Burnley v Newcastle United


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I trust you have enjoyed our RefCam tonight. Tomorrow night we have Glasgow Celtic v Bayern Munich in The Champions League with a 7.45pm kick off. Then onto Wednesday night we have Tottenham Hotspur v Real Madrid again in The Champions League with a 7.45pm kick off.

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Full time summaryRCT at 2017-10-30 23:14:03

At half time we discussed the qualities that Mike had shown to date –

He had shown a calmness and cool manner in his decision making accuracy.

Very good arm directional signals and body language.

We have just viewed a slow motion replay of a possible foul in the lead up to the Burnley goal, but in all fairness to Mike he had a great view, it is not a clear foul and he did not have slow motion replay and Newcastle certainly also had time to defend this Burnley attack from a deep position.

Teamwork has been very good with Mike leading on ball out of play situations when he was better placed to lead. This was indicative of good pre match preparation with his team.

He has overall slowed things down when the tempo has risen during this game. Player management throughout  has been first class and he has used his yellow cards to very good effect. The first yellow card being shown just before half time with a shirt pull back offence breaking up a promising move for Newcastle.

Mike has overall demonstrated a natural authority and confidence. He was not influenced at all by the players (as reference my blog and in particular towards the end of game with Joselu) , team officials and spectators remaining mentally alert throughout this high tempo game.

Both Assistants have played their part and judged Mike`s overall level of control, such has been their requirement to keep low level and let Mike lead.

This was a top drawer refereeing performance from Mike and one where we can learn so much from seeing a referee in tip top form.



90+3 = Full timeRCT at 2017-10-30 22:52:49

Full Time

Burnley 1 Newcastle United 0

90+1RCT at 2017-10-30 22:50:58

Mike well placed and close to play to judge that last Burnley attack

90RCT at 2017-10-30 22:49:53

3 minutes of additional time

89RCT at 2017-10-30 22:49:19

Simon Long shows good pace and movement to get towards the goal line as Newcastle attack

87RCT at 2017-10-30 22:47:53

Joselu is rightly penalised for handball and complains to Mike who just gives him the Mike Dean glare. Joselu rightly thinks twice about a further complaint!

86RCT at 2017-10-30 22:45:57

Further breakaway for NEWCASTLE sees Mike showing good pace and movement.

85RCT at 2017-10-30 22:44:29

As Burnley take their time on the throw in Mike will be aware of time delay tactics and add all the additional time required.

83RCT at 2017-10-30 22:43:21

Throw in to Newcastle again positive arm and directional signal seen from Mike – all have demonstrated approved signals.

82RCT at 2017-10-30 22:41:39

Gayle on for Newcastle as they push forward in search of that goal

79RCT at 2017-10-30 22:40:31

As we enter the final 10 minutes of normal time plus additional time. Mike and team will be fully focussed on bringing this game home safely. As Newcastle press for a goal.

78RCT at 2017-10-30 22:38:48

Again Mike is showing good fitness levels as the game moves from end to end

75RCT at 2017-10-30 22:36:55

During the time delay, Mike has continued with his strong positive management of this game. Using his yellow cards to good effect and showing good pace and movement around the field of play.

74RCT at 2017-10-30 22:34:27

Tarkowski Burnley Yellow Cardas the tempo increases following the Burnley goal

73RCT at 2017-10-30 22:33:02


Burnley take the lead Hendrick scores no handball IS A GOOD DECISION


Sorry for the time delay due to a technical faultRCT at 2017-10-30 22:31:33

We are now back underway



RCT at 2017-10-30 22:30:16

In the 61st minute Cork receives a  Yellow Card

51RCT at 2017-10-30 22:11:31

Burnley fk sees Mike using communication skills with players all low key and is probably not noticed by many but is indicative of good man management as he works with the players.

49RCT at 2017-10-30 22:10:01

Gk to Burnley – did you notice that Mike took up a static viewing position as he observed player positions and movements in the penalty area.

47RCT at 2017-10-30 22:07:23

Hendrick offside and is correct from Ian Hussin who takes up a better position

46RCT at 2017-10-30 22:06:08

Diame careless on Cork – fk awarded to Burnley

46RCT at 2017-10-30 22:05:11

Great position from Mike to correctly signal a throw in to Burnley – positive arm signal

Mike signals the kick off to the 2nd half RCT at 2017-10-30 22:03:40

Newcastle kick off.

