Chelsea v Everton



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#cheeve Here are the main talking points in respect to the officials in this game:

  • The referee took an enormous risk in not awarding a free kick in the opening stages when Diego Costa (C 19) seemed to be the victim of a reckless challenge. But from that point on his tactics seemed to be effective for him.
  • There was a debate about the interpretation of the offside law as to when a player should be penalised for being active in an offside position when he does not touch the ball, for the Chelsea 1st In the end it made no difference to the result!
  • The referee seemed to grow in confidence as the game progressed and came through it comfortably.


There was nothing “flashy” about Robert Madley tonight. He turned in a decent shift and showed a bit of character for doing it his own way in the first half. There did seem to be a few opportunities for him to raise his profile in the early exchanges, but fair play to him he stuck to his guns and the game never got away from him. I personally felt he was fortunate that the first poor challenge on Costa did not spark things off, but is reminded me of an occasion when I received the most frustrating piece of advice ever from an Assessor. I had a similar incident (but at least I gave a free kick), but I decided to keep my tinder dry and did not caution the player, and had no yellow cards in a very quiet game from then on. The Assessor came in after and his opening statement was “In another game that could have caused you a problem …..” and then mentioned it in every section of the report! Well for me, I have always taken the opposite view, I would like to say, “Well Done” Robert Madley, you took a risk and you got away with it! And BTW, you were a lot closer than me to the challenge!

The only other talking point was the first Chelsea goal. The first time I saw it, I thought that Pedro (C 11) was offside and interfering with an opponent by influencing the goalkeeper. This can be debated now, and it clearly did not affect the result anyway, but the law states that a player becomes in active play if they are “clearly attempting to play a ball which is close to him when this action impacts on an opponent”. In my opinion he moved towards the ball and attracted the attention of the goalkeeper enough to “put him off”.

At the end of the day though,  we have seen far worse performance then this from officials in the Premier League this season, so overall this was not a bad day at the office for Mr Madley!

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#cheeve My final summary will follow very shortly.

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Full Time

Chelsea 5 v 0 Everton


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3 added minutes to be played


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Robert Madley looks like he is really enjoying playing all these advantages!


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Another example of the referee’s confidence in this game as he brings the play back for the free kick in the centre after playing advantage and insists it is taken from the correct place. Good to see him keep his standards up.


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#cheleve That “extra” blast on the whistle by the referee for a foul “right in front of the Technical Areas” is a great coaching point. When the referee makes a decision there he needs to be extra decisive to prevent a negative response from those sitting right next to the incident!


GB at 2016-11-05 20:04:29

Sensible refereeing then as that careless challenge went in out on the wing. I have said it is important for the officials not to lower their standards at the end of an “easy” game, but it is also important that they do not over-react either.


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#cheeve Robert Madley’s body language has remained calm and relaxed for the whole game and he has also looked confident with how things have gone. That is so important for the referee to gain the respect of the players. There have still been a few important calls for him to make in this one-sided game and he has kept control and managed it effectively in his own style.


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With 20 minutes to go the need to remain focused is very important for the officials in games like this as there is still a lot of officiating to be done in order not to be talked about at the end. When you have a game so one sided, there should be no reason for the officials to be the centre of attention.


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GOAL! Pedro (C 11)

Chelsea 5 v 0 Everton


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Yellow Card for unsporting behaviour by Gareth Barry (EV 18). Everton need to keep their discipline now. Good decision by Madley not to let that clear unsporting act go unpunished.


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#cheeve A good trailing eye by the referee picked up that block on the Chelsea player off the ball and allowed him to play the advantage – albeit with a delayed signal. Have to say the longer the game goes on the more comfortable the referee is looking.


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GOAL! Eden Hazard (C 10) is on FIRE tonight

It is looking more and more like men against boys now

Chelsea 4 v 0 Everton


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Another safe free kick awarded my Robert Madley there – nothing wrong with that – it is almost as if he has come out in the second half and changed his tactics to keep a tight hold on the game. Good reading of the tempo if that is the case.


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Diego Costa (C 19) was just onside as the flag went up by Marc Perry so it was just as well nothing came from his attempt on goal


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That was the type of safe free kick for that foul on David Luiz (C 30) which I expected the referee to start with in the first half


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Second half under way by Chelsea


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#cheeve I have to say that I thought the referee took an enormous risk in not awarding a free kick in the 6th minute and issuing a caution for the Séamus Coleman (EV 23) challenge on Diego Costa (C 19) which looked reckless to me. The fact that Robert Madley did not even give a free kick could mean that from his much closer position he saw more of the contact with the ball than the cameras showed, but the fact is the player was not in control when he lunged at his opponent. The safe option was to get a grip of the game early with that free kick. To be fair, he has not exactly been playing “catch-up” to regain control after that as the game has been played in pretty good spirit because Everton have more things to worry about than “mixing it”!

A couple of the Chelseas goals have thrown up discussion points as to when is a player in an offside position considered “active” and should therefore be penalised. In my opinion the first goal should not have stood as Pedro (C 11), although not in the goalkeepers line of vision, definitely did enough to put him off as the ball was shot towards the goal. It does not matter if he is “in line with the goal”, it only matters if he affects the player from an offside position.

The 3rd Chelsea gaol was not so clear cut as the player did not make a movement towards the ball.


