Chelsea v Schalke 04


RCT at 2014-09-17 21:40:18

Thanks for tuning in – and see you next time at You Are The Ref Match-Cam

RCT at 2014-09-17 21:38:17

On a lighter note, does the kit resemble (a) pyjamas or (b) beachwear ???

Full time

RCT at 2014-09-17 21:36:26

In summary, an evening for the Referee which centered around one poor decision and a crucial one at that as this led to the Chelsea goal.  At this level the punishments are harsh for a critical error, and so they should be.  Apart from that, he did “OK”, but is “OK” good enough ?


RCT at 2014-09-17 21:32:41

How many more penal offences for Huntellar ? One more surely and it’s a 2nd caution ?


RCT at 2014-09-17 21:30:42

Yellow CardJustifed caution for Hoger



RCT at 2014-09-17 21:27:46

What’s your overall perception of the Referee’s performance, is this at the standard expected for this level of Competition ?


RCT at 2014-09-17 21:26:04

Better movement by the Referee, penetrating the penalty area as Chelsea push forward …


RCT at 2014-09-17 21:22:25

The referee need to shine for the final 15 – he looks hesitant and needs to “buzz” and impress


RCT at 2014-09-17 21:19:12

Subs can always cause an increase in tempo, keep focussing …


RCT at 2014-09-17 21:14:49

Yellow Cardcaution for Willian, correct decision eventually, we can assume that his colleagues came to his rescue down the comms system


RCT at 2014-09-17 21:12:13

Credible application of the ‘Advantage’clause by the Referee, he has performed well in the 2nd half so far


RCT at 2014-09-17 21:09:47

Will Schalke 04 sit back and “park the bus” as Jose would say  ? Time to be aware of a possible change in tactics Mr. Referee !


RCT at 2014-09-17 21:07:42

Huntelar has already been cautioned, interesting to see the referee issue a ‘public rebuke’


RCT at 2014-09-17 21:05:13

Wow – that will make vast difference – watch  the temperature rise ….


RCT at 2014-09-17 21:03:21

Whoops – removing bracelet after 56 minutes not good I’m afraid – attention to detail at this level is key – one of the AR’s should be concerned


RCT at 2014-09-17 21:00:44

Whoops – removing bracelet after 56 minutes not good I’m afraid – attention to detail at this level is key – one of the AR’s should be concerned


RCT at 2014-09-17 20:55:40

Sorry, I am not a fan of the new kit, since when have we officiated in ‘beachwear’ !!!


RCT at 2014-09-17 20:53:48

The game has gone all “UEFA”, all technical and no physical …….


RCT at 2014-09-17 20:51:35

Second half has started like the first half finished, just a ‘watching brief’ for the Referee

RCT at 2014-09-17 20:45:56

If the Referee has admitted his mistake, as his Assistant colleague, how do you pick him up and encourage him to perform well for the 2nd half ?

RCT at 2014-09-17 20:43:55

What do you think the atmosphere will be like in the Ref’s Dressing Room – discussion re the “free-kick” before the goal ?

RCT at 2014-09-17 20:34:54

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RCT at 2014-09-17 20:34:15

Also, do you think the Additional Assistant Referees should operate on the opposite goal-line ?

Half Time

RCT at 2014-09-17 20:32:44


Let’s discuss the error by the referee in the 11th minute.  Critical errors of this nature mean that, whatever else the referee does for the rest of the game, he can only earn the maximum mark available having committed a Key Match Incident Error.  He could referee out of his skin for the next 45 minutes and be outstanding , but he cannot be awarded above a maximum.

RCT at 2014-09-17 20:28:11

Both teams seem happy to go in at 1-0 …..

RCT at 2014-09-17 20:26:35

The game has gone very quiet from a match control point of view, in fairness it’s what the referee needed ….

