MH at 2016-10-29 19:34:28

In a pulsating match which everyone will be talking about the two teams lets not forget about the third team the match officials and particularly the referee who i said before this game had been outstanding well!!!!!!!!!!!!! he was OUTSTANDING yet again today. He wasn’t fussy he gave the game a chance and it’s great to see a referee allow physical challenges. His management of the game was outstanding, we had 4 key match incidents in the game all being penalty shouts, 2 for challenges on Zaha, 1 on Benteke and a handball appeal. In my opinion Andre Marriner got all calls absolutely spot on and that comes from going back to the very first few minutes where you get the small decisions right leading to you growing in confidence and that leads into getting the big decisions right. He also displayed strong mental toughness when the crowd were up for the penalty shouts and no-one could argue with his 3 cautions. He was well assisted by his 2 assistants, an excellent day at the office by all.

Just a little reminder don’t forget to put your clock’s back tonight.

MH at 2016-10-29 19:23:28

Full Time

MH at 2016-10-29 19:21:43

Substitute for Liverpool. L19 Mane OFF, L17 Klavan ON

MH at 2016-10-29 19:19:31

A minimum of 4 minutes added time.

MH at 2016-10-29 19:19:02

Substitution for Liverpool. L10 Coutinho OFF, L27 Origi ON

MH at 2016-10-29 19:18:09

To perform at your best whatever sport you are in you need confidence and that is no different for a referee and Andre is full of confidence.

MH at 2016-10-29 19:15:21

Substitution for CP. CP18 McArthur OFF, CP9 Campbell ON.

MH at 2016-10-29 19:14:22

L11 Firmino has to be careful after already being cautioned.

MH at 2016-10-29 19:13:15

It’s good to see a referee managing the player’s and the game and engaging by talking to the players. Just like we have seen with him talking to CP17 Benteke after fouling L32 Matip.

MH at 2016-10-29 19:10:37

Another good decision by Andre not hand ball.

MH at 2016-10-29 19:08:25

Andre has kept a narrow path of control as the game has not been stretched.

MH at 2016-10-29 19:07:06

Correct foul given to Liverpool.

MH at 2016-10-29 19:04:51

Substitution for Liverpool. L5 Wijinaldum ON, L20 LallanaOFF

MH at 2016-10-29 19:03:05

Substitution for CP. CP42 Puncheon ON CP16 Ledley OFF.

MH at 2016-10-29 19:01:38

Yellow CardFor L11 Firmino why do they take their shirts off, he has put himself in trouble. One late challenge and he could be off.


MH at 2016-10-29 19:00:26


MH at 2016-10-29 18:59:49

That’s not a penalty, it’s a coming together between Zaha and Can. Well done Andre.

MH at 2016-10-29 18:57:13

Substitute for CP CP10 Townsend ON CP14 Lee Chung OFF

MH at 2016-10-29 18:53:35

Going back to the 2 penalty incidents Andre was in an excellent position for both calls.

MH at 2016-10-29 18:51:46

Yellow CardCP7 Cabaye for a foul.


MH at 2016-10-29 18:50:59

One on CP11 Zaha not for me gone down far to easy. The challenge on L17 Benteke and i’m not sure on that one so if your not sure you cannot give it. Strong refereeing from Andre despite pressure from the crowd.

MH at 2016-10-29 18:48:28

2 penalty appeals ????

MH at 2016-10-29 18:47:19

Foul correctly awarded to CP.

MH at 2016-10-29 18:46:33

Chance for Benteke to score against his old team.

MH at 2016-10-29 18:45:58

In my opinion CP7 Cabaye challenges L10 Coutinho and tries to jump over catching him accidentally.

MH at 2016-10-29 18:42:39

Andre may have to step up his involvement with this game as the intensity rises.

MH at 2016-10-29 18:41:44

McArthur fouls Liverpool keeper by preventing him throwing the ball out, rather surprised that Andre never cautioned for unsporting behavior preventing the keeper from starting a promising attack.

MH at 2016-10-29 18:38:19

Yellow CardL23 CAN, Cautioned for a foul challenge

MH at 2016-10-29 18:35:32

Careless challenge by CP18 McArthur picked up by Andre.

