Arsenal v Liverpool


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#ARSLIV Join us tomorrow as Everton take on Chelsea, under the expert eye of Mark Halsey – thanks for tuning in – I’m going for a lie down – Happy Christmas to one and all!

Full Time

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Full Time

Full-time and an object lesson in calm refereeing from Martin Atkinson. Here’s the key plus points:

  • As one of the ‘senior’ referees on the Premier League, there was much to admire from the referee in terms of his fitness, mobility and movement.
  • His recognition of penal offences was of a very high standard throughout; I cannot recall one occurrence of an obviously incorrect call.
  • He is also an outstanding man-manager, using his body language to great effect – he is confident without being arrogant and everyone inside the game admires this.

The referee’s contribution to a fine game of football should not be underestimated – well done to Martin and his team.

Full Time

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Full Time Take a bow both teams, and take a bow the 3rd team – summary to follow shortly …..



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A winner for either side would be harsh on the losers ……


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4 minutes of additional time …..


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#ARSLIV Just 2 minutes remaining and Martin Atkinson proves his stamina levels with a full pitch length sprint as Liverpool develop a fast-break


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There would be more than a touch of irony if Oxlade-Chamberlain netted the winner …


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#ARSLIV Martin Atkinson shows a degree of leniency towards Firmino as he stops an Arsenal attack developing – perhaps a more intense game with a greater card count would have produced a yellow for the Liverpool #9 – correct decision or not by the referee – let us know your thoughts by tweeting us here @youaretheref


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10 minutes to go – who’s your money on to get the winner – would not surprise me at all if we had a repeat of the 4-4 !!!


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#ARSLIV Amongst the helter-skelter of a 6-goal (so far!) thriller, Martin Atkinson continues to be calmness personified as he detects a hand-ball offence in the penalty area as Arsenal look to develop an attack


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GOAL! Firmino makes Cech look foolish and we are back at parity – 5-5 anyone ?


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I was fortunate enough to be officiating on the infamous Liverpool 4 Newcastle 3 games in the late 90’s and this game has the same feel about it – more goals to follow perhaps….


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#ARSLIV 3/4 of the match completed and we have been treated to a crackerjack of a game so far, with the match referee playing his part with some outstanding player and game management


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#ARSLIV – more commendable man-management as Xhaka offends and Martin Atkinson does well to explain the decision and calm the player, and once again he is ideally placed to do so.


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#ARSLIV – this is very disappointing, we have not had a goal for 4 minutes ….


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GOAL! Mesut Ozil sends the Emirates into raptures and the London side, somehow, have the lead – they have scored 3 goals in 5 minutes …


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Yellow CardSolid solid solid refereeing, amongst the goal-fest, Iwobi commits a cynical challenge and is duly cautioned …..


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GOAL! Hey – this is fun – from somewhere Arsenal are back at parity as Xhaka deceives Mignolet ….


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GOAL! Game still on – Sanchez nets from close range and we have hum-dinger of an evening


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GOAL!Vintage Liverpool play as they break from their own half with skill and pace, and Salah finds the bet to double their lead


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#ARSLIV Let’s give due credit to the players who have, so far I hasten to add, been well disciplined and have not resorted to cynical challenges ……


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#ARSLIV That’s a good solid start to the 2nd half as Milner offends and the referee is well placed to both judge the challenge and to have a ‘quiet word’ with the offender.


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#ARSLIV So Mr Referee – look out for the first ‘trigger point’ of the second-half, and react …..  I am confident that he will ….


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Half Time

Keith Hackett’s verdict discusses the safety of our match officials during the festive period – visit for details

Half Time

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Half Time

As always, some great articles on our website for your half-time reading, including some interesting thoughts from Danny Murphy on festival football – please visit   for details.

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Half Time

#ARSLIV Well that was a frantic first 45 …… I am confident that the refereeing team will be pleased with their performance so far, the referee has used all his experience to make solid judgements from commendable positions – with not a hint of a yellow card – however I think this will change in the second 45



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3 additional minutes in the first-half as Arsene Wenger bends the ear of 4th official Graham Scott – the game has been fast and furious since minute 1


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#ARSLIV – it is very quiet on Twitter ladies and gents, how do you think the game is going so far – tweet us here @youaretheref with your thoughts with 5 minutes to go to half-time


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#ARSLIV – once again commendable positional play by Martin Atkinson and he is ideally placed to judge the penal offence by new skipper Milner.


