MH at 2016-08-15 22:11:56

Looking back at Anthony’s performance over the 90 minutes you could say there were some inconsistencies within his game, one being his recognition of careless and reckless challenges , his stepped approach of management of the game which I felt could have been better, non other than the challenge of C19 on the WH United keeper which should of resulted in a second yellow card and should of been sent off, this would of infuriated the WH manager as Costa went on to score the winning goal 2 minutes from time and should not of been on the pitch. Having said that it is the first game of the season for him. There were three penalty claims, one of which was given after a foul by WH30, one which wasn’t given, a foul by WH2 which I believe no one would have argued if it had been given but understand why it wasn’t  and the third one was hand ball by WH22 a free kick coming into the box where he made himself bigger by moving his arm out towards the ball and once against WH could have had no complaints if that had been given. His fitness, position and movement was of a high standard. I felt also he could improve on his body language and be a bit more relaxed and pro active in his body language and be more vocal. Team work was of a high standard and Anthony was well supported by his assistants.

MH at 2016-08-15 21:52:50

Chelsea win 2-1.

MH at 2016-08-15 21:52:31

Full Time

MH at 2016-08-15 21:52:03

Good challenge by WH22.

MH at 2016-08-15 21:50:55

Just before that C19 runs into WH defender looking for a penalty no chance.

MH at 2016-08-15 21:50:11

Yellow CardC11, correct caution for a reckless challenge

MH at 2016-08-15 21:49:31

Good refereeing foul to WH, waiting to see if any advantage, no advantage so brought it back.

MH at 2016-08-15 21:48:37

A minimum of 4 minutes added time.

MH at 2016-08-15 21:48:18

The Chelsea manager showing all his emotions at C19’s goal.

MH at 2016-08-15 21:47:21

What a time to get a goal. Great strike no chance for the keeper.

MH at 2016-08-15 21:46:41

GOAL! C19 Great strike from outside the box.

MH at 2016-08-15 21:42:51

Substitution for C, C10 OFF, C15 ON.

MH at 2016-08-15 21:42:21

Foul by C7 he has got to be careful.

MH at 2016-08-15 21:38:13

Correct offside given by Beswick.

MH at 2016-08-15 21:37:28

Substitution for C, C22 OFF, C11 ON.

MH at 2016-08-15 21:36:57

The officials not happy with the WH manager, the 4th official has called the referee across and he has given him a warning.

MH at 2016-08-15 21:36:00

WH9 not happy with the free kick awarded against him. He has a point.

MH at 2016-08-15 21:34:34

Great goal excellent strike by WH19. Game on.

MH at 2016-08-15 21:33:55


MH at 2016-08-15 21:33:22

Correct free kick given but was that hand ball by WH22? He moved his arm away from his body to make himself bigger. Once again I don’t think there would have been any complaints if that had been given.

MH at 2016-08-15 21:28:21

Free kick to Chelsea, foul by WH16 careless trip, correct decision.

MH at 2016-08-15 21:25:20

Foul by C19 on WH keeper, correct free kick given, and this should of resulted in a second yellow card for a reckless challenge and C19 should of been sent off for a second caution.

MH at 2016-08-15 21:23:49

Substitution for WH, WH4 OFF, WH27 ON.

MH at 2016-08-15 21:20:23

Correct free kick given but should that have been a caution for a reckless challenge, compared to what he has cautioned earlier.

MH at 2016-08-15 21:17:50

Correct free kick to WH, foul by C8.

MH at 2016-08-15 21:16:21

Good positioning at corner kicks so that he has got everything in view.

MH at 2016-08-15 21:13:25

Anthony has come out for the second half fully focused.

MH at 2016-08-15 21:10:07

Foul correctly given to Chelsea.

MH at 2016-08-15 21:09:20

Substitution for WH, WH30 OFF, WH22 ON.

MH at 2016-08-15 21:08:51

Before the penalty incident I was going to say that it’s important that Anthony stays fully focused and his concentration levels at a high because Chelsea would have been in his ribs going down the tunnel at half time aggrieved at not getting a penalty in the first half.

MH at 2016-08-15 21:05:52

Yellow CardWH30 for dissent by action, kicking the ball away. Correctly cautioned.


MH at 2016-08-15 21:04:54


MH at 2016-08-15 21:04:20

PENALTY to Chelsea after a foul by WH30 correct decision.

MH at 2016-08-15 21:02:45

WH to get us underway.

MH at 2016-08-15 20:55:11

As I said earlier in these big games you have to set your tolerance levels high and I think we have seen 2 cautions that could of been managed and that is what upsets players when they see incorrect recognition of careless and reckless challenges and foul and non foul. The big talking point is the non award of a penalty after a foul by WH2 on C19, I don’t think WH could have had any complaints if that had been awarded.

