side down on its luck at the moment.

The Hoops took a calculated gamble in appointing Chris Ramsey as manager, but he has lost every game since taking up the reigns.

However, with Charlie Austin upfront they always have a chance of scoring, and will take heart from never having lost a top-flight game at Selhurst Park. But Rangers must start winning again, and that begins today.

They are sitting in the relegation places, and all three points are vital if they are to maintain their Premier League status next season.

This could not be set-up any better and it should be an absolute belter of a game, so settle in and enjoy it with us here on YATR.

Remember, if you want to add your own comments or ask any questions during the game you can contact us either on Twitter @youaretheref or email us at