Half time summaryRCT at 2017-10-30 22:01:56

My summary to half time would be of Mike Dean and Team.

Cool, Composed, Collected, Calm and Courageous.

I have mentioned in my blog of all the basic refereeing attributes that Mike has displayed tonight and when the tempo has risen he has showed a nailed on yellow card just before half time. Mike has risen to the occasion and correctly produced the yellow card.

He has slowed things down when the tempo rose in the 23rd minute.

Signals has been an impressive area as has been Mike`s reading of ball in out of play coupled with his positive and confident body language.

Player respect has also been seen towards Mike and his decision making accuracy.

Simon Long has got all offside decisions correct and supported Mike well.

Ian Hussin has made an in-correct offside judgement and broke up a promising Newcastle attack. The reason for this error of judgement was due to his forward position of some 2 metres out of line with the 2nd rearmost Burnley defender.



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45+1RCT at 2017-10-30 21:48:52

Half Time


45RCT at 2017-10-30 21:48:23

1 minute of additional time

44RCT at 2017-10-30 21:47:49

Yellow CardGudmundsson Burnley for a deliberate shirt pull back on Perez as he moved forward with the ball in his possession.


44RCT at 2017-10-30 21:46:25

Ck to Burnley sees Mike take up the mandatory position.

42RCT at 2017-10-30 21:44:43

Throw in to Newcastle – good positive directional arm signal from Mike.

39RCT at 2017-10-30 21:43:09

Burnley offside – Long ensures correct placement of the ball for the restart of play. Mike has his arm aloft to indicate indirect fk and does not lower until the ball has been played by another player. Basic you may think but key.

38RCT at 2017-10-30 21:41:19

Throw in to Burnley well led by Mike as Simon Long quickly follows – good eye contact between both.

37RCT at 2017-10-30 21:40:16

Hussin signals fk to Burnley – these are areas of play as an Assistant that you need to indicate and support your referee.

35RCT at 2017-10-30 21:39:04

Ian Hussin incorrectly signals Newcastle offside his position was out of line with the 2nd Burnley rearmost defender leaving his judgement incorrect.

34RCT at 2017-10-30 21:36:48

Advantage to Burnley from a midfield area. Correct signal from Mike.

31RCT at 2017-10-30 21:35:39

Quick stoppage as Diame and Hendrick accidently clash. Good reading from Dean as there was initial concern for both players. Always good as a referee to quickly stop play and assess these situations.

31RCT at 2017-10-30 21:33:16

Good non offside flag from Long as he is well placed in line with the 2nd rearmost defender.

29RCT at 2017-10-30 21:31:50

Throw in to Newcastle – Mike just slows things down by ensuring the correct placement.

28RCT at 2017-10-30 21:30:57

Elliott saves the ball close to the goal line with Long quickly getting to the goal line to judge.

27RCT at 2017-10-30 21:29:57

Tempo has slightly risen following the 2 fk awards. Mike will be reading this with his team.

24RCT at 2017-10-30 21:28:39

Further fk as Barnes is fouled. From the fk Simon Long correctly indicates offside with his flag raised in the air and then across the field of play to indicate the correct re start of play.

23RCT at 2017-10-30 21:26:33

Brady careless on Joselu and Mike is seen to say it is a foul and no more. He then moves to the scene, take his time and Joselu gets to his feet.

19RCT at 2017-10-30 21:22:32

As we approach 20 minutes then Mike and his team would be reviewing how things have progressed to date via the comms system. Any areas that they need to be mindful of and certainly a very promising start to build upon.



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15RCT at 2017-10-30 21:18:42

Good anticipation and turn of pace as Mike moves wide in that last Newcastle attack. This is creating the best view / angle.

13RCT at 2017-10-30 21:16:36

Jon Jo Shelvey is wearing strapping on his left hand / arm. This is an area that Mike would have checked pre match.

11RCT at 2017-10-30 21:14:35

Positive throw in signal from Long. Throw ins right under your nose are the hardest to judge. Sometimes a step back and movement slightly away from you helps.

