Burnley v Manchester City


GB at 2015-03-14 20:44:07

Well …… it was all going so well for Andre, and he was on the verge of finishing a game without his name being in any of the reports in the Sunday papers ….. then that massive decision came along at the end and he was found wanting. Yes it was a very difficult call, but that is what professional referees get paid for and he was ideally placed to give it. And yes it will be sighted as another example of why we should have a video referee in the stand, but how long would that one have taken to sort out I wonder? Sorry Andre, but once again I think you have let yourself down right at the end and you should have had the courage to give that one. The referee’s whole body language was strange when the big decision came along and the fact that there was no yellow card for Pablo Zabaleta (MC 5) was interesting to me as well. Did that suggest that Andre was not really sure if that was simulation or not? If it was not a dive then it was a penalty – end of! So there you have it, another major decision in the penalty area which was 100% wrong – I wonder how that will affect the PGMOL statistics on Monday?



Setting that one decision aside, it was such a pity as until then this was the best game I have seen Andre have so far this season by a country mile. I know it was not a difficult game to control, but he at least looked as if he had a strategy to not go looking for trouble and he kept to it. In comparison to some of the other games this referee has had this season he was right on the edge of walking into the dressing room with his head up high after a job well done, but now all that good work will be forgotten as the only thing everyone will remember is the failure to give the penalty at the end which could have changed the result of the game.



Teamwork was really good tonight and there can be no suggestion that Darren Cann could have helped the referee with the penalty shout at the end.


That’s it for me until next weekend.


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GB at 2015-03-14 20:22:24

My final summary will follow in a few minutes; meanwhile I hope you can join us again tomorrow for more Premier League action:


Manchester United v Tottenham Hotspur at 4:00pm


Then we fly back over to America for New York v New England at 9:00pm


And our Monday night game is Swansea v Liverpool 8:00pm


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There have been a lot of incidents for Keith Hackett to comment upon in his regular blogs this week covering both the positive and negative aspects of refereeing at the top level in both our domestic and international competitions. Michael Oliver’s performance on Monday night was certainly a breath of fresh air and gave the big man a welcome opportunity to praise a performance which was worthy of all the credit it received from everyone who witnessed it.


The events on Wednesday at Stamford bridge on the other hand unfortunately showed the opposite side of the coin, with one of the most respected referees in Europe putting in a performance which resulted in considerable negative feedback, and once again opened the debate for video technology to be used in these high-profile encounters. It can only be a matter of time before such match changing decisions which are clearly wrong can be reviewed so that supporters and pundits alike are not left feeling exasperated. It is a travesty that the law changers put off any opportunity to make advances in this area for at least another year.


Sandwiched between these two blogs was my own piece about the importance of assistants stepping up to the plate when required to make sure referees gets all the help they deserve, in order for the big decisions to be called correctly.


At the end of the Week, Keith’s blogs have highlighted the need for the football authorities to make a stand against deliberate tactics of “mobbing” referees along with a very pragmatic explanation as to why we are a very long way away from have professional referees across the whole of the Football League alongside the Premier League.


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GB at 2015-03-14 20:21:28

Full Time

Burnley 1  v 0  Manchester City

GB at 2015-03-14 20:20:06

I have certainly seen penalties given for challenges like that in the Burnley penalty area.

GB at 2015-03-14 20:19:23

camera angles all over the place and none of them really showed convincingly that was a foul in the penalty area. That said, I was surprised that was not a caution for the City player if AM decided he was guilty of simulation

GB at 2015-03-14 20:17:10

here is the big one

GB at 2015-03-14 20:16:54

minimum of 4 minutes to be added on

GB at 2015-03-14 20:15:44

Just a few minutes to go for the officials to close this one out

GB at 2015-03-14 20:15:17

A quick look down at his watch there by AM – he will be saying to himself “don’t mess this up now” – or words to that effect!

GB at 2015-03-14 20:14:05

All those of you who are still awake out there will have noticed by now that Kevin Friend has been  4th official for this game and not Michael Oliver as originally appointed

GB at 2015-03-14 20:12:14

Good call by AM there it looked like hand ball and had to be given Those were the type of incidents which the referee allowed to go unpunished in the first half so it is good to see him stepping in when required at this stage of the game

GB at 2015-03-14 20:07:48

Another great call then by assistant DC, who did well not to flag for off-side then as the cross went in

GB at 2015-03-14 20:02:26

Nice to see a “quiet word” from the referee to the Burnley defender then. just the type of pro-active style the referee needs to implement from here on in

GB at 2015-03-14 20:00:23

Tempo management has been a topic which we have talked about a lot on youaretheref.com this season and this has the potential to be the classic type of game for AM to show how it is done. He was not in the game in the first half but now he needs to keep a lid on the final 15 minutes of a game which could get very feisty

