Aston Villa v Manchester City


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Stay tuned to us here at You Are The Ref for our Refcam coverage of the North London derby from the Emirates, with Mark Halsey providing the expert commentary – over to you Mark.

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You Are The Ref’s Alan Biggs @AlanBiggs1 calls it right on Twitter by praising Craig Pawson for a sound and solid display, a great all round performance to bring the game to a safe and successful conclusion.


RCT at 2015-11-08 16:18:30

Gestede would have been as popular in Manchester as Delph is in Birmingham !


RCT at 2015-11-08 16:16:48

Nothing – I guess however that a defensive free-kick may well have been the next decision of required …. and the referee did well to call the captain;s together having calmed the players from both teams


RCT at 2015-11-08 16:15:10

Well – what can Craig Pawson do in that situation but award the corner-kick …


RCT at 2015-11-08 16:14:03

4 to go, plus added time, the refereeing team will be on the microphones, keep focussed ….


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Our RefCam coverage continues after this game, with Mark Halsey providing the expert comment for the North London derby – stay tuned with us here at You Are The Ref …


RCT at 2015-11-08 16:05:26

I think @GeorgePigeon84 on twitter agrees with me !


RCT at 2015-11-08 16:03:45

The first piece of poor offiiciating by the team today, Andy Halliday, incorrectly, gave the original throw-in to Villa but did not insist on Villa taking the throw, allowing City to throw the ball in and then he gave a foul-throw ! Poor communication from an Assistant at this level.


RCT at 2015-11-08 15:58:43

Great officiating by Marc Perry on the far-side line, no offside and no penal offence in the space of 10 seconds …


RCT at 2015-11-08 15:55:55

We approach the final quarter of the game – still things are going well …..


RCT at 2015-11-08 15:51:44

Surely Cit’s pressure must tell soon …


RCT at 2015-11-08 15:44:09

Positioning, stamina, fitness, all top draw from Craig as the game increases in speed and intensity


RCT at 2015-11-08 15:41:51

That was a world class save by Guzan, although Sterling should have headed it downwards …


RCT at 2015-11-08 15:39:48

Another accurate decision by the Refereeing team – a clear offence by Gueye

RCT at 2015-11-08 15:36:08

A Home Team goal would be ideal from a neutral point of view, but I suspect that City may take the lead within before too long …


RCT at 2015-11-08 15:32:57

A key 10 minutes is under way …

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As well as our coverage of this game, we have 2 more games at RefCam today.  The North London derby between Arsenal and Tottenham kicks-off at 4pm UK time with expert comments from Mark Halsey, and we have a bonus game from the MLS Conference this evening, namely the Eastern Conference semi-final between Columbus and Montreal which kicks off at 10pm UK time.

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However, those are only my thoughts, let us know your thoughts by tweeting us @youaretheref.


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So, in my opinion a very good half for Craig Pawson and his team.  Just 2 key incidents in the opening 45 minutes, both within a minute of each other which illustrates how focussed our top officials need to be.  No penalty as Sterling fell in the 38th minute and Otamendi deserved his caution one minute later for the outcome of his challenge, even though no contact was made.



RCT at 2015-11-08 15:13:47

My thoughts are yes, don’t forget that contact is not a requirement for an offence to have been committed, it’s the actions of the defender and what was the outcome of his challenge ….


RCT at 2015-11-08 15:11:21

Yellow CardCaution for Otamendii – justified or not ?

RCT at 2015-11-08 15:10:13

By the same toke, there was some contact, therefore no caution for simulation, correct decision all round …


RCT at 2015-11-08 15:08:59

Correct decision by Craig Pawson – no penalty – not sufficient contact against Sterling to warrant an offence


RCT at 2015-11-08 15:07:02

A good illustration being Marc Perry’s decision to award a corner to City – well done Marc


RCT at 2015-11-08 15:04:58

A word if I may for Andy Halliday and Marc Perry who are running the line today – 1 offside and no penal offences, it really is an intense focus and concentration role in games of this nature …


RCT at 2015-11-08 14:59:14

We take the use of the spray for granted now, it seems like we’ve being using it for years … simple, effective ….


RCT at 2015-11-08 14:57:34

Another example of Craig Pawson’s great positioning, he had his Assistant and the ball in view as Sterling drove into the penalty area …


RCT at 2015-11-08 14:53:43

Just 3 penal offences in the opening quarter of the game, good discipline by both teams who a appear to want to play football …


RCT at 2015-11-08 14:50:53

20 minutes in and Villa are doing “ok”, but I sense City’s class will come to the fore – no dramas at all so far for the refereeing team, so far, so good ….


RCT at 2015-11-08 14:46:47

Loving the ‘width’ of the referee’s patrol path as 2nd and 3rd phase attacks develop, comparable to Anthony Taylor and an interesting comparison to say Martin Atkinson and Lee Mason – who do you think is the best at positioning and movement?


RCT at 2015-11-08 14:41:52

So, let’s open up a twitter debate on that issue, does a challenge in the 6th minute, followed by the same challenge in the 66th minute, merit the same course of action by the referee in terms or caution verses no caution? Or does the temperature of the game play a part? Let us know your views by tweeting us @youaretheref


RCT at 2015-11-08 14:38:08

That was an ‘interesting’ challenge by Kalorov, no need for a yellow at this stage of the game, but maybe when things get lively later on, Craig Pawson may have a different viewpoint


RCT at 2015-11-08 14:35:58

Good early call by Andy Halliday – De Bruyne straying offside


RCT at 2015-11-08 14:34:34

That’s a lively fast-paced start to the game … Villa pressing and City containing until they break like City can


RCT at 2015-11-08 14:31:01

Here we go ……..

RCT at 2015-11-08 14:30:09

Impeccably observed – and rightly so ………..

RCT at 2015-11-08 14:28:43

Lest we forget ………

RCT at 2015-11-08 14:27:20

We have really enjoyed your recent twitter contributions, especially from Northern Ireland’s Steohen Wallace @stephentheref – keep them coming to @youaretheref


RCT at 2015-11-08 14:18:35

Craig Pawson is in charge today, who’s consistent performances have been noted here at You Are The Ref, Marc Perry and Andy Halliday are his assistants, with Bobby Madley on 4th official duties after his poor decision at Newcastle 2 weeks ago.

RCT at 2015-11-08 14:13:34

Whilst waiting for the game, Patrick Barclay’s article on video review is well worth a read at

Patrick Barclay’s column: Video review a ‘no-brainer’


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As well as our coverage of this game, we have 2 more games at RefCam today.  The North London derby kicks-off at 4pm, and we have a bonus game from the MLS Conferenc, namely the Eastern Conference semi-final second leg between Columbus and Montreal


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Welcome to Villa Park for our coverage of this key Premiership fixture as Villa welcome high-flying Manchester City