Burnley v Manchester City


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Thanks for tuning in. Come back to us later today as Mark Halsey will give his expert opinion on Arsenal v Everton, kick-off 5.30pm UK time. Bye for now …..

Full Time

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Whereas there can be little doubt that the game was controlled from start to finish by a very experienced referee, there is some debate as to whether Martin Atkinson was over-lenient with players who, possibly, should have received a second caution.

Whilst there is some debate as to Jack Cork’s situation, my opinion is that Kevin Long’s second challenge was both reckless and prevented a possible goal-scoring opportunity, and was worthy of a second yellow card. Was the referee recognising the tempo of the game in his decision making, or is it a nailed-on yellow, whatever the state of the game

In the interests of balance however, match control was never in doubt for the referee, assisted by first-class awareness of his positional sense.

Full time

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Full Time Honours even here at Turf Moor, summary to follow ……..


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What’s your guestimate on the amount of added time, I’m going for 3 minutes …


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GOAL! Gudmundsson catches Karl Walker asleep on the far-post and equalisers with aplomb.  Game-on, we are in for a belting finish …..


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Once again Martin Atkinson is ideally placed to make key calls in and around the penalty area – faultless positioning from the experienced Yorkshireman.


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10 minutes remaining for the refereeing team to see this game safely home – keep the focus gents, it’s still only 0-1


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Yellow CardMee, correctly so, joins the ever increasing numbers on a yellow card – once again Martin Atkinson had no option following the cynical challenge by the Burnley centre-half


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#burnleycity As Burnley break and Ederson makes a spectacular save – did you notice Martin Atkinson’s position, ideally placed just inside the penalty area, to firstly judge the restart and secondly to calm the players – great refereeing!


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#burnleycity We have 5 matches for you over this weekend, Mark Halsey will give his expert opinion on Arsenal v Everton later on today, kick-off 5.30pm UK time


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Yellow Card#burnleycity Gundogan’s challenge is reckless and there can be little doubt that that deserved, and duly received, a yellow for his troubles


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Now then – surely a second yellow for Kevin Long for that challenge – I am mystified as to why not ? What’s your thoughts refereeing friends – tweet us here @youaretheref


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#burnleycity Here’s a thought – do you think the Premier League will take any action against Manchester City for only naming 6 substitutes?  Is it purely their decision, or could this be viewed as City being disrespectful to Burnley and the Competition.  Let us know your thoughts by tweeting us here @youaretheref


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It is very quiet on twitter this afternoon – please let us have your thoughts on any refereeing matter – VAR included – by tweeting us here @youaretheref


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Here we go for what is invariably the more difficult 45 minutes – let’s see how this game pans out …..

Half Time

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Half Time

As always, some great articles on our website for your half-time reading. VAR dominating the pages, and quite rightly so, with much confusion over many aspects of it’s use – see http://you-are-the-ref.com/can-yellow-reviewed-changed-red-var/ for one example

Half Time

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Half Time

#burnleycity So here’s the half-time debate.  Did Martin Atkinson miss an earlier caution for Jack Cork, and therefore should he now no longer be on the field of play having received a caution subsequent to this.  Counter this with the thought that Cork would not have committed the cynical pull on De Bruyne if he had been cautioned?  What’s your thoughts on this – let us know by tweeting us here @youaretheref.



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4 added minutes at the end of the first-half, with City totally dominant as we move towards half-time …..


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Yellow CardJack Cork becomes the second recipient, his cynical pull clearly preventing City from developing a promising attack. Maybe he got away with the first one, he “took one for the team” with that one …….


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Yellow CardNo debate on that occasion as Long becomes the first recipient of a yellow-card for the day, his challenge was reckless


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#burnleycity My worldly-wise colleague and good friend Mark Halsey has just commented that he believes that Cork should have been cautioned for his offence against Sterling – what do you think?  I wonder if Martin Atkinson took into account the low-key tempo of the game when deciding not to caution, or is it a caution anyway? Let us know your thoughts here @youaretheref


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What’s your opinion on the game so far, let us know, contact us on Twitter @youaretheref or email us at Info@you-are-the-ref.com.