10RCT at 2017-10-30 21:13:03

Claims for hand ball against Hendrick but replays show the ball hit his chest. Again positive body language from Mike as he signals a gk.

9RCT at 2017-10-30 21:11:31

We often talk about free kick awards, but Mike was as well placed as he could have been to shake his head and say no foul.

8RCT at 2017-10-30 21:10:20

Newcastle throw in positive directional arm signal from Mike – Body language looks positive early on.

5RCT at 2017-10-30 21:09:28

Fk to Burnley in front of the Technical Areas did you notice how Mike used his whistle to denote that the challenge was just a bit more and therefore made his whistle talk for him. No further action required.

3RCT at 2017-10-30 21:06:41

Further ck to Burnley sees Mike pick up a deflection from the Newcastle player, indicative of a good position.

2RCT at 2017-10-30 21:05:24

Early ck to Burnley – Simon Long shows a good flag technique signalling the ck

1RCT at 2017-10-30 21:04:00

Early free kick to Burnley – Mike Dean looks calm and composed

Mike Dean`s whistle signals kick offRCT at 2017-10-30 21:02:34

RCT at 2017-10-30 21:02:01

That was magnificently respected a minutes silence for Remembrance day – well done to everyone!

Remembrance DayRCT at 2017-10-30 21:00:28

Minutes silence for Remembrance day – we will remember them.

Kick off is moments awayRCT at 2017-10-30 20:58:43

Michael Dean (born 2 June 1968)

Since his appointment as a Select Group Referee in 2000, Dean has officiated a number of notable matches, including the FA Community Shield and the finals of the FA Cup, Football League Cup and FA Trophy.

Tonight`s Third TeamRCT at 2017-10-30 20:53:52

Tonight`s third team are led by…………

Referee – MIKE DEAN

Assistant Referee 1: Simon Long – Technical Area Touchline

Assistant Referee 2 : Ian Hussin

Fourth official: Lee Mason

SWOT analysisRCT at 2017-10-30 20:52:20

When analysing your Referee and Assistant Referee performance it is key to reflect and carry out a SWOT analysis of your performance. Be honest with yourself and firstly look at the strengths in your performance, what went well, why? where when and how. Then consider your weakness these are areas that you need to improve upon. This is absolute key in looking to improve yourself as a referee. opportunities – what are the opportunities for you as a referee / assistant to progress? and what are the threats to your ambition for example work life balance, personal and commitment?

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MIKE DEAN – REFEREERCT at 2017-10-30 20:43:03

Premier League referees in Week 10 | 28th October 17 – 30th October 17


Taken from Alex Griffiths’ excellent Runners and Riders on YATR Website


View the complete article here

All you need to know about Mike Dean: Matches in 2017/18: 6 (4 on TV) Fourth official appointments in 2017/18: 5 Yellows: 22 Reds: 1

And, while we all know about Joseph Barton, who played for both clubs, and to a lesser extent St Steven Caldwell, too, did you know that penalty-taker extraordinaire and hallowed Clarets legend Peter Noble played 25 games for today’s opposition?

The man who notched 63 goals in 243 Burnley appearances was to become club captain and open a sports shop in the Lancashire town, although he never won a medal to put next to the League Cup winner’s gong he won with underdogs Swindon in 1969.

With Newcastle United FC being put up for sale while arguably over-performing in 7th position, there is no denying the stability enjoyed by the team one place below them, led by the in-demand Sean Dyche.

The clubs are deadlocked on 41 wins each with 19 draws, as if any added lustre were required to sell this televised fixture moved for the benefit of the cameras to a Monday night.

The very first Turf Moor encounter between the two came in 1897 and finished 3-0 to Burnley, while the last ended 1-1 in 2014. In the clubs’ first ever Premier League meeting, Phil Dowd brandished two yellow cards each while George Boyd and Papiss Cisse ensured that the spoils were shared with goals either side of the break.

Veteran Mike Dean takes to the Turf Moor pitch tonight leading the exact same team of officials that presided over Wednesday’s Carabao Cup fourth round clash between Spurs and West Ham.

The Build up – PreviewRCT at 2017-10-30 20:39:57

Welcome to Turf Moor the home of Burnley FC as Burnley and Newcastle United meet for a 8pm UK time kick-off.