Crystal Palace v Liverpool


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AH at 2018-03-31 14:30:07

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Joins us in a couple of hours time for our next RefCam game as Everton v Manchester City is our 5.30pm KO (UK time), former FIFA Assistant Guy Beale runs the rule over Paul Tierney and his team

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AH at 2018-03-31 14:25:31

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In my opinion, that was a first-class performance by Neil Swarbrick and his team.  I have very little to add to my in-play comments, just to say that his overall approach to refereeing is one to admire, it’s all about low-key, high quality match control.  Objective achieved.


AH at 2018-03-31 14:20:45

Benteke tumbles in the penalty area, more in desperation than anything else, and no-one is fooled into awarding a penalty-kick…


AH at 2018-03-31 14:18:10

4 minutes to add – that’s about right in my book ….


AH at 2018-03-31 14:16:09

#CRYLIV Just 3 minutes, plus some additional time for the Lallana injury, to see the game to a safe and successful conclusion


AH at 2018-03-31 14:13:47

GOAL! Well, are we surprised, Mo Salah is calmness personified in the Palace penalty area and strikes the ball home from close range.


AH at 2018-03-31 14:08:50

10 minute to go and both sides are still looking for all 3 points, as Kevin Keegan would say, “I just love it” when this happens ……..


AH at 2018-03-31 14:06:48

We have more RefCam coverage for you later today as the Champions elect visit Goodison Park. KO 5.30pm UK time, under the watchful eye as former FIFA Assistant Referee Guy Beale.


AH at 2018-03-31 14:03:45

Have you noticed that throughout the game how much time the refereeing team have had to make their decisions, just like a skilful ball-player has time on the ball – a sure sign of a high quality officiating.


AH at 2018-03-31 13:59:17

Lallana’s unfortunate injury gives the referee time to take stock and focus on the final 20 minutes, I am sure the team will have been communicating encouragement to each other via the comms kit.


AH at 2018-03-31 13:54:12

Well – another interesting talking point as Mane picks-up the ball thinking that a free-kick has already been given to him, which it hadn’t!   The Palace players scream for a 2nd caution for the Reds #19 – tell me in law Crystal Palace where is says all hand-ball offences are yellow cards.  Once again, calm thinking and correct decision making are a key feature of the referees match control – free-kick only is the correct decision.


AH at 2018-03-31 13:44:15

#CRYLIV This is a key 10-15 minutes for the refereeing team, Liverpool will continue to apply the pressure in search of the lead, and as I referenced pre-match, it’s time for the refereeing team to step up to the plate, as they have done so so far this afternoon, to ensure control is retained.


AH at 2018-03-31 13:39:54

GOAL! Milner feeds and Mane converts – it didn’t take the Away Team long in the 2nd half to regain parity.


AH at 2018-03-31 13:32:36

#CRYLIV Here we go for the second half, let’s hope I haven’t put the commentators curse on proceedings with my praise of the refereeing team throughout the first-half ….

Half Time

AH at 2018-03-31 13:27:29

Half Time

As always, some excellent reading for your half-time entertainment on our website here at You Are The Ref.  I am a great admirer of former FIFA referee George Courtney, I had the pleasure and privilege of working with him on many occasions,  visit to see what the seasoned campaigner is up to now in his 77th year.

Half Time

AH at 2018-03-31 13:20:50

Half Time

So far, so good – all is going well for the refereeing team, but we all know that the first 45 is always the more straightforward. ……


AH at 2018-03-31 13:19:18

Yellow CardNow if there is a good time to issue a yellow-card, 1 minute before half-time is it and presents the referee with an opportunity to cement has match control just before interval.  McArthur catches Milner, and at the risk of repeating myself, yet another correct decision – it must be 6-0 or 7-0 to the 3rd team by now.


AH at 2018-03-31 13:15:51

#CRYLIV Now there’s a rarity – Premier League players committing foul-throws, foot up by Alexander-Arnold is correctly recognised and penalised.  The young Liverpool full-back looks confused and perplexed, I am not sure why!  Yet another first-class decision.


AH at 2018-03-31 13:11:25

Yellow Card#CRYLIV  I cannot understand Benteke – can anyone – the referee has just warned you as to your future conduct and you commit a petulant illegal challenge on Van Dyk.  Once again, Neil Swabrick is 100% correct in issuing the caution.



AH at 2018-03-31 13:07:54

#CRYLIV 10 minutes to go to half-time – so far so good for the team in black – can’t recall an incorrect decision so far.


AH at 2018-03-31 13:02:26

#CRYLIV Now it’s 3-0 to the Refereeing Team.  Adam Nunn shows good levels of focus and concentration to correctly rule that Sane was offside and the ‘goal’ is correctly disallowed.  The 3rd team are having a cracking afternoon so far.


AH at 2018-03-31 12:58:44

Yellow CardIn my opinion, full marks to the refereeing team who reached the correct decision in cautioning Mane after contact was made by McArthur in the penalty area.  Once again, they took their time to conclude that the Palace defender’s contact did not cause Mane to fall, and that the Liverpool striker made a meal of it.  Well done guys, 2-0 to the refereeing team after 25 minutes.


AH at 2018-03-31 12:53:56

#CRYLIV The consensus of opinion is that Karius did not ‘endanger the safety’ of Zaha as both players went high in challenging for the ball, also DOGSO does not come into play as there were defenders in the vicinity – we believe yellow to be the correct decision in this case


AH at 2018-03-31 12:49:29

#CRYLIV Now then, let’s open up the debate, did you think that Karius’s challenge on Zaha warranted a greater sanction – let us know by tweeting us here @youaretheref


AH at 2018-03-31 12:45:36

Yellow CardGOAL!All of a sudden the game springs into life as Karius clatters Zaha in the penalty area and Neil Swarbrick, quite correctly, takes his time before awarding the penalty kick, which is duly converted by Milivojevic – game on here in South London


AH at 2018-03-31 12:37:36

In the opening exchanges it would appear that Palace are prepared to sit-back and let the Away Team control proceedings – one for the refereeing team to be aware of.


AH at 2018-03-31 12:34:53

#CRYLIV I am a definite admirer of Neil Swarbrick, I like his low profile manner and he invariably controls the game with a minimum amount of fuss – let’s see how the game goes for him today


AH at 2018-03-31 12:30:08

Here we go, good luck to the Refereeing Team ……..


AH at 2018-03-31 12:26:20

#CRYLIV Neil Swarbrick is the man in charge, Adam Nunn and Adrian Holmes are his wingmen, Kevin Friend has the 4th official duties


AH at 2018-03-31 12:22:53

We welcome your comments on this, and any other refereeing talking points, tweet us @youaretheref, it will be great to hear from you.


AH at 2018-03-31 12:21:23

It’s also time for the refereeing fraternity to step up to the plate and produce consistent and high quality performances.  Yesterday’s Championship Games proved this, with Stuart Attwell having to issue 8 yellow and 2 red cards during the Middlesbrough v Wolves game, and were the 2 red cards issued at Griffin Park fully justified?


AH at 2018-03-31 12:16:37

To coin a phrase, welcome to the ‘Business End’ of the season. This is the time when for every football fan, the results of those around you in the League are as important as your own – every game is vital – I love it !!


AH at 2018-03-31 12:13:34

Welcome to our first RefCam game of the day as Liverpool are the visitors to Selhurst Park

Pre Match

AH at 2018-03-31 12:02:51

#CRYLIV Welcome to RefCam – our coverage will begin at 12.15 – see tuned …….