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#ARSLIV Some fascinating talking points in the world of refereeing at the moment, no more so than the use of Video Assistant Referees.  Here on RefCam, we will be providing extensive coverage of the 3rd Round FA Cup game, Brighton v Palace, which is the first professional game in the UK to utilise VAR.


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#ARSLIV 15 minutes to go in the 1st half and the intensity of the game has risen – time for the refereeing team to go to work and ensure control is retained until half-time.


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GOAL! A typical swift Liverpool break and Coutinho, with a deft header, opens the scoring


AH at 2017-12-22 21:09:10

#ARSLIV Martin Atkinson is ideally placed to correctly judge Firmino’s offence – I honestly do not know what the Liverpool #9 has to moan about …….


AH at 2017-12-22 21:05:48

#ARSLIV – Refreshing to see both teams wishing to play and not just stop the opposition from doing so – no buses being parked here – with just 3 penal offences so far. I am sure the match officials team will be pleased with that


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#ARSLIV 17 minutes gone, and although we have not had 1 shot on target as yet, it’s entertaining fayre for the festive crowd …….


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Milner replaces the injured Henderson and Martin Atkinson has a new captain to work with – not what the Anfield faithful would have wished for so early in the game, although Milner’s experience will be invaluable this evening


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#ARSLIV Positional play, stamina and fitness will be essential throughout the 90 minutes as this is turning out to be an ‘end-to-end’ game


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#ARSLIV – Why do Liverpool line up their defensive line so high ?  I am sure the Assistant Referees will have done their homework and will be aware of this.


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The game has yet to ‘settle’, with a typical Premier League frantic start …


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#ARSLIV Here we go – good luck to the 3rd team on the field of play


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#ARSLIV As the game unfolds, let us know your thoughts? Contact us on Twitter @youaretheref or email us at


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The experienced Martin Atkinson heads the refereeing team today, with Steve Child and Adam Nunn as his wingmen, Stuart Atwell is the 4th official.  Martin will need to draw on all his experience to meet the demands of 4 appointments in the space of 10 days as he travels to Manchester United to referee on Boxing Day and Watford on the 30th, as well as performing the 4th official duties at Burnley on New Year’s Day.


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#ARSLIV This game today in the first of 14 (yes – 14) games we are covering for you over the festive period, with one particular highlight being the Celtic v Rangers clash on 30th December at noon, which is always an ‘interesting’ encounter to officiate.


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My colleagues here at You Are The Ref have produced this excellent match preview – enjoy …

If ever there was an unmissable Premier League game for World Cup obsessives this fits the bill. The permutations are enough to make your gadget self combust, but, keeping the opening group stage in mind alone, come the summer Simon Mignolet and Divock Origi could face England opponents in either dressing room in Danny Welbeck, Adam Lallana, Jordan Henderson, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Daniel Sturridge, while Croatia’s Dejan Lovren could be up against the same forward in Alex Iwobi.

Arsenal reserves, Takumo Asano of Japan, and David Ospina of Colombia, could both theoretically face Senegal’s Sadio Mane in a group H rehearsal tonight, too.

The same could be said for group E, where LFC’s Brazilians potentially come up against either Switzerland’s Granit Xhaka or Costa Rica’s Joel Campbell, who was on loan at Olympiakos when his country faced England at the same stage in 2014.

Then there’s an Egyptian reunion for Mohamed El Neny and Mo Salah, who will be looking to add to his miraculous tally of 20 goals in all competitions so far.

The first time these clubs met in London was at Manor Lane, Plumstead and ended 5-0 to visitors Liverpool in Division Two in October, 1893.

The last time it ended 4-3 to LFC with the goals supplied by Theo Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Calum Chambers, Philippe Coutinho, Lallana and Sadio Mane. Michael Oliver booked Francis Coquelin, Granit Xhaka, Iwobi, Lovren, Alberto Moreno and Lallana.

Arsenal versus Liverpool has seen more penalties missed than any other fixture in Premier League, and Martin Atkinson reffed Liverpool’s Community Shield win over Chelsea way back in 2007, but more recently took their 0-0 Anfield draw with Manchester United. He has yet to take an Arsenal fixture this season, his last Emirates appointment having been their 3-0 win over West Ham in April.


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#ARSLIV Good evening to our UK viewers, and good afternoon to our stateside viewers, welcome to the Emirates Stadium for our coverage of Arsenal v Liverpool, one of the jewels in the crown of this and any other Premier League season.


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Welcome to RefCam – our broadcast will start in 5 minutes …….