GB at 2015-03-14 19:58:02

Yellow Card Michael Duff (B 4)


Another case of AM gauging the temperature well for a change and showing charter so as not to let this game slip away from him


GB at 2015-03-14 19:55:44

Great flag by GB – he originally waited to see if  the off-side player was going to get involved then flagged as soon as he needed to. Quality flag work there

GB at 2015-03-14 19:52:49

Going back to the Martin Demichelis (MC 26) challenge which he just got away with in the corner – I think that it was just careless not reckless so we are not looking at a missed red card as he has already been cautioned, but those fouls need to be given or the players will take matters into their own hands

GB at 2015-03-14 19:50:07

That challenge was for GB to signal for but he seemed to follow the ball with his eyes and not keep focussed on the players. Those are the type of incidents which could cause all sorts of problems as this game unfolds

GB at 2015-03-14 19:48:22

I expect to see a completely different refereeing style from here on in

GB at 2015-03-14 19:47:49

Now we have a game on

GB at 2015-03-14 19:47:35

GOAL! George Boyd (B 21)

GB at 2015-03-14 19:46:57

Here we go


Yellow CardMartin Demichelis (MC 26)


Good refereeing! reckless challenge got what it deserved

GB at 2015-03-14 19:45:26

Yellow Card for Ben Mee (B 6)


Well it had to come – but was that really the worst foul we have seen so far.  I have to be fair, I have been urging AM to get involved but that could have been the time for the big public final warning to let everyone know he was still around

GB at 2015-03-14 19:43:33

There was another example of AM not getting involved when he should have done. I have to say this does not look good at the moment. If AM does not raise his game soon the players will take things into there own hands

GB at 2015-03-14 19:42:13

That movement of the arm towards the ball made that a deliberate hand ball and should have been a free kick. AM needs to start getting involved now and make some decisions. If he stays out too much then there could be tears before bedtime!

GB at 2015-03-14 19:40:35

Its ok giving decisions from credible distances in the centre of the field of play but you need to be right on top of things in the penalty areas at the end of quick breaks as well

GB at 2015-03-14 19:38:56

The wide angle view of that quick Man City break there shows the major Achilles heal for this referee (literally?) – because he just dose not have the dynamic sprint in his lock to make him stand out from the crowd.

GB at 2015-03-14 19:36:32

No problem there again. Am right to keep his tinder dry again.


But now the challenges are starting to mount up as we knew they would

GB at 2015-03-14 19:34:31

That was fair enough by AM then. He had a good view of that and it would have been exactly the type of thing which he could have over-reacted to. It remains to be seen if that will work for the rest of the game though. Knowing when to raise your profile is the skill at all levels of refereeing

GB at 2015-03-14 19:31:34

Burnley get the second half under way

GB at 2015-03-14 19:31:00

For those of you who have just joined us for the second half, today’s officials are:

Referee:  Andre Marriner (AM)

AR1: Gary Beswick (GB)

AR2: Darren Cann (DC)

4th Official: Michael Oliver (MO)

GB at 2015-03-14 19:30:22

Not much to talk about on the Twitter feed tonight – anyone out there fancy predicting how this game is likely to go for the referee?

GB at 2015-03-14 19:29:22

In the earlier RefCam game we saw how a referee let all his good work in the first half unravel because he did not realise that he needed to step his game up more rather than continue in the back seat. I hope Andre does not fall into that trap tonight.


The thing to do is think of the second half like it is another game – not the continuation of the first 45 minutes.

GB at 2015-03-14 19:24:38

The Ref Show will be back again next week when our resident experts will be reviewing all the major talking points from this weekend’s Premier League fixtures.


All the previous editions of the Ref Show are still available to view at http://you-are-the-ref.com/yatr-tv/the-ref-show/   so why not take a look later and let us know if you agree with the panel on Twitter @youaretheref or email us at Info@you-are-the-ref.com

GB at 2015-03-14 19:24:13

So far so good for all the officials in this one.

If I was in the dressing room at half time I would be saying to the official’s team to keep the lever just where it is on this one for as long as you can. No need to get too cleaver with the way this game is going at the moment. The most important issue is to remain focussed for when the big decisions come along in the later stages. Nobody even knows they are out there at the moment and there has been no need for them to put their heads above the parapet, so they have done well to stay “out of it” where they can.

Andre will have to be very aware when things start to liven up, as they certainly will in the second half whoever scores, or the longer it goes without City getting ahead.

Any referee can look good when they have nothing to do, the trick is keeping your head when the action suddenly explodes from nowhere.

