S.M. at 2017-05-14 14:08:38


In the end this game became almost a “walk in the park” for Palace but it could have all been different had two “big” decisions been given. While the Referee has managed the game well, using the “quiet word ” rebuke to assert authority and getting cautionable offences correct, the error in not penalising Zaha for handball (albeit lack of input from the Assistant) and the failure to detect the handball by Puncheon which would have given Hull a penalty kick, has impacted on the Referees overall performance. It’s all very well getting minor decisions correct but today shows just how much importance is placed on getting the “big” decisions right. I don’t think we can say these two poor judgements got Hull relegated from the premier League but for sure they certainly didn’t help.

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S.M. at 2017-05-14 13:52:52

Full Time


S.M. at 2017-05-14 13:52:36

Yellow Cardfor Van Aanholt for jumping into crowd to celebrate goal. Letter of the Law being applied.   Good indication of foul by Clucas. Free-kick awarded and Yellow Card for Clucas.


S.M. at 2017-05-14 13:52:26

Yellow Cardfor Van Aanholt for jumping into crowd to celebrate goal. Letter of the Law being applied.   Good indication of foul by Clucas. Free-kick awarded and Yellow Card for Clucas.


S.M. at 2017-05-14 13:49:46

GOAL! for Van Aanholt

S.M. at 2017-05-14 13:47:05

Palace substitution   Delaney for Tomkins. Silly  foul by Davies on Zaha born out of frustration. Yellow Cardfor Davies.

S.M. at 2017-05-14 13:44:33

N’Diaye clearly impedes his opponent and rightly gets a Yellow CardA clear foul by Dawson on Schlupp and Palace awarded a penalty kick.  Yellow Cardfor Dawson for the offence and GOAL! for Palace.

S.M. at 2017-05-14 13:34:29

The Referee missed a clear foul on McArthur despite being very well positioned and close to play. Very disappointing from an experienced Referee.


This is the point of the game with only15 minutes to go that Hull begin to realise relegation is becoming a reality and this could lead to desperation and an increase in offences. On the other hand the game may just drift to an inevitable conclusion and this is when officials must not let concentration drop.

S.M. at 2017-05-14 13:28:15

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S.M. at 2017-05-14 13:21:48

Palace substitution McArthur for Cabaye

S.M. at 2017-05-14 13:17:47

Fairly obvious that Hull would come out with more aggression and commitment needing three goals and the officials must maintain concentration and awareness at a high ensure control is not threatened. Martin Atkinson’s experience should enable him to still continue to allow as much free-flowing football while understanding the need to manage situations in a sound and sensible manner.

S.M. at 2017-05-14 13:09:47

Hull substitution   Davies for Maguire

S.M. at 2017-05-14 13:08:07

Immediate substitutions for Hull. Maloney for Robertson and Bowen for Rannochia at the start of the second half. Desperate times for Hull so the Officials need to raise awareness  to ensure any frustration is not allowed to escalate into offences and hence more serious disciplinary actions.

S.M. at 2017-05-14 13:02:38

Half-time Summary.

As expected a tough first half not helped by the very early goal. While the Referee has moved into appropriate viewing positions throughout the half and detected most offences, he let himself down when not seeing the handball by Puncheon which would have led to the award of a penalty kick to Hull. This could then have been a crucial opportunity for Hull to get back in the game. Although the Referee was initially in a good viewing for the Hull free-kick, he did not manage to obtain an angled view which would have enabled him to see the handball and hence award the penalty. Unfortunately this was a “big decision” which the Referee did not get correct. With regard to the Zaha “handball”…the Referee would have been unable to detect it due to the Hull defender blocking his view. However, the Assistant was exactly where you would expect him to be and hence he should have been the one to spot and indicate the offence to the Referee. Not only does the Referee need to get the “big” decisions correct, but it is equally as important for the Assistants to do likewise.

S.M. at 2017-05-14 12:49:17

Half Time

S.M. at 2017-05-14 12:43:56

GOAL! 2-0 to Palace with a header from the corner kick. Notice the position of the Referee who has obtained a clear uninterrupted of the goalmouth action.  As usual after a goal is scored the tempo increases but the Referee was fully aware; hence the tackle by Cabaye is correctly punished with a Yellow CardHand ball by Puncheon not detected by referee although he was in a good position to see the offence. Poor decision.

Tackle by Robertson correctly punished with a . This time Puncheon does correctly  get a Yellow Card   As we noted the tempo has increased following the goal; hence cautions sensible.

S.M. at 2017-05-14 12:34:22

A good detection of the hand ball offence. But notice how close the Referee was to the offence.

S.M. at 2017-05-14 12:32:03

A good offside decision by the Assistant which shows that concentration is being maintained at a high level. Certainly in games, particularly of this nature,  Officials can’t afford to “switch off” for a second.

S.M. at 2017-05-14 12:27:45

The Referee working hard to keep close to play and this enabled him to indicate that no offence had been committed when Zaha went to ground. As we always say…. close proximity gives added credibility to decisions

S.M. at 2017-05-14 12:19:24

It was good to see the Referee having a “quiet word” with the offending player after allowing the advantage.  This indicates to players that the Referee hasn’t “missed” the offence and is good practice. An easy spot when Benteke nudges Maguire out of the way. Only a minor offence but again indicates to players that the Referee has a good awareness. Another “quiet word” with N’diaye following a blocking challenge. Nothing getting past the Referee so far which is good to see.

S.M. at 2017-05-14 12:13:01

Good advantage played by the Referee. Experience showing from the Referee to allow play to continue if possible.

S.M. at 2017-05-14 12:11:04

Calm refereeing there as Martin Atkinson waits to see if there would be an advantage to Palace before awarding a free-kick.

S.M. at 2017-05-14 12:09:51

A good response from Hull and Martin Atkinson working hard to keep reasonably close to play.

S.M. at 2017-05-14 12:06:58

The goal will have increased Hull’s tension already; hence the Referee needs to be aware of this.

S.M. at 2017-05-14 12:04:44

Oh dear. Terrible start for Hull. Ranocchia makes a dreadful mistake and we get aGOAL! 1-0 to Palace.

S.M. at 2017-05-14 12:02:03

Hull kick-off in glorious sunshine. Straight away a Hull free-kick.

S.M. at 2017-05-14 11:59:53

Here we go. Premiership survival on the line.

S.M. at 2017-05-14 11:35:27

Good morning and welcome to Ref Cam.  The first game today is the crucial relegation battle between Crystal Palace and Hull City. Pressure is on both teams, but particularly Hull, following Swansea’s win at Sunderland yesterday. Today’s game is now a “must win” for both teams and the officials will need to be on their metal to ensure frustrations which may surface are kept in check. Perhaps as well then that in charge is our most experienced referee – Martin Atkinson. He is well used to handling tough games both at home and abroad and so should have no difficulty in keeping control and not get carried away with the emotions of the game. He will be accompanied by Assistants S.Burt and A.Nunn with Kevin Friend adopting the 4th Official role.