Arsenal v Chelsea


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#ARSCHE WOW!  What a game, well done Anthony Taylor.

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Anthony Taylor has delivered a first-class performance in a really entertaining match.  There were 3 KMI incidents, two that the referee got right and one that he got right in part but had he been in a different position may have taken more action.

16th minute – correct non penalty award

54th minute – correct non-free kick award but A10 fortunate not to be cautioned for a second time for simulation, hence a KMI

65th minute – correct penalty award

Anthony judged challenges well, managed the players and gave his decisions with confidence and authority.  He moves around the field well albeit he does need to work on his proximity to play as at times he is too close to the action and on one occasion he got hit with the ball and had to take evasive action on a number of other occasions in the match.

Anthony was well supported by his colleagues, although AR Nunn did not shine, whilst AR Betts had an excellent game.  FO Pawson did well to manage the technical areas and he worked well with Conte in reminding him about constantly encroaching out of it.  This was not a game to remove a manager for such a technicality and Craig judged his level of involvement very well.

The best refereeing performance of 2018 by some distance so far in what has been a challenging festive period for the PGMOL.  Anthony has a determined approach about him and based on today’s performance I wouldn’t bet against him being selected as England’s representative for the 2020 Euros and 2022 World Cup.

A job very well done!


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What a game, full time summary to follow……

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Full Time


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Minimum of 4 minutes added time to be played


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Yellow CardC13 delaying the restart of play


DM at 2018-01-03 22:28:37

C9 is getting frustrated having been penalised earlier for a push and now not getting a free-kick when he feels he should have.  Anthony is managing the player well having a quiet word off the ball.


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Chelsea 3


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Chelsea Sub

10 off, 22 on


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9 off, 23 on


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A9 is penalised for a foul on C24 after a flag by AR Betts.  The Arsenal player certainly charged his opponent in the back and the decision was a good one.

DM at 2018-01-03 22:20:49

Conte is moving a lot outside his technical area and the fourth official is working hard to work with him in the heat of battle.

DM at 2018-01-03 22:19:17

Yellow CardA11 was cautioned for dissent after the penalty



DM at 2018-01-03 22:18:48

The commentators are referencing the VAR system and the fact it will be used in certain competitions this season.  To be clear, the VAR can only overturn a decision if the referee has made a clear error.  That penalty would have still been given.


DM at 2018-01-03 22:17:41

Another correct decision by Anthony Taylor as A9 carelessly challenges an opponent and the referee awards a free kick


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The referee is very well placed to award a penalty for a foul by A24 on C10.  Although the contact is minimal the Arsenal player has carelessly kicked out his foot from behind the player so he is taking a risk should he not cleanly win the ball.  There was contact and the decision was decisive – the referee in my opinion is correct.

DM at 2018-01-03 22:07:17

Now we have a talking point!  You can guarantee that the Chelsea manager will not be happy A10 is even on the field of play, following his act of simulation which should have resulted in a second yellow card.


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DM at 2018-01-03 22:05:39

Very good decision by Anthony Taylor to award a free-kick against A20 for a foul on a defender.  The referee delayed before blowing which suggests he picked this up with his peripheral vision or with the aid of one of his colleagues, probably the latter!

DM at 2018-01-03 22:02:36

Although this is a South London derby the tempo and pace which are expected to be high could lead to problems if the referee allows it to get out of control.  He could apply some techniques such as slowing the game down and perhaps not using advantage as much for a period to assert his authority.


DM at 2018-01-03 22:00:37

A20 is also fortunate not to be cautioned as his challenge was in my opinion a reckless one.


DM at 2018-01-03 21:59:13

Big appeal from A10 who goes to ground outside the penalty area following a challenge by C27.  The Arsenal player was going to ground with no contact and then initiated it with his left leg.  I said pre-match that simulation would be a hot topic and I am afraid the Arsenal player is guilty of a clear attempt to ‘con’ the referee there.  Anthony Taylor chose to wave play on and bearing in mind his position he may not have been 100% sure it was simulation but replays are conclusive and he should have been cautioned.

DM at 2018-01-03 21:56:22

As I mentioned in the first half, Anthony is getting too close to play.  He got hit with the ball in the last attack because he had got in front of play and too central.  If the referee had held back and come wide to the left it could have been avoided.


DM at 2018-01-03 21:55:11

Yellow CardC16 cautioned for a reckless challenge – excellent use of the advantage clause by the referee


DM at 2018-01-03 21:54:29

Anthony Taylor gets hit by the ball will come back to that shortly


DM at 2018-01-03 21:52:44

As the TV shows the replay of C10 shooting at goal, it shows AR Nunn some distance off the second last defender, making little effort to get there either.  Not sure if he is injured or just complacent but his position is worrying when it comes to offside judgements.