The only thing Andre needs to be conscious about at the moment is his attitude towards those little pushes by the players – he won’t be able to keep ignoring them all the time or he will lose the confidence of the players.

Keep it up lads – its all going very well for you at the moment.

GB at 2015-03-14 19:16:29

Half Time


Burnley 0  v 0  Manchester City

GB at 2015-03-14 19:15:57

Consistency is the word which comes to mind as the players question the lack of free kick for a push by Vincent Kompany (MC 4) then. They cant have it both ways though. AM has let a lot of those little ones go both ways and just picked out the ones to call in the critical areas

GB at 2015-03-14 19:12:33

The first game in this game is obviously going to be very significant. If it was to go to Burnley then I expect the tempo and temperature of the game to change dramatically.

GB at 2015-03-14 19:11:13

Very important free kick there in the Burnley penalty area. Just the type of offence I warned AM not to ignore earlier

GB at 2015-03-14 19:10:30

City look they are playing within themselves at the moment and could step it up at any minute

GB at 2015-03-14 19:08:45

The replay a few minutes ago of the ball hitting the City player’s hand in the penalty area was a great example for those who think that it must be a free kick every time the ball hits the hand. NO. The act of playing the ball with the hand or arm must be deliberate and the officials definitely got that one correct that there was no offence

GB at 2015-03-14 19:07:21

That was a good example of how you can manage situations if the temperature of the game allows it. That holding challenge may have been a yellow card in a blood-and-guts game, but AM did well on this occasion to just warn the player as to his future conduct

GB at 2015-03-14 19:04:39

Great decision by GB there  – not off-side

GB at 2015-03-14 19:02:48

Looked like a big “push-off” by a City player in the penalty area there. AM need to ensure he does not get complacent in this game.

GB at 2015-03-14 19:00:30

Good “non-flag” by GB then as an off-side player for Man City did not get involved with the play

GB at 2015-03-14 18:59:25

I will be AMAZED if the whole of the ball crossed the touch-line there in frotn of DC

GB at 2015-03-14 18:57:35

Not much in that free-kick to Burnley – no signal from GB either who was well placed. I hope AM does not go looking for things yet as the game is so quiet and does not need to officials to intervene just now

GB at 2015-03-14 18:55:52

Good eye-contact displayed there between the officials with a throw-in on the halfway line. You can have as many pieces of communication equipment for the officials as you like but nothing works as well and is as reliable as a good old-fashioned look at each other.

GB at 2015-03-14 18:51:23

Another little nudge in the back which AM chooses to ignore. All very well to be consistent but clear breaches in the laws need to be recognised and acted upon – even the odd little ones

GB at 2015-03-14 18:48:09

I have to say that AM looks to be a lot more confident in this game that the two previous occasions I have seen him this season. A long way to go yet though!

GB at 2015-03-14 18:47:10

Important call there my AM who spotted the deflection for a corner. AM well placed to spot that one

GB at 2015-03-14 18:44:20

The officials will all be happy with their early involvement. Andre needs to be the one to decide if he can keep this low-key style for much longer. It is certainly working for him at the moment

GB at 2015-03-14 18:42:33

10 minutes gone and already this looks like it could be a lively encounter for the officials. The atmosphere of the crowd is certainly electric


GB at 2015-03-14 18:41:12

Big shout for hand-ball there. DC would have had a great sight of that and nice to see no reaction from the players. Great Call!


GB at 2015-03-14 18:39:40

First sign of the players testing the referee with that slightly raised arm I am pleased the AM did not over-react to that.


GB at 2015-03-14 18:38:40

There was a chance for AM to play an advantage then. No need to raise his profile in this game yet so he could have let that one go.


GB at 2015-03-14 18:35:43

Good to see GB having a good look down at the player’s feet then as he took the throw-in. I like to see the basics being carried out properly.


GB at 2015-03-14 18:33:49

Andre may be showing his hand early by letting that little nudge in the back go un-punished


GB at 2015-03-14 18:32:52

AR1: Gary Beswick (GB) is patrolling the touchline in front of the technical areas.

GB at 2015-03-14 18:32:00

And a very early off-side call. Good to see the officials hitting the ground running


GB at 2015-03-14 18:31:20

free kick in under two seconds – could that be an omen?


GB at 2015-03-14 18:30:30

Burnley  won the toss so it will be Manchester City to kick off.

Good luck to all the officials and may the ball run kindly for you!

Feel free to interact with me during the game by joining in on Twitter @youaretheref or e-mail at info@you-are-the-ref.com

GB at 2015-03-14 18:27:45

Everyone is looking very relaxed at the moment!