MH at 2016-10-29 18:33:51

Crystal Palace to get the second half underway.

MH at 2016-10-29 18:21:19

Hope the second half is as good as the first. Well done to Andre and his team for making it as good as it was.

MH at 2016-10-29 18:19:00

Half Time

MH at 2016-10-29 18:16:43

Andre’s recognition of penal offences ie foul non foul has been excellent thus i have not seen one player show any dissent against his decision making. That alone tell’s a story.

MH at 2016-10-29 18:14:44

No chance for the CP keeper.

MH at 2016-10-29 18:14:16


MH at 2016-10-29 18:12:35

If I have once little criticisum of Andre he is just lacking that explosive dynamic sprinting in his game.

MH at 2016-10-29 18:08:05

What a save by the CP keeper could have been 3-2.

MH at 2016-10-29 18:07:23

Correct flag by Assistant Garratt for offside as Benteke makes a move towards the ball.

MH at 2016-10-29 18:05:08

We have had 4 goals, a handful of free kicks that’s because Andre has given the game a chance, he’s allowed it to breath and he hasn’t been over fussy.

MH at 2016-10-29 18:03:54

I did say we were in for a pulsating game.

MH at 2016-10-29 18:03:22


MH at 2016-10-29 18:02:08

Foul to Liverpool’s Moreno correct decision.

MH at 2016-10-29 18:00:27

Andre’s anticipation of play and reading of the game is very good thus getting him into excellent positions and giving him good viewing angles to make correct decisions.

MH at 2016-10-29 17:57:36

It’s very important the officials stay focused and do not switch off as the game is end to end.

MH at 2016-10-29 17:52:57

GOAL!LIVERPOOL L6 Lovren makes up for his mistake by heading Liverpool’s second goal.


MH at 2016-10-29 17:51:37

As normally the intensity rises after a goal.

MH at 2016-10-29 17:50:39

This is where Andre’s concentration levels must be at a high.

MH at 2016-10-29 17:49:53

After a slow start we now have 2 goals in the space of minutes.

MH at 2016-10-29 17:49:09

GOAL!CP18 McArthur after a mistake by Liverpool Lovren.

MH at 2016-10-29 17:47:43

Game just stopped due to a flare being throw onto the pitch.

MH at 2016-10-29 17:46:47



MH at 2016-10-29 17:45:44

The game has got off to a slow start, not making it difficult for the referee at the moment.

MH at 2016-10-29 17:43:07

Pleasing to see Andre not being fussy and allowing physical contact.

MH at 2016-10-29 17:39:00

Andre’s facial expression says it all about that free kick letting the player’s know that it is a free kick.

MH at 2016-10-29 17:38:02

Free kick to Liverpool for holding.

MH at 2016-10-29 17:36:40

That was a tight call by assistant Beck for offside.

MH at 2016-10-29 17:35:27

As a referee it’s important to get the small decisions correct early on even if it’s just a throw.

MH at 2016-10-29 17:34:17

Throw correctly awarded to CP.

MH at 2016-10-29 17:32:11

I would expect this to be a physical encounter so Andre will need to set his tolerance levels high regarding challenges as we don’t want to see cheap cautions.

MH at 2016-10-29 17:30:42

Liverpool to kick off.

MH at 2016-10-29 17:27:10

The players are entering the pitch, great atmosphere.

MH at 2016-10-29 17:25:39

Good evening and welcome to our second ref cam of the day Crystal Palace V Liverpool. If it’s anything like last seasons encounter at Selhurst Park we are in for a pulsating game of football. The game has a bit of added spice for Christain Benteke as he was a Liverpool player last season and will have a point to prove especially to Jurgen Klopp, ironically Benteke was involved in a controversial penalty incident in the dying seconds of that game when referee Andre Marriner waved away Liverpool’s appeal only for assistant Scott Ledger to come in and signal for a penalty which Liverpool duly converted. Incidentally we have the same referee for today’s game, Andre has been involved in some controversial games this season but in his last 2 games Spurs V Man City, Leicester V Chelsea he has been outstanding. He will be assisted by Simon Beck Technical Side, Andy Garratt and 4th Official Paul Tierney. Good luck to the officials for today’s game.