Chelsea v West Ham


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Full Time Summary

Kevin Friend and his Assistants did well and can be pleased with their input in to this afternoon’s match.  Kevin will be pleased that there were no key match errors and his decision-making on the whole was very good.  Both Assistants chalked a goal off for offside and replays support their judgement.  All in all, a good day at the office.


  • Decision-Making
  • Player Management
  • Teamwork

Areas for Development

  • Foul recognition (in particular 44th minute challenge by WH26)
  • Advantage
  • Positioning & Movement – central on occasions having to evade play to avoid the ball

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Full Time


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C18 just pushed WH5 to the ground prior to the corner kick being taken.  I am surprised the referee did not caution the Chelsea player for unsporting behaviour.


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A minimum of 5 minutes added time to be played


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Two interesting incidents for the referee – first I think WH16 should have been penalised for a foul on his opponent.  The referee plays on and West Ham claim for a penalty for a foul on WH7, however Kevin Friend makes an excellent decision and correctly plays on.


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West Ham Sub

18 off, 33 on


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Correct free-kick awarded for a foul on WH17 as he is caught on the back of the ankles and tripped


RCT at 2018-04-08 18:09:20

Unnecessary risk taken by the referee there as WH17 was bundled to the ground.  A free-kick to the defence would have been a sensible outcome.


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The last 10 minutes will prove a good test for the officials as both sides appear to want to win the game.  Full concentration, alertness and no ‘soft’ decisions are what is needed here.


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Chelsea Subs

15 Off, 11 On

9 Off, 18 On


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C9 lucky to get a free-kick there for what appeared to be a fair challenge by his opponent.


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West Ham Sub

31 off, 17 on


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The referee is looking a little more labored in his movement, it is important he doesn’t remain too central as the lack of an angle could lead to a mistake.


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West Ham Sub

3 off, 27 on


RCT at 2018-04-08 17:47:06

Chelsea have a second goal disallowed for offside as C9 is penalised for offside.  My first reaction was that the Chelsea player was onside but the replays are inconclusive so AR Lennard gets the benefit of the doubt.


RCT at 2018-04-08 17:42:01

On a couple of occasions the referee has had to take evasive action to get out of the way of play.  This has mainly been because he has been too close and caught a little flat footed instead of being on his toes so he can move backwards quickly.


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Yellow CardWH16 cautioned for unsporting behaviour as he prevents a promising attack with a blatant shirt pull


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Very interesting as prior to kick off, Kevin Friend was speaking to WH26 I suspect about his challenge towards the end of the first half.  I think the referee will have been informed at half-time he missed a yellow card.  Good to see him being proactive there and advising the West Ham player to watch his challenges.

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Kevin Friend gets the second half underway

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Half-Time Summary

Kevin Friend has had a decent first half but he will be disappointed that he did not stop play and award a free kick for what was a reckless challenge by WH26 on C15 towards the end of the first half.  It is incidents like this that can cause flash-points and lead to other disciplinary action for the match officials to deal with.  Fortunately, on this occasion there was little reaction but the referee will not want to miss such an incident again.  The learning point is to keep a trailing eye on challenges after the ball is played.

This incident apart, Kevin has judged challenges well and he has awarded the simple free-kicks when they have arisen.  A little more consideration needs to be given when applying advantage in order to ensure that it is not merely possession.  The referee is moving around the field well and he has controlled the game well so far.

The Assistant Referees have done very well and AR Wilkes made an excellent offside call to rule out a Chelsea goal.

So far, so good on the main, let’s hope the referee continues in this vein for the second half.


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Half Time



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Minimum of 1 minute added time to be played


RCT at 2018-04-08 17:16:22

The referee has played on after a poor challenge by WH26 which should have resulted in a free kick to the home side and the West Ham player should have been cautioned for a reckless challenge.  The referee had a good view of the incident but took his eye off the ball to quick.  It is important to keep a trailing eye to catch any late challenges.


RCT at 2018-04-08 17:12:49

Good flag by AR Lennard for offside and a good advantage by the referee as the goalkeeper collects the ball.  Very good teamwork which results in the game continuing.  The AR has to flag there in order to prevent a potential collision and the West Ham forward was the only away team player who could have got the ball.


RCT at 2018-04-08 17:10:17

WH26 penalised for a challenge on C10.  It did not appear to be a foul challenge and replays show any contact was minimal and would have been best judged as fair.


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The referee correctly decides on that occasion to award the free-kick to West Ham, playing on would have been possession not advantage so the correct decision made.


RCT at 2018-04-08 16:58:56

The referee would have been better advised to have awarded a free-kick to West Ham rather than playing the advantage.  He had two opportunities to give a foul and he took an unnecessary risk with the advantage that did not really pay off.


RCT at 2018-04-08 16:56:04

#CHEWHU Chelsea have a goal disallowed as AR Wilkes makes an excellent decision and correctly judges that C9 was in an offside position before he put the ball in to the goal.  Matt Wilkes is having a superb season and this was another first-class decision.


RCT at 2018-04-08 16:53:19

Referee Friend has read that challenge well as the free-kick goes in favour of West Ham.


RCT at 2018-04-08 16:52:07

Good piece of Assistant Referee by AR Wilkes there.  As the players came towards him, he moved back and towards the goal-line to get an angle to accurately judge any potential challenge and/or the ball and whether it passes out of play.  Assistant Referees also have to gain good viewing angles just like the man in the middle and AR Wilkes did that very well there.


RCT at 2018-04-08 16:45:55

Tactical awareness is important for match officials and it appears that the away team have a deliberate tactic of putting a player on the toes of the goalkeeper at every corner-kick.  It will be interesting to see how the referee manages this.


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WH5 falls to the ground dramatically under a half-hearted challenge from C4.  There did not look to be much contact and replays show that the West Ham player went to ground under no contact.  The first mistake from the referee.


RCT at 2018-04-08 16:41:37

C24 pulled to the ground and the referee once again on the spot to award the free-kick.


RCT at 2018-04-08 16:39:14

The referee is alert from the start, he correctly re-positions the ball at the West Ham corner and then correctly awards a free kick for a foul by WH41 on the Chelsea Goalkeeper #13.  These little things early on set the tone and the players are so far trusting the officials and accepting his decisions.


RCT at 2018-04-08 16:37:38

Kevin is moving well so far and with purpose, he is gaining a good viewing angle for decisions and he correctly awards a corner-kick to West Ham.


RCT at 2018-04-08 16:36:44

First free-kick of the match awarded on the halfway line for a careless trip by C7.

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YATR resident expert @RefereeHalsey pointed out the high tempo that the Manchester Derby was played at yesterday and how the referee failed to slow down the match at times and assert his authority.  Kevin Friend will not want to make that mistake today and spotting the easy free-kicks early on is what is needed here.

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Kevin Friend gets the match underway

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Prior to kick-off there will be a commemoration in memory of the late, great Ray Wilkins.

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Kevin has refereed a total of 28 matches this season to date.  He has issued 58 yellow cards and only dismissed 1 player, that was Liam Cooper in the Championship tie between Cardiff and Leeds.

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This afternoon’s match officials are:

Referee – Kevin Friend

Assistants – Harry Lennard and Matthew Wilkes

Fourth Official – Neil Swarbrick

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Welcome to this afternoon’s ref cam as Chelsea host West Ham in the EPL.