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Half Time

Chelsea 3 v 0 Everton


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# cheeve GOAL!  Diego Costa (C 19)

Less of a case for the offside Pedro (C 11) to be deamed active with that one as he was attenpting to get out of the way of the ball rather than move to play it. I still think it was a differennt situation for the first one though.

Chelsea 3 v 0 Everton


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Robert Madley is definitely moving around well during this game but he is still lacking that real dynamic sprint


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#CHEEVE Yellow Card for Phil Jagielka (EV 6) for dissent. We did not need the clampdown this season for that to be the correct decision!


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GOAL! Marcos Alonso (C 3)

Not dispute about that one!

Chelsea 2 v 0 Everton


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#cheeve GOAL! Eden Hazard (C 10)

Very difficult for the Assistant then as Pedro (C 11) was offside when the shot came in and moved towards the ball as if to play it. Technically that means he has become active as he has affected the goalkeeper – even though he has not touched it


GB at 2016-11-05 18:46:41

Yellow CardYannick Bolasie (EV 14) reckless challenge. Absolutely vital for referees to get those challenges sorted early in the game but I still think the first yellow has come one reckless challenge too late.


GB at 2016-11-05 18:43:30

The immediate aftermath from that dreadful challenge on Costa has been pretty good by the players to be fair, but I cant see that lasting long in this game


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#cheeve Quiet open session suddenly comes to life with the first foul by Williams and then a reckless challenge right in front of Bobby Madley on Costa right on the edge of the Everton penalty area. The safe thing to do then was to give the free kick and a yellow card to keep the lid on this game

kick off

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Everton to kick off


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#cheeve Robert Madley takes charge of his 8th game at #CFC today, which is not too shabby for week 11. So far he has dished out 39 yellow cards, but has yet to resort to the ultimate sanction in any of his fixtures.

In his early appointments in the EPL, following his full time elevation at the start of the 13/14 season, this referee impressed me with his communication skills and reading of the game, which helped him to “sell” his decisions as he went about building his personal reputation in the top-flight. Having the natural ability and confidence to communicate with the players at this level is obviously extremely important when you are under the spotlight, but no amount of the “gift-of-the-gab” can compensate when the big decisions are called incorrectly, so he will need much more than a silver tongue to get through this one unscathed as he attempts to manage some of the biggest egos in the EPL! I will be interested to see whether his improved fitness and mobility shines through this afternoon as well, which I am sure is down to the extra scrutiny he has been under since he was awarded his FIFA Badge at the beginning of this year. The last time I watched this referee I felt that he still had a long way to go to match the agility of a Clattenburg or Oliver, but if he seriously wants to uplift his position in the UEFA listings, then he needs to start exhibiting the type of energetic mobility demonstrated by his esteemed peers.


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Referee: Robert Madley (RM)

AR1:  Marc Perry (MP)

AR2:  Mick McDonough (SB)

4th Official: Stuart Attwell (SA)

Robert Madley

Here are the starting line-ups for this game:

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13     Thibaut Courtois (C 13)

3       Marcos Alonso (C 3)

7       N’Golo Kante (C 7)

10     Eden Hazard (C 10)

11     Pedro (C 11)

15     Victor Moses (C 15)

19     Diego Costa (C 19)

21     Nemanja Mati? (C 21)

24     Gary Cahill (C 24)

28     César Azpilicueta (C 28)

30     David Luiz (C 30)


1       Asmir Begovi? (C 1)

2       Branislav Ivanovi? (C 2)

8       Oscar (C 8)

23     Michy Batshuayi (C 23)

26     John Terry (C 26)

29     Nathaniel Chalobah (C 29)

34     Ola Aina (C34)




22     Maarten Stekelenburg (EV 22)

5       Ashley Williams (EV 5)

6       Phil Jagielka (EV 6)

8       Ross Barkley (EV 8)

10     Romelu Lukaku (EV 10)

14     Yannick Bolasie (EV 14)

15     Tom Cleverley (EV 15)

18     Gareth Barry (EV 18)

20     Bryan Oviedo (EV 20)

23     Séamus Coleman (EV 23)

25     Ramiro Funes Mori (EV 25)


1       Joel Robles (EV 1)

7       Gerard Deulofeu (EV 7)

11     Kevin Mirallas (EV 11)

12     Aaro Lennon (EV 12)

19     Enner Vallencia (EV 19)

26     Tom Davies (EV 26)

30     Mason Holgate (EV 30)


GB at 2016-11-05 18:23:15

With 4 wins on the bounce behind them, Chelsea appeared to fully merit their position in the top four before a ball was kicked in week 11. And as they sit unbeaten in their last 21 home EPL games at Home against Everton, since a 1-0 loss in November 1994, they could be forgiven for feeling confident about this one. As well as their impressive Home record against Everton, Chelsea have only lost 9 out of the 48 league meetings between the two teams, so the Toffees will know they will need to dig deep to walk away with all the spoils today.

Ronald Koeman is well known for doing his homework though, so I think we can expect his team to be fully charged up and ready to throw the history book along with the form book out of the window, and come out with a cunning plan to turn over The Pensioners in front of their own fans.  Everton’s current form of L, D, D, L, W, actually belies their current position in the League, having racked up another 4 wins in their early fixtures, and with their Manager’s reputation for accepting nothing less than 100% commitment, we could be in for some real fireworks in this one!


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