Anderlecht v Glasgow Celtic – Champions League


Full Time Summary

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The main points in this game from the officials perspective were:

  • A really excellent performance from a referee to watch!
  • No yellow cards and no histrionics from start to finish.
  • One of the fastest referee’s I have seen for a very long time.

I have to start my full time summary with reference to Referee Jesús Gil Manzano’s fitness levels AGAIN! His speed off the mark and stamina across long distances was simply outstanding. Those of you who have followed me on RefCam for a while will know that I used to say that what made Clatenburg stand out was nothing super-human, all he did was demonstrate his supreme fitness and then do the basics stuff well! And that’s what I felt that Manzano (and his team) did in this game. He covered the field of play with an excellent running style which just goes to show that it can look natural, even with such long legs!

His identification of fair and unfair challenges was spot on, and his recognition of the difference between careless and reckless was also first class – as we had NO YELLOW CARDS in the game!

No one is perfect though, and there was just one stoppage in the 48th minute where Manzano saw an offence, but unexplainably gave the free kick to Celtic, even though it was Scott Brown (GC 8) who caught his opponent from behind. Can’t really understand how that happened, as the referee was right there again very close to the incident. This only blot on his copy boot was made to stand out as the Anderlecht player broke away with an attacking run, then the eventual free kick led to the second Celtic goal a minute later (albeit not directly). Set that isolated incident apart, and I did not see any other blemishes from the referee this evening.

If Jesús Gil Manzano does not get another outing in the UCL this season, I will be amazed – definitely one to watch based on that performance and needs to be given the opportunity to show how good he is in a difficult game when it “all kicks off”, and his low key management style shown tonight will not be what is called for.

And no doubt he would be happy to take the same team away with him again, as a really good team performance all round was witnessed.

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My final summary will follow very shortly.

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Full Time

Anderlecht 0 v 3 Glasgow Celtic


GB at 2017-09-27 21:39:05

GOAL! Scott Sinclair (GC 11) makes it game set and match!


GB at 2017-09-27 21:37:28

minimum of 3 added minutes


GB at 2017-09-27 21:35:43

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just two minutes to go and it looks more and more that Manzano wants to get through this one with no yellow cards – how often do you see that in the UCL?

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GB at 2017-09-27 21:31:52

Referee Jesús Gil Manzano clearly demonstrated there that he does not intend to risk all the hard work he has put in so far by a lack of concentration as another perfectly “safe” free kick is awarded for that careless challenge as the player was just tripped


GB at 2017-09-27 21:28:18

Another example of his excellent recognition of foul play and consistency as that looked far worse than it was as Mikael Lustig (GC 23) kicked Henry Onyekuru’s (A 9) boot with his follow through. The Anderlecht player was entitled to go for the ball and the referee did really well again to spot that. Free kick yest, but no card required. Once again he was so close it was easy for him to sell his decision.


GB at 2017-09-27 21:23:54

Approaching the last ten minutes and I am sure all the officials are talking to themselves over the comms kits now and saying “come on lads – don’t mess it up now” (or words to that effect)


GB at 2017-09-27 21:18:03

Well if anyone has ever seen a referee cover the ground quicker in the 71st minute of a game I would love to know who they were. I have tried not to keep on about the speed this referee shows across the ground but it is just splendid!


GB at 2017-09-27 21:14:53

#andcel #CelticFC #Anderlecht

I will be the first to admit that the players’s attitudes has continued not to cause the officials any problems, but credit where it is due, the officials have hardly been noticed in this game tonight so far.


GB at 2017-09-27 21:07:39

I am afraid that AR2 Angel Nevado Rodriguez’s slide rule let him down that time as the Anderlecht player was clearly level that time and should not have been penalised for being in an offside position.


GB at 2017-09-27 21:05:11

With just two fouls awarded in the first 15 minutes of the second half (even if one was given the wrong way), the officials continue to stay out of this game as best they can.


GB at 2017-09-27 21:00:44

First signs of this referee’s man management skills as he raises his profile ever so slightly with that “calm down gentlemen” speech. Good to see a referee in this competition not afraid to use all means of communication at his disposal before reaching for his cards!


GB at 2017-09-27 20:56:29

#andcel #CelticFC #Anderlecht

That just goes to show how every decision can change a game. A free kick given the wrong way in the 48th minute, and one minute later it is 0 – 2 as Patrick Roberts (GC 7) knocks the GOAL! in which gives Celtic some breathing space.


GB at 2017-09-27 20:53:18

First error by the referee then as the Celtic player clearly committed the foul in the centre circle but the free kick was given to them!


GB at 2017-09-27 20:51:36

Two more important offside calls for AR2 AR2 Angel Nevado Rodriguez at the start of the second half and this 3rd team is really pulling together in this game!


GB at 2017-09-27 20:49:59

Great positioning again by the referee in the opening seconds of the second half to see there was not foul right in the corner – he is starting this game as he finished the first


GB at 2017-09-27 20:48:36

Second half underway