DM at 2018-01-03 21:50:49

A16 fouls C9 by tripping his opponent.  Not every foul warrants a caution and in my opinion this was careless and did not prevent a PROMISING attack.  The referee is again correct in my opinion.


DM at 2018-01-03 21:49:35

The referee in my opinion took an unnecessary gamble there, he should have awarded a free-kick for a foul on C4 who appeared to be pulled to the ground.  The challenge was on the halfway line and luckily didn’t lead to anything.

DM at 2018-01-03 21:46:44

Anthony Taylor gets the second half underway

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Anthony has refereed the first half well, his judgement of the KMI Penalty appeal in the 16th minute was a good one as A30 entered the penalty area and at the moment he moved alongside a defender he tripped himself and went to ground.  The referee was very placed and correctly waved play on.  Anthony Taylor is using the advantage clause to very good effect, trying to keep the game flowing where possible.  Two good cautions have reinforced his match control.  Firstly A10 committed a reckless challenge and then C4 was cautioned for a challenge in which he followed through to make contact at speed and from distance with an opponent.  Some may argue that this was harsh but the Chelsea player left the ground from distance and followed through with his trailing leg taking his opponent to ground in doing so.  In my opinion this was reckless and a correct call.  The one area of development so far that the referee needs to work on is his proximity to play.  He is too close to play at times and although this can be a positive when ‘selling a decision’ he has at times had to take action to evade the ball by jumping over it, dummying it or reversing at a fast pace.  If the referee can anticipate play better and hang back slightly or come out wider at times, it should help him not get in the way of play.

AR Betts and Fourth Official Pawson have performed their duties well and have supported the referee when called upon to do so.  AR Nunn is not at times focused and on two occasions he has brought unnecessary attention to himself by momentary lapses in concentration.  He needs to be on the ball to ensure he does not make a major error in the second half.

DM at 2018-01-03 21:31:44

Half Time


DM at 2018-01-03 21:31:11

Minimum of 1 minute added time


DM at 2018-01-03 21:29:04

Yellow CardC4 cautioned for a reckless challenge.  The commentators are talking nonsense.  It was made from distance at speed and the player was reckless in his actions.  Correct call.



DM at 2018-01-03 21:26:46

AR Betts correctly awards a corner-kick and does so with confidence and authority.


DM at 2018-01-03 21:26:13

Anthony once again gets too close to play, this is an area he needs to work on with his coach.  His enthusiasm to be close to play can lead to him getting in the way at times.  He could anticipate play a little better.


DM at 2018-01-03 21:24:46

Anthony Taylor really is using the advantage clause very well for the benefit of the game.  A10 was fouled and the referee correctly applied the clause resulting in a good chance for the home team and a shot on goal.


DM at 2018-01-03 21:23:19

A29 challenges C14 on the edge of the area and Anthony Taylor after an initial hesitation awards a free-kick.  The decision is correct as the Arsenal player charged in to the back of his opponent, another good call.


DM at 2018-01-03 21:21:25

Another good advantage played for a foul on C10


DM at 2018-01-03 21:18:06

That was a good first caution for the referee, it stood out and met all the criteria for a reckless challenge.  It was made at speed, was late and made from distance with little regard to the opponent’s safety.  Good decision and a good marker to set.


DM at 2018-01-03 21:16:23

Yellow CardA10 cautioned for a reckless challenge.



DM at 2018-01-03 21:14:51

A good indication of how confident the referee is in his control is the way he plays advantage.  A9 was tripped in the middle of the park and referee Taylor applied advantage.  Such an approach can benefit the game if used wisely.


DM at 2018-01-03 21:13:28

The referee is taking up a good position at near side corners.  He has created a good angle and space to pick up the push by the Chelsea attacker on that occasion.


DM at 2018-01-03 21:12:01

Very poor flag by AR Nunn he had no need to indicate offside there, Anthony Taylor correctly played on.  The Assistant on the dugout side needs to up his game and be more alert.  On two occasions now he has drawn unnecessary attention to himself.


DM at 2018-01-03 21:10:39

Anthony Taylor has had a good start to this match.  He moves around well and although he needs to be careful not to get in the way of play, his presence has helped him sell decisions and accurately judge a penalty appeal in the 16th minute.  He looks calm and in control, I hope he keeps this up for the whole game.

DM at 2018-01-03 21:07:49

Well done Anthony Taylor, the first KMI of the match judged correctly as A30 was tripped but by himself!  The referee at full speed did very well to get that right, especially as it happened as the player moved past the defender.


DM at 2018-01-03 21:05:28

That was not a good challenge by A7 it looked reckless.


