Bournemouth v Arsenal


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Thanks for tuning in and stay with us for our coverage of Chelsea v Manchester United (the ‘Jose’ derby?) which kicks-off at 4pm, with Michael Oliver in charge and former FIFA Assistant Referee Guy Beale providing the expert analysis.

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There are many attributes to admire with regard to Kevin Friend’s refereeing, in particular his fitness, movement and positioning and overall recognition of penal offences, but his sanction judgements were no where near the required standard.

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His decision not to caution Giroud, if not exactly game changing, was still an error which should not be occurring at this elite level.


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So, two poor decisions cloud Kevin Friend’s refereeing performance this afternoon, the game changing one in the 8th minute not to dismiss Flamini was a significant error which must come to the attention of the PGMO hierarchy when considering the appointments for next weekend.



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It’s been one of those days – AFCB are destined not to score today …


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Bournemouth supporter AFCB Rob @rdw4591 has tweeted his displeasure with the hashtag #BigTeamBias. I do not honestly believe that our senior officials do favour the big teams, but what do you think, what are your thoughts on this – let us know by tweeting us @youaretheref.


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The ‘bus-parking’ continues as Arsenal bring on defensive specialist Gibbs for the final 8 minutes


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With 10 minutes to go, there is an almost inevitability about the outcome as Arsenal retain their control. Kevin Friend is also in control, but 2 costly errors, one in either half, could easily have threatened his overall control of the game.


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Neil Swarbrick having a technical issue with the substitution board, I didn’t see #20 appear indicating Afobe’s number ….


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A distinct pattern to the game now, Arsenal seem happy with what they have and are prepared to let Bournemouth come to them to catch them on the break – it would not surprise me to see a 3rd goal for the Gunners


RCT at 2016-02-07 15:48:24

There is a basic refereeing edict at any level which says “give what is expected”, surely the expectation was that Giroud should have received a caution, so why risk match control by being lenient ?


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Giroud fortunate not to be issued with a yellow card for his half-way line challenge, surely that was reckless, it was certainly cynical – not clear thinking on this occasion by the referee


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Once again. good fitness, positioning and movement from the referee as play moves swiftly from one end to the other.


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The neutral’s watching (and the Leicester City fans) will be enjoying the positive start made by the Home Team to the second half


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So, the mental challenge for Kevin Friend is to forget his first half error and focus on the remaining 45 minutes, not an easy thing to do when the incident will have been in the spotlight during the half-time interval …

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Half TimeYou Are The Ref director and former FIFA Referee Keith Hackett sums up the incident our Twitter feed “lucky to stay on” ….

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Select group referees (in fact referee’s at all levels) are judged on their judgement with regard to key incidents, and there is no way that Kevin Friend should have not judged that correctly, bearing his mind his positioning to view Flamini’s challenge


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This is a shame for referee Kevin Friend who has basically made one mistake in 45+ minutes, but it’s a mistake which, in reality, is game changing as Arsenal’s midfield dominance is crucial ….

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RCT at 2016-02-07 15:21:24

Half Time

Further half-time reviews of the 8th minute incident and we conclude that, on this occasion, Flamini’s challenge on Gosling was more than reckless, and was in fact dangerous.  Flamini was not in control of his actions and his challenge, in law, “endangered the safety of his opponent”, which should have received the ultimate sanction of a red card.

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Half Time

Half-time, and it looks like 44 minutes and 1 minute of madness have been the feature of Kevin Friend’s performance so far ….


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I can’t but keep going back to the non red card for Flamina (8th minute) in terms of how the referee’s decision has influenced the game …


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Arsenal are in total control here and will be prepared to see the game out until half-time by playing “keep ball” …


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So, here’s the question – Kevin Friend decides that Flamini’s 8th minute challenge is yellow and not red, Arsenal, still with 11 on the field, dominate midfield and are 2 goals to the good as we approach the 30 minute mark – was he right ?


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World class goal-keeping by Cech keeps Arsenal’s 2 goal cushion …..


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GOAL! It’s rainiing goals on the South Coast, Oxlade-Chamberlain fires in a second in the space of 60 seconds which his Dad Mark would have been proud of ….



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GOAL! Ozil rifles one home from close range to open the scoring, with a good ‘non-offside’ judgement in the build up …


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Good, solid offside decision by Peter Kirkup – he has had no input into proceedings for the first 20 minutes, good focus and concentration from the experienced Assistant Referee


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Good positioning once again as the referee judges that the challenge by Arter was not illegal – he is not being swayed by the Home fans and players


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Did the fact that Flamini’s challenge occurred so early in the game (8th minute) play a part in the referee’s decision making – we know it shouldn’t but …..

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@CMcLaughlin14 has a view … “Kevin Friend already got a big big decision wrong. @Arsenal should be down to 10 men. Two footed, dangerous.”


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The question which requires answering here is did Famini’s challenge on Gosling “endanger the safety of his opponent”. Kevin Friend thought not, but what do you think –  let us know, contact us on Twitter @youaretheref


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Yellow CardFully justified yellow card for Flamani, some debate as to the colour of the card though …….



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Worth noticing how Kevin Friend is adopting a good ‘wide’ patrol path, in the inside left’ channel …


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5 gone and no dramas so far for the refereeing team …


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Here we go …… let’s hope the wind does not affect the game …

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The refereeing team for this afternoon are led by Kevin Friend, with the experienced Dave Bryn and Peter Kirkup ‘running the line’.  Neil Swarbrick has the 4th official duties.


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By the way – for the anoraks amongst you, this is the first competitive tie played by Arsenal at Bournemouth, this has never happened before.


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We are always keen to hear from you on Twitter, good or bad re the match officials, so keep your tweets coming in throughout the game, Ken Stephenson @RedSteva did so yesterday with the comment ”A shocking inconsistent performance from Lee Mason at Newcastle”, thoughts echoed by other contributors to out twitter feed


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Both teams will be looking for all 3 points for totally opposite reasons, with Leicester City’s rise and rise continuing to be ‘the’ talking point this season – a win for Arsenal today keeps them within 5 points of the high flying Midlands outfit.



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Welcome to the Vitality Stadium, Dean Court, for this afternoon’s intriguing Premiership fixture between Bournemouth and Arsenal.