Arsenal v Southampton


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AH at 2018-04-08 16:13:18

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Plenty to talk about in the closing stages –

Thanks for tuning in, stay with us for Dean Moraheb’s RefCam coverage of Chelsea v West Ham, which kicks off at 4.30pm, with Kevin Friend in charge – over to you Dean.


AH at 2018-04-08 16:11:32

Yellow CardHoedt adds to the card count ….



AH at 2018-04-08 16:09:10

Red CardRed CardYellow CardWhat a bizarre end to the game, Red cards for Stephens and El Neny (perhaps the latter was unfortunate), Yellow for Wiltshire – an illustration of how the game is not over, in terms or match control, until it’s over …



AH at 2018-04-08 16:05:36

For me,  the match officials have done “OK”.  There have been some quality moments, however the teams overall display has not been top-draw.  Match control was never in doubt, but at Premier League, the officials need that extra ‘something’ which has not been prevalent.


AH at 2018-04-08 15:59:26

#ARSSOU As the game reaches it’s conclusion, what’s your opinion on the match officials performance during this game.  Let us know by tweeting us here @youaretheref. it will be great to her from you.


AH at 2018-04-08 15:56:11

GOAL! Welbeck rises at the far post and the Gunners are back in the lead …..


AH at 2018-04-08 15:54:16

#ARSSOU Just 10 minutes remaining – the refereeing team will not want to see the game decided by an error of judgement – keep the focus …..


AH at 2018-04-08 15:49:03

GOAL! Charlie Austin – 2 minutes after coming on – makes an instant impact and now we have game on…. important the match officials eradicate the one or two errors which, unfortunately, have been prevalent at stages in the game …


AH at 2018-04-08 15:45:57

20 minutes remaining – keep the focus refereeing team ….


AH at 2018-04-08 15:41:31

I’m unsure as to how Andre Marriner did not rule that Tadic has been fouled on that occasion.  A golden rule of refereeing at all levels – give what is expected – and football expects a free-kick to Southampton ….


AH at 2018-04-08 15:37:59

#ARSSOU First class decision from Scott Ledger as he correctly rules Long is offside and the ‘goal’ is disallowed ….


AH at 2018-04-08 15:34:32

My prediction of the game’s 2nd yellow card has not, so far, proven to be correct …. yet ….


AH at 2018-04-08 15:31:26

Yoshida tumbles Welbeck and Andre Marriner is well placed to make the call ……


AH at 2018-04-08 15:27:31

#ARSSOU 3 RefCam games for you today, Chelsea v West Ham follows this game, KO 4.30pm, and this evening our North American Director Sonia Denoncourt will cast her expert eye over Orlando v Portland in the MLS. Stay tuned …..


AH at 2018-04-08 15:24:35

Yellow Card As predicted, an early yellow card at the start of the 2nd half, it’s for Bellerin of Arsenal as he cynically fouls Long.  More to follow I reckon ….


AH at 2018-04-08 15:22:21

#ARSSOU That was better from Simon Long – no offside as the Home Team developed a sharp attack …


AH at 2018-04-08 15:17:58

#ARSSOU Here we go for the 2nd half – my money is on a fairly quick card or two as the Away Team up the tempo, they need to get into the game or risk losing this key game, so Mark Hughes will have them fired up during the break…..


AH at 2018-04-08 15:11:43

As always, some good half-time reading available on our website – please visit for Alan Brazil’s excellent column

Half Time

AH at 2018-04-08 15:09:19

Half TimeWhat’s your view of the Match Officials performance so far, let us know by tweeting us here @youaretheref

Half Time

AH at 2018-04-08 15:06:30

Half Time

#ARSSOU Well that was a strange first half for the refereeing team.  Some would argue that Tadic was very fortunate to escape without a card for his 2nd minute challenge, and Simon Long has not exactly covered himself in glory, but having said that – nothing the match officials have done, so far, has affected the outcome of the game.



AH at 2018-04-08 15:02:27

Just 2 additional minutes … it’s not been the most riveting of games so far ….


AH at 2018-04-08 14:58:02

Just 5 minutes to go to half-time, continued focus needed to see the game through to the break ….


AH at 2018-04-08 14:55:47

GOAL! Danny Welbeck, assisted by a fortunate deflection, nevertheless shows high skill levels to establish the lead for the Home Team just before half-time


AH at 2018-04-08 14:51:44

I am not convinced as to the validity of Simon Long’s offside call – his namesake Shaun seemed to time his run well ….


AH at 2018-04-08 14:46:05

GOAL! That’s more like it – Aubameyang scores the classic poachers goal and we are back to parity.


AH at 2018-04-08 14:43:09

Strange game this one, 25 minutes have elapsed and there has only been 2 penal offences awarded, that’s a very unusual occurrence ….


AH at 2018-04-08 14:39:53

The North London regulars are getting restless in the stands, it’s important that the refereeing team continue to focus on their game and do not get caught up in the poor atmosphere.


AH at 2018-04-08 14:36:08

Thanks to You Are The Ref Scholar Shane Mansfield @MMAShane for his comments on the Tadic challenge early on in the game, keep them coming Shane to @youaretheref


AH at 2018-04-08 14:33:38

GOAL! Where did that come from – jack-in-the-box Shane Long nips between keeper and defender and the Away Team take a surprise lead ….


AH at 2018-04-08 14:28:44

#ARSSOU Shane Long clearly having his shirt pulled as he looked to move towards the Arsenal penalty area, why no intervention from Simon Long, this has not been the best start for the match officials.


AH at 2018-04-08 14:25:14

We welcome your comments on this, and any other refereeing talking points, tweet us @youaretheref, it will be great to hear from you.


AH at 2018-04-08 14:23:42

There is a school of thought that that challenge came ‘too early in the game’ for a card! Notwithstanding the referee’s skill of game-management, I do not necessarily prescribe to that theory and I can only assume that both Referee and Assistant Referee Scott Ledger did not have the view given by the host broadcaster on the replay.


AH at 2018-04-08 14:19:55

#ARSSOU Ouch. That was not the most pleasant of introductions to the Premier League for youngster Nelson, Tadic was fortunate not to receive a card, on other day it could even have been red


AH at 2018-04-08 14:16:45

Mike Dean may well have his work cut out this afternoon, Messes Wenger and Hughes are not the best of mates and there is some history ….


AH at 2018-04-08 14:15:21

RIP Ray Wilkins …. a true gentleman both on of off the field ……


AH at 2018-04-08 14:11:26

#ARSSOU Andre Marriner is in charge for this game, the experienced Scott Ledger and Simon Long provide the on the field support, Mike Dean has the 4th official duties.


AH at 2018-04-08 14:08:26

#ARSSOU We welcome your comments on this, and any other refereeing talking points, tweet us @youaretheref


AH at 2018-04-08 14:06:06

Do you agree with Mark’s thoughts on the Manchester derby from yesterday – tweet us @youaretheref with your thoughts, it will be great to hear from you.


AH at 2018-04-08 14:01:46

Thanks to Mark Halsey for his coverage of Manchester City v Manchester United yesterday, and it was great to read Mark Halsey’s thoughts on the game at


AH at 2018-04-08 13:57:32

#ARSSOU Good afternoon if you are watching in the UK, good morning if you are watching stateside, and welcome to our RefCam coverage from the Emirates as Southampton are the visitors to Arsenal.   To say this game is more important to the Away team is somewhat of an understatement, it’s important for the rest of their season that they perform today or they could well be looking at the relegation trap-door.


AH at 2018-04-08 13:52:31

Welcome – our match coverage starts in a few minutes time ………