DM at 2018-01-03 21:04:27

Well what a passage of play for Arsenal.  Firstly a penalty appeal and then the ball striking the post and rolling across the goal-line.  The penalty appeal at first glance looked a trip.


DM at 2018-01-03 21:02:10

Very tight and correct call by AR Betts to judge C9 onside in the goal area.  Very good decision.


DM at 2018-01-03 20:58:47

Not sure why AR Adam Nunn did not signal quicker for an Arsenal throw-in there.  His hesitation led to the Chelsea Manager questioning his decision.  It was quite a clear decision and perhaps it indicates a slight lack of concentration on the Assistant’s part.  Anthony Taylor did well to lead the Assistant there.


DM at 2018-01-03 20:55:24

Good decision by Anthony Taylor as he spots a late challenge from A20 on C9.  The referee kept a trailing eye and did well to pick that up.  Shows the importance of referees not following the ball when it is played and just holding your glance.


DM at 2018-01-03 20:52:08

Foul by C27 on A9 given by the referee.  Exaggerated foul and minimal contact.  I think the referee has got that wrong and should have played on.


DM at 2018-01-03 20:50:59

Anthony Taylor is very athletic and moves around well but he is very close to play at times.  He had to move swiftly in the centre circle to get out of the way and he has had to ‘dummy’ the ball as he was in the way of play.  He needs to try and remain 10 metres or so from play and gain a good angle.


DM at 2018-01-03 20:48:17

First decision of the match by Anthony Taylor is to penalise A21 for foul on C3.  The decision appeared harsh at first glance but the referee was in a superb position, right on top of the incident.  Although you could argue he was too close, his proximity helped sell the decision in this instance.

DM at 2018-01-03 20:45:14

Anthony Taylor gets the match underway

DM at 2018-01-03 20:42:41

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DM at 2018-01-03 20:40:43

Adam Nunn and Lee Betts are not in my opinion performing at the high level one would expect from aspiring World Cup Assistant Referees.  At times they appear a little manufactured and lack any personality in their performance.  There is also a very worrying trend at the moment with EPL Assistants getting fairly routine offside decisions wrong and not supporting referees with ‘big decisions’.  It seems as though the evaluation system, which does not recognise best practice in technique, (which leads to increased concentration and awareness) and is leading to complacency in approach from a number of Assistants at the top level.  Both Nunn and Betts have a lot to prove and this is the type of match in which they can sparkle and shine by doing their job and doing it well.

DM at 2018-01-03 20:36:44

Anthony Taylor is on a good run of form and he has the potential to be England’s number one referee.  This evening, Arsene Wenger will have to be on his best behaviour, having received an FA Charge for misconduct following his altercation with Mike Dean. This will bring an increasing amount of pressure not just to the referee but also to Craig Pawson who will be managing the technical areas.  A calm and level head will be what is needed on the side-lines this evening.

DM at 2018-01-03 20:32:35

During the festive period there has been a large number of incorrect decisions with some basic refereeing errors.  Anthony will need to effectively recognise challenges in order to maintain control of this potentially feisty London derby.  Simulation is also a ‘hot topic’ again with a number of incidents being judged incorrectly in recent weeks. Anthony and his team will need to be alert and aware to such behaviour today and I am sure they will discuss this in their pre match talk.

DM at 2018-01-03 20:30:29

Anthony Taylor has refereed 14 games this season in the EPL, in which he has cautioned 56 players.  He has yet to show a red card this season and his refereeing style is well liked by the powers that be.  He took charge of Arsenal’s 3-0 victory over Bournemouth earlier in the season and has refereed Chelsea 3 times this season, including their surprising 1-0 defeat against West Ham last month.  Anthony has experience of refereeing this match, as he took charge of last season’s FA Cup Final in which Arsenal came out the winners by 2 goals to 1.

DM at 2018-01-03 20:29:14

Appointed Match officials:

Referee – Anthony Taylor

Assistants – Adam Nunn and Lee Betts

4th official – Craig Pawson

DM at 2018-01-03 20:28:20

The referee for the match is Anthony Taylor from Cheshire and his Assistants are Adam Nunn (technical area side) and Lee Betts (far side), with Craig Pawson holding the boards as fourth official for the second time in three days.  This is Anthony’s first middle in 2018 and it is his first EPL match as a UEFA Elite Group referee, a promotion that was confirmed with effect from 1st January 2018.  Everyone at You are the ref would like to congratulate both Anthony and Michael Oliver on their well deserved elevation in the UEFA classifications.

DM at 2018-01-03 20:26:17

Welcome to this evening’s ref cam as Arsenal play Chelsea in the EPL.