Arsenal v Manchester City


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Mark Clattenburg underlining his big match credentials with a performance that showed many of the attributes of top class Refereeing. The platform of his game being provided by a stepped approach to player management, well timed cautions and some superbly applied advantages. Mark is obviously respected by the players as it was noticeable in this game that his decisions were ,Aguero caution apart ,not really questioned. In terms of talking points there are two the first being Fernandinho’s kicking the ball away whilst already on a caution, there is no denying that this was a sending off offence, however many will have sympathy for Mark Clattenburg given his hard work in controlling the players, to dismiss a player for a Technical offence. The other talking point being Jack Wilshire’s penalty area hand ball unseen by the match officials, deliberate or not? However these incidents should not detract from what was a quality performance from the Match Officials and in particular Mark Clattenburg who made the task at hand appear far easier than it ever was, well done!

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Mark Clattenburg brings the action to end!

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All three active Match Officials showing their quality in these closing moments of the game

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Assistant Jake Collin spot on in signalling Samir Nasri offside for that disallowed City ‘goal’

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Six minutes added time!

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It is a credit to the Referees contribution that in such a competitive game, the closing stages are being played with a discipline and structure that can only occur with strong Refereeing and good match control

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Goal city have leveled through Martin Demichelis

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Television pictures showing an earlier incident in the second half where Jack Wilshere clearly handles the ball inside his own penalty area, should have been a City penalty!

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Just before the second Arsenal goal Fernandinho testing the Referee’s patience by kicking the ball away following an Arsenal free kick award, Mark Clattenburgs facial expression clearly showing that he didn’t wat to issue a second caution to the player, settling for having words, was he right?

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Yellow CardCaution for Sanchez for removing his shirt in the goal celebration


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Goal Alexis Sanchez 2-1 !

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On that last City attack the Referee followed play to the goal line in the Arsenal penalty area as David Silva ran with the ball to the goal line in order to cross the ball

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Despite the Arsenal goal the match tempo has not altered much in the second fifteen minutes of the half, Mark Clattenburg continues to show a strong influencing presence with well timed cautions, sound advantages and skillfully showing a well judged threshold on acceptable player contact

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Yellow CardSergio Aguero cautioned following that goal, for dissent following protests that City should have been awarded a free kick in the build up to that goal

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Goal, Jack Wilshere 1-1

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Yellow CardNacho Monreal cautioned for a late challenge, could the Referee have played an advantage and gone back to apply the sanction?

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Two good cautions in this opening fifteen minutes of the second half maintaining the Referee’s firm match control

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Yellow Card

Mathieu Flamini becomes the first Arsenal player to be cautioned today following a late challenge on David Silva


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Assistant Simon Beck correctly signalling offside against Aaron Ramsey and then explaining his actions to the player concerned

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The caution seems to have resulted in the desired affect of taking the tempo down at the moment

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Mark Clattenburg showing strong control in the early phase of the second half with a well timed caution and the playing of some excellent advantages, strong features of his first half performance!

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Yellow CardFor Fernandinho ffollowingthat reckless challenge on Wilshire

RH at 2014-09-13 13:51:23

Should Assistant Simon Beck have signaled offside in that last Arsenal attack?

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Great advantage by Mark Clattenburg following a trip on Wilshere during an promising Arsenal attack

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The second half is underway!

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A solid first half from Mark Clattenburg and his team, these high profile games are often played on a knife edge, this game being no exception. Pleasing to report that the Referee has demonstrated a stepped approach to player management and the confidence to play advantages and return to issue a sanction for the offender.Just two things to watch for the first getting caught up in a couple of Arsenal attacks in the centre circle where he was too close to a couple of challenges in Arsenal’s  slower build up , the other point being the contest between Milner and Debuchy where Milner must be on his last chance before a caution is issued. Otherwise there is no baggage going into the second half and the Referees match control is sound.



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Unsurprisingly a robust challenge from Debuchy on Milner and the resultant free kick brings the first half action to an end

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James Milner could count himself fortunate not to receive a caution for that challenge on Debuchy, which was at the very least boderline

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Manchester City’s tactical superiority has taken some of the competitiveness out of the game for this closing third of the first half

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Jesus Navas has shown great pace in this game, the Match Officials need to cover any breaks into the Arsenal penalty area particularly the right channel where any potential careless challenges may arise!

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Another ceremonial free kick to Aresenal accompanied with use of the spray

RH at 2014-09-13 13:21:04

Good spot by Jake Collin following a late challenge by Wilshere

RH at 2014-09-13 13:20:16

Arsenal seem to be building their attacks slower as opposed to City’s more direct approach, obviously this will not have gone unnoticed by the Referee , he needs to be careful as he’s been caught up in play a couple of times in the centre circle on Arsenal attacks

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Will that goal have an effect on the match tempo?

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First goal to City courtesy of  Sergio Aguero !

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In issuing those cautions Mark Clattenburg has already used tools in his game management locker, including his ability to apply a stepped approach in dealing with offenders

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Yellow CardGreat caution for a late and reckless challenge by Pablo Zabaleta , following an advantage played first

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Yellow CardNo surprise that the first caution has arrived, Frank Lampard the guilty offender following a reckless challenge on Ramsey

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First time for the spray today!

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Milner making strong contact on Debuchy, a borderline challenge typical of the commitment both teams are playing with at the moment

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A couple of competitive midfield challenges highlighting the knife-edge atmosphere in this game where the tempo could increase immediately at any moment

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Important that the Assistants tune here, if the game is ‘end to end’ they will be able to settle in with frequent ‘involvement’ but if play the concentrated in one half for a sustained period the non-active Assistant must remain fully engaged with the action!

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The yellow jerseys worn by the Match Officials against a predominately red background should benefit team work and co-operation

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The Fernandinho challenge on Ramsey and Wilshere going to ground under minimal  contact underline the skill that will be required by the Referee in judging acceptable tolerance in player contact and the temptation or not to play advantages

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Mark Clattenburg having words with Fernandinho following a late challenge on Ramsey

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Our match Referee Mark Clattenburg gets us underway!


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Welcome to our coverage of this game at The Emirates Stadium, for this second meeting of these two teams!