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#burnleycity @youaretheref In my opinion Martin Atkinson did well then, delaying his free-kick award to see if Sterling could escape the clutches of Jack Cork and stopping play as soon as he recognised that no advantage was going to accrue.  Did you also note his position, he could not have been better placed!


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GOAL! That’s just what we needed – Danilo curves in a thing of beauty from outside the penalty area to give the Away Team the lead


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#burnleycity @youaretheref 20 minutes gone and it’s all very quiet for the match officials so far.  it is often the case that the lunchtime games are slow to come to life, but I think this one is still having it’s breakfast!  Just 2 penal offences and 1 shot on target so far ….


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#burnleycity @youaretheref More disruption to the flow of the game as Pope and Kompany collide; the locals are becoming restless – wait until VAR comes into the Premier League !!!


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#burnleycity @youaretheref Have you noticed the Burnley forwards pressing Ederson when he has the ball, thus making life a little more complex for Assistant Lee Betts in terms of remaining with City’s 2nd rear most defender


AH at 2018-02-03 13:39:42

It’s been a strangely disjointed game so far, no distinct patterns of play, the game has not yet ‘settled down’, therefore not allowing Martin to establish his patrol pattern


AH at 2018-02-03 13:37:18

The referee was coming under pressure to halt the game as Ashley Barnes lay injured, but it is not his perogative to do so, unless he believes the players are seriously injured or in danger, which was not the case here


AH at 2018-02-03 13:34:34

Great to see the match officials supporting black-arm bands for the game, I assume in memory of former Premier League Referee Paul Alcock was passed away recently.


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Here we go – good luck to the 3rd team on the field of play – may the ball run kindly for them!


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Martin Atkinson has refereed three Burnley games this season (a win, a draw and a defeat) and one City fixture, their 1-0 win at Stamford Bridge in September.


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One of the Premier League’s most experienced referees, Martin Atkinson, is the man in charge for this game, Peter Kirkup  and Lee Betts provide the on the field support, Jon Moss has the 4th official duties.


AH at 2018-02-03 13:22:42

#burnleycity @youaretheref This is strange, City have chosen only to name 6 of their 7 permitted substitutes – what, haven’t they got enough players on the books – what an opportunity missed to give valuable experience to one the youth team players, surely?


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My colleagues here at You Are The Ref having provided some fascinating pre-match facts for today’s game – enjoy:

New signings Aymeric Laporte, number 14, and Aaron Lennon, number 25, could well face each other in this lunchtime kick-off rescheduled for the cameras at Turf Moor. It’s game 97 between the clubs and the first one ever ended 3-1 to the Clarets in Division Two back in October, 1897.

City have already won twice against Burnley by three clear goals at the Etihad this season, but the last meeting at Turf Moor, which took place in November, 2016, ended in a slightly less emphatic winning margin, with Dean Marney’s goal being overtaken by two from Sergio Aguero. Andre Marriner showed a yellow card to Marney, Matt Lowton, Nicolas Otamendi, Nolito and Aguero that day.

While ex-Evertonians Lennon and John Stones missed each other in their Goodison spells, Belgian international team-mates Steven Defour and Kevin de Bruyne will again be reunited, having both played for Genk between 2005 and 2006.



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I always used to enjoy officiating at Turf Moor, it was something about the ‘old school charm’ of the place, and I have also heard it described as a ‘proper’ football ground, a description which fits the bill for me.  The fans sit very close to the pitch in the main stand, which adds to the atmosphere.


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#burnleycity Welcome to Turf Moor for the first of our weekend games here on RefCam @youaretheref.  Runaway leaders Manchester City make the short trip to face their Lancashire rivals, kick-off at 12.30.


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#burnleycity Thanks for tuning in – our coverage of the game will start at 12.10 UK time  ……. go and get yourself a cuppa ……..