Crystal Palace v Newcastle United


S.M. at 2018-02-04 17:14:52

SUMMARY:  A fairly straightforward game for Andre Marriner to control. He always appeared comfortable when moving about the field of play and used his experience to usually achieve optimum viewing positions. This gave added credibility to his decisions. His judgement of two claims for penalty kicks was spot on and he backed his Assistants judgement in awarding the penalty kick to Palace for a shirt holding offence. Whikle most offences were recognised and penalised, there were some good use made of advantage to allow the game to flow as much as possible. Overall we saw a  decent performance from an experienced Referee which is what would be expected in a match of this nature. Thanks for being with me. Join Dean for the Liverpool Spurs game to follow shortly.

S.M. at 2018-02-04 17:08:47

Full Time

S.M. at 2018-02-04 17:04:58

4 minutes additional time.

S.M. at 2018-02-04 16:57:55

Great position by the Referee very close to play enabling him to correctly award Newcastle a corner kick.

S.M. at 2018-02-04 16:56:32

Error by the Referee as Dummett clearly pushes his opponent and nothing given.

S.M. at 2018-02-04 16:54:18

Substitution for Newcastle…Merino for Perez.

S.M. at 2018-02-04 16:46:04

Good retention of the flag by AR1 to indicate correct position for restart offside following offside offence

S.M. at 2018-02-04 16:40:30

Newcastle substitute Hayden for Diame.

S.M. at 2018-02-04 16:39:06

Foul Fosu-Mensah on Atsu. Yellow Cardfor Fosu-Mensa

S.M. at 2018-02-04 16:36:15

Another decision to be made by the Referee as a shot from Zaha hits Yedlin on the back of the arm . Clearly no intent to handle as the defender had turned away from his opponent and hence no penalty-kick given.

S.M. at 2018-02-04 16:32:41

Reckless foul by Dummett correctly penalised with a Yellow Card

S.M. at 2018-02-04 16:31:52

AR1 immediately signals to indicate Clark pulling Bentekes shirt and hence allowing the Referee to award Palace a penalty kick. Once again great teamwork. GOAL! Milivojevic scores from the penalty mark to bring  the scores level.

S.M. at 2018-02-04 16:27:03

Again the Referee well positioned to spot the offence committed by Diame and award Palace a free-kick.

S.M. at 2018-02-04 16:25:45

Notice the little subtle hand movement by the Referee to let his Assistant know which way the throw award was going. Good teamwork.

S.M. at 2018-02-04 16:23:53

A good offside judgement by AR2 despite the difficulty being posed for him by the low sun. Maybe that’s why he didn’t spot the defleection for the corner-kick in the first half !

S.M. at 2018-02-04 16:20:02

Palace get the game underway for the second half

S.M. at 2018-02-04 16:10:32

A fairly steady first half for Andre Marriner. He used his experience to move into areas that gave him optimum viewing positions which ensured his decisions were always credible. This was particularly noticeable when Ritchie made a tackle inside the penalty area which may well have been judged as being a foul challenge had not the Referee been well positioned to see the Newcastle defender played the ball and not the man. The only error was the awarding of a goal kick following a shot by Zaha which clearly deflected off a Newcastle defender.  The Assistant obviously didn’t give any help in indicating a corner-kick was the correct decision

S.M. at 2018-02-04 16:04:18

Half Time

S.M. at 2018-02-04 16:03:19

Injury to Kelly.  Palace substitution Sakho for Kelly.

S.M. at 2018-02-04 15:59:42

Referee has a clear view in judging correctly that Ritchie played the ball and hence did not concede a penalty kick

S.M. at 2018-02-04 15:52:10

Easy free-kick to award Palace following a foul on Mlivojevic. Again the Referee very well positioned to judge.

S.M. at 2018-02-04 15:47:15

Poor decision by AR2 in not indicating a corner kick to Palace

S.M. at 2018-02-04 15:38:34

GOAL!Newcastle take the lead as Diame easily scores following a corner kick.

S.M. at 2018-02-04 15:35:03

The number of minor offences are all being easily recognised by the Referee and penalised when advantage cannot be allowed.   The Referee in a great position to view the challenge between Fosu-Mensah and Kenedy and make an immediate judgement to penalise the initial offender.

S.M. at 2018-02-04 15:28:03

The Referee makes good use of the time when the goalkeeper is in possession of the ball to move into an appropriate position for the next phase of play. A very good application of advantage by the Referee  following a minor offence on Van Arnholt. A very clear arm signal let everyone know immediately so play could continue.

S.M. at 2018-02-04 15:19:16

A quick Palace break tested the Referees sprinting ability to maintain a reasonably near position and he did well. But it is early days !

S.M. at 2018-02-04 15:15:44

Newcastle get the game underway.

S.M. at 2018-02-04 14:47:05

Good afternoon and welcome to Sundays RefCam feature. The first of this afternoons games is Crystal Palace v Newcastle United. Both teams are just outside the relegation positions being 15 and 16 respectively. Palace are on 26 points while Newcastle are on 24 points and only outside of the bottom three by virtue of having a better goal difference to the teams in 17th, 18th and 19th positions. This then is a big game where a win for either would move them up to 11th position.   Todays Referee is Andre Marriner who will be assisted by Simon Beck and Richard West with Lee Probert acting as 4th Official. Join me for kick-off which will be in around 30 minutes.