GB at 2015-03-14 18:25:47

Not long to go now as the players and officials are in the tunnel


GB at 2015-03-14 18:23:05

Thanks to Glenn for keeping the seat warm at lunchtime for the game at Selhurst Park in which it appeared the referee’s performance unravelled in the second half due to a lack of concentration or conviction? I haven’t seen any pictures yet but it also seems like the referee had his hands full at Leicester as well. Lets hope for a better show from the officials in this one but if you have been out today and seen an official do something particularly good or bad, get your comments up on our Twitter page @youaretheref .


GB at 2015-03-14 18:19:20

This week also sees the start of a new regular feature called “Runners and Riders” at http://you-are-the-ref.com/runners-and-riders-a-look-at-whos-reffing-who-for-week-29-by-jason-pettigrove/ providing a full list of all the Premier League match official’s appointments each week, which we hope you will find interesting and informative whether you are regularly logging in as an official or a football fan.


GB at 2015-03-14 18:17:40

Today’s Assistants:

With two “in-form” assistants on duty today I am looking forward to seeing some quality teamwork being displayed.


Some of you may have seen the clip which went viral on YouTube of Darren Cann sprinting across the field of play as the crowd invaded the pitch at the end of the Aston Villa v WBA quarter-final last week https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1Ppj-kjZo8 . I made the comment on Twitter at the time that the great thing about this was to see that Darren was running towards the referee, rather than making a bee-line for the tunnel in the corner – quality teamwork Darren!


4th Official:

If things start to go pear-shaped today for Andre, he could do a lot worse than look towards his 4th Official for inspiration as Michael Oliver takes a well-earned rest on the side-line today, following his magnificent performance at Old Trafford on Monday night.


GB at 2015-03-14 18:15:47

Today’s officials are:

Referee:  Andre Marriner (AM)

AR1: Gary Beswick (GB)

AR2: Darren Cann (DC)

4th Official: Michael Oliver (MO)


It would be fair to say that Andre has blown both hot and cold so far this season and has needed to work hard to restore his reputation following his last game involving Manchester City back in December.  Since then he has managed to keep relatively clear of any major controversy – apart from a couple of red cards missed in the Liverpool v Swansea game at the end of the year.


Knowing Andre as I do, he will be desperate to put in a decent shift today as he has proved in the past to have the potential to perform much better that he did in the two games I have mentioned above, so he needs to dig deep for this vitally important game for both sides and show the world what he is capable of.


This will be Andre’s 14th Premier League middle this season and so far issued 53 yellow cards but has still not applied the ultimate sanction.


GB at 2015-03-14 18:11:52

Burnley are not quite looking over the edge of the cliff yet, but with only 10 games to go, including the next four being against teams in the race for a Champion’s League place, they will need to really start turning things around now if they are not to become one of the also-rans by Easter.  That said, this could be a good time for Burnley to play Manchester City as there are sure to be a few eyes on the clash with Barcelona coming up midweek. Their current form does not make very pleasant reading for their supporters at all though:



Manchester City on the other hand have by no means given up the chase to overtake Chelsea for the title yet, and will be looking at this game as an opportunity to keep the pressure on the only team above them as there are no more “6 pointers” left between the two main title contenders. City could get  to within 2 points of Chelsea at the end of this game, but their current Away form shows that they have won only one of their last three away games:




Looking back at the history of this match at Turf Moor, the teams have only met once before here in the Premier league, but have crossed swords 43 times in various league encounters since 1897. Burnley hold the honours on their own cabbage patch with 20 wins to Manchester City’s 12 and there have been 11 draws.  Taking all League games into consideration home and away, Manchester City have 36 wins to Burnley’s 27, and there have been 24 draws.


The reverse fixture this season was refereed by Kevin Friend on 28th December and ended in a 2 – 2 draw with Burnley coming back from 2 – 0 down.  4 Man City players were cautioned to Burnley’s 1 in that game. There was a question of off-side about Burnley’s first goal and Pellegrini pointed towards the heavy playing surface for excuses for his teams capitulation, but at the end of the day Burnley proved to be more “up-for-it” that their opponents over the festive period and their Manager will be looking for them to take it one step further today.

GB at 2015-03-14 18:10:02

It is back to the day job for both sets of players today following their enforced break last weekend due to the FA Cup and I expect Burnley at least will have appreciated the opportunity to put in some extra preparation for this very important game at both ends of the Premier League Table.


GB at 2015-03-14 18:09:10

20 minutes to go before KO and welcome to this evening’s live RefCam coverage of the Premier League game between Burnley and Manchester City. Feel free to interact with me during the game by joining in on Twitter @youaretheref or e-mail at info@you-are-the-ref.com