RCT at 2014-09-17 20:22:54

What’s Spanish for “should have scored “


RCT at 2014-09-17 20:20:07

35 minutes gone, important to the Refereeing Team that there is no more controversy in the final 10 minutes of this half, back into the dressing room to ‘regroup’

RCT at 2014-09-17 20:17:26

We are always amazed by the lack of urgency in movement of the Assistant Referee’s in UEFA, sometimes it seems more of a “Sunday morning jog” than anything else

RCT at 2014-09-17 20:13:26

The 11th minute error almost seems to have energised the Referee to try and ‘rescue’ the game – he has looked better in the last 15 minutes

RCT at 2014-09-17 20:11:36

A nailed on caution for Boateng, administered with dignity by the Referee

RCT at 2014-09-17 20:08:03

Another good offside indication by the Assistant – well done Sir

RCT at 2014-09-17 20:06:22

We can tell from the Schalke player’s body-language that they are still upset by the referee’s poor decision in the 11th minute which cost them a goal.  The referee needs to work hard to regain some respect from the Away Team

RCT at 2014-09-17 20:03:33

That was a good first intervention by the Far Side Assistant Referee, an accurate non-give on the offside

RCT at 2014-09-17 20:00:37

One of the match control ‘mantras’ is “Safety First Refereeing” – surely the safe thing to do for the referee is to award a defensive free-kick – whatever Mr Bebek does now, the damage is done

RCT at 2014-09-17 19:58:30

That was our first impression in ‘real time’ and the various camera angles have proved this

RCT at 2014-09-17 19:57:26

Sorry Mr Referee – that is a grave error, Fabregas fouled Meyer …

RCT at 2014-09-17 19:56:27

Now – penal offence  prior to the goal ? What do you think ?

RCT at 2014-09-17 19:54:55

The Referee is not “squeezing play” as much as the Premiership Referees, he seems in no rush to get closer to the ball, he is more anticipating play and letting the ball come to him….

RCT at 2014-09-17 19:52:14

“Sidney Sam”, is he is mate of Postman Pat !!!

RCT at 2014-09-17 19:50:52

But he has to manage the “occasion” as well as the game itself

RCT at 2014-09-17 19:49:34

It is always interesting to compare the technical nature of UEFA with the ‘blood and thunder’ of the Premiership, not so much physical work for the Referee …..

RCT at 2014-09-17 19:47:49

There’s an interesting position adapted by the referee, wide of the penalty area !!!

RCT at 2014-09-17 19:45:34

English is the expected language in UEFA, the match officials have to have spoken English, the toss of the coin is always spoken in English …

RCT at 2014-09-17 19:43:50

Mmmmm – not sure about the match officials kit – what do you think ?

RCT at 2014-09-17 19:42:41

What a treat for the 22 mascots, supporting, of course, the Champions League logo on their kit

RCT at 2014-09-17 19:41:15

In addition, all matches HAVE to kick-off together, especially in the final round of the group matches


RCT at 2014-09-17 19:39:58

And the UEFA delegate has his say if the officials fall behind schedule – believe you me …


RCT at 2014-09-17 19:39:09

The timetable on the Match Officials dressing room wall dictates this …….


RCT at 2014-09-17 19:38:17

Champions League always runs to an incredibly strict timetable, governed by UEFA to maximise sponsorship revenue.  Our experience of these games is that events are timed to the second, never mind the minute …

RCT at 2014-09-17 19:35:42

Diego Costa being the key player who Chelsea may use should they need goals

RCT at 2014-09-17 19:34:42

Wow, look at the strength of the Chelsea bench !!!!


RCT at 2014-09-17 19:33:14

So, Drogba starts for Chelsea, his physicality is an interesting additional dimension for the Referee to consider

RCT at 2014-09-17 19:29:40

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RCT at 2014-09-17 19:27:28

Great coverage last night from Rob Harris, let’s see if tonight’s game will bring further interest …

RCT at 2014-09-17 19:25:15

Our Referee this evening is Ivan Bebek, his two assistant referees and two additional assistant referees are all from Croatia

RCT at 2014-09-17 19:21:27

It’s Champions League from Stamford Bridge …

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Hello from ‘You Are The Ref’ ….

Pre Match

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Hi from You Are The Ref – tonight’s game is the Champions League fixture from Stamford Bridge