Chelsea v Hull City


SM at 2017-01-22 19:44:15

Probably a predictable final score given the relative position of the two teams in the League Table. Disappointment for Hull who tried valiantly but the most disappointing thing for me was the performance of the Referee. Neil Swarbrick demonstrated a high standard of fitness and his positioning meant that he was always as close as necessary to play. As I said in the blog being close to play ensures decisions carry a high degree of credibility but this only applies if the decisions are correct. Sadly today we saw major decisions which were incorrect. Two penalty incidents (1 to each team ) which were clear offences. The first one when Pedro was pushed in the back by the Hull defender and the second when Hernandez was clearly tripped by Alonso. Both offenses well inside the penalty area with the Referee well positioned and yet not detected. Additionally Davies was fortunate to get a stern word when his offence warranted what would have been a second yellow card and hence a sending off. Also, Moses clearly puts both hands up in front of him and hence handles the ball when the Hull attacker attempts to cross the ball into the penalty area. Again this offence was not detected.

What could have been a good performance by the Referee was therefore spoiled by major errors which should not occur. Perhaps Neil Swarbrick will reflect on these when he analyses his performance.

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Full Time

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4 minutes of additional time.

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Correct award of free kick following foul by Batshuayi

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GOAL! Goal Chelsea

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What good movement by Assistant Ledger when long ball played down the line.

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Not much help from the Assistant Wilkes with a foul committed under his nose. Poor co-operation this time.

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Another good offside judgement by Assistant Wilkes./

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Absolutely right Simon Jackson. Hernandez was definitely tripped by Alonso.. Could the Assistant have helped ?

SM at 2017-01-22 19:03:38

Hand ball by Moses not given. Both arms up should have been a free kick to Hull.

SM at 2017-01-22 19:01:06

Referee well positioned to judge two hard but fair physical challenges.Good positive flag signal by Assistant Wilkes to indicate corner to Hull.


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Good spot of foul by David Luiz off the ball

Davies departs injured to be replaced by Niasse.


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Good decision by Assistant Ledger that the whole of the ball had not gone out of play for a throw.

SM at 2017-01-22 18:47:18

A tackle from behind by Robertson. Yellow card warranted Yellow Card

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Should that have been a penalty kick to Hull?  Alonso made contact with Hernandez, inside the penalty area, hence should have been a penalty kick to Hull. Oh dear Neil…not a good start to the half.

SM at 2017-01-22 18:39:42

Quite a good half by the Officials with the Referee always looking comfortable and never being too far away from play. However, having said this, the Referee has made two errors. I mentioned his view of the incident where the Hull defender pushed  the Chelsea attacker in the back. From the Referee’s view it probably seemed innocuous and this influenced the Referee’s decision to award nothing more than a corner kick. While the Referee was reasonably close to the incident he had a “narrow” view of the challenge. Had a moved a little wider I am confident he would have viewed the incident differently and awarded Chelsea a penalty kick.  In the incident immediately prior to the goal Hernandez was “backing into” his opponent which the Referee did not spot and hence Cahill then manhandled his opponent.. Nothing was given but twp wrongs do not make a right. The Referee’s choice to have a stern word with Davies could be seen as a “soft” option to assert authority rather than issue a second yellow card.which the offence warranted. It’s great being in the correct position but correct decisions have to be achieved.We’ll see how the second half pans out.

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Half Time

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Good man-management of Costa following his remonstration towards the Referee.

Goal to Chelsea in the 7th minute of added time GOAL!

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Free kick to Chelsea on edge of penalty area for foul by Davies. Player already on a caution so needs to be careful. Referee has stern word with the culprit. .

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9 minutes of additional time due to injury to Mason.


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Correct of award of free kick to Hull and caution for Kante Yellow Card

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Hazard not happy to be dispossessed but the Referee was right on the spot to see the challenge was completely fair.  Good offside flag by Assistant Wilkes enabled the Referee to give a free kick even though the Chelsea player put the ball into the goal.

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Notice haw the Referee has the confidence to maintain a static position in midfield at appropriate times knowing he has the fitness to deal with any quick break.

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Referee looks closely at the challenge by the Hull defender. If the Referee could have had the view of the camera he may well have decided the Hull defender was guilty of a push and hence have awarded a penalty. He did take his time and judged there was not enough deliberate action by the defender, hence a corner kick was awarded. Difficult to disagree from the Referee’s position.

SM at 2017-01-22 17:58:06

A quick break by Chelsea but the Referee introduces a good acceleration to be close to play to penalise Davies for pulling back his opponent and issue a yellow card. Yellow Card Completely warranted.

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Let us have your thoughts throughout the game on You

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Unfortunately Hull’s Mason seems to have come of worse and is receiving attention. The Referee is keeping a close eye on proceedings having a compassionate approach and eventually the Hull player is taken off on a stretcher to be replaced by Meylor.

SM at 2017-01-22 17:43:10

10 minutes gone and Referee has always been well positioned to suit all the phases of play. While play is quite quick, the Referee always appeared calm and controlled. Game quickly stopped when two players are down following a clash of heads at a corner kick. Sensible action taken by the Referee.

SM at 2017-01-22 17:39:07

Another correct free kick this time to Hull following minor offence.  Referee close to both offences , hence high degree of credibility.

SM at 2017-01-22 17:37:29

Good free kick to Chelsea and preventing quick free kick so as to issue caution to Dawson Yellow Card

SM at 2017-01-22 17:36:06

Notice how the Referee drifts towards his Assistant to keep play between both of them. Close proximity can be a preventative as well as adding credibility to nay decision that may be required.

SM at 2017-01-22 17:33:36

We immediately see the Referee using a sideways crablike movement to keep out of the way of play while retaining a view

Good movement by the Referee to keep close to play in dealing with the quick Chelsea counter attack.

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Chelsea get the game underway.

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Good afternoon from the match at Stamford Bridge between Chelsea and Hull City.

Chelsea are already 5 points clear at the top of the league before this game while Hull are second bottom 2 points from safety. A Chelsea win will increase their lead at the top while a Hull victory would move them out of the relegation positions.

The man in control of the match is Neil Swarbrick, assisted by S.Ledger and M.Wilkes with Graham Scott acting as 4th Official