MH at 2016-08-15 20:49:45

Was there any difference between the challenge by WH2 on C19 to the one made by WH19 on C19, which WH19 was cautioned ?? in my opinion NO.

MH at 2016-08-15 20:47:35

Half Time


MH at 2016-08-15 20:47:20

Easy save by the WH keeper.

MH at 2016-08-15 20:47:02

A minimum of 2 minutes added time.

MH at 2016-08-15 20:46:37

Foul by WH2 on C19, careless challenge correct free kick.

MH at 2016-08-15 20:44:23

Foul by WH26 on C8, careless challenge.

MH at 2016-08-15 20:43:27

Also squeezing play when needed but not invading the player’s space.

MH at 2016-08-15 20:42:45

Anthony is reading and anticipating play well.

MH at 2016-08-15 20:41:15

The game seems to have settled down a bit now, not as frantic as earlier.

MH at 2016-08-15 20:39:09

Also tune into our site where you can see our guest column featuring Andy Townsend.

MH at 2016-08-15 20:38:00

Remember to tune into our ref show from today talking about the refereeing performances from the weekend.

MH at 2016-08-15 20:34:24

Substitution for WH, WH20 OFF, WH17 ON

MH at 2016-08-15 20:31:36

Good strike by C10 just passed the post.

MH at 2016-08-15 20:29:31

Correct offside given by assistant Beswick.

MH at 2016-08-15 20:27:56

That relax’s the players as well.

MH at 2016-08-15 20:27:22

It seems to me that Anthony’s body language is to tense he needs to relax, just smile a bit and look like you are enjoying it.

MH at 2016-08-15 20:26:11

Foul to Chelsea high boot by WH11.

MH at 2016-08-15 20:24:30

Anthony’s fitness is good and it is getting him into good viewing angles.

MH at 2016-08-15 20:22:27

Clear contact on Chelsea penalty appeal, did the way C19 go to ground make Anthony’s mind up not to give it.

MH at 2016-08-15 20:21:10

Yellow CardWH19 after a foul on C19.


MH at 2016-08-15 20:20:36

Yellow CardC19 for dissent.


MH at 2016-08-15 20:19:36

I think that’s a penalty!!!!!!!!

MH at 2016-08-15 20:16:55

Foul by WH11 on C2 correct decision.

MH at 2016-08-15 20:14:40

C19 not happy after a challenge by a WH defender.

MH at 2016-08-15 20:13:56

I’m not criticising the caution i just felt that he could have managed that with the game being only 2 minutes old.

MH at 2016-08-15 20:09:10

As I said it’s important to set your tolerance levels high in this London derby, I felt that Anthony could of managed that challenge by C7 rather than caution him.

MH at 2016-08-15 20:05:33

Foul by C24 on WH9 correct decision.

MH at 2016-08-15 20:04:57

Yellow CardC7 reckless challenge in the opinion of the referee.


MH at 2016-08-15 20:04:24

Foul by C7 on WH9.

MH at 2016-08-15 20:04:00

Foul by WH19 on C19.

MH at 2016-08-15 20:03:18

It’s important that Anthony judges the tempo of the game early on and also as important is his intolerance levels when player’s are making challenges. If he sets his tolerance to low we will have a hat full of caution’s.

MH at 2016-08-15 20:00:15

Chelsea to get us under way.

MH at 2016-08-15 19:50:43

Good evening and welcome to our final ref cam game of the weekend and what a pulsating encounter we have. It does not seem that football has been away with the Euro’s in the summer. I think it’s brilliant that Antonio Conte has decided to join the Premier League, so with the defensive mindset that the Italian’s have I think West Ham will find it tough to break Chelsea down, let’s see!!!!!!

Tonight’s referee is Anthony Taylor, fresh back from being part of Mark Clattenburg’s team at Euro 2016. I thought Anthony was excellent last season, he has a very important year ahead of him as Martin Atkinson is due to retire from the elite group of referees in UEFA, so there is a chance for Anthony to grab that spot. He is very highly rated so the eyes of UEFA will be watching this game. Anthony will be assisted by Gary Beswick (Technical side), Adam Nunn (far side) and 4th official Michael Oliver. Interesting selection to have Michael Oliver as 4th official as he refereed Arsenal V Liverpool yesterday which was a tough game and Michael did very well. So my question is if anything happens tonight to any of the officials Michael will come on. Now for me he has had no recover time from last night till today. He will be physically and mentally tired. I am sure there are other officials who did not officiate at the weekend who could of been appointed to tonight’s game. Let’s hope he doesn’t have to come on.Let’s hope the ball runs kindly for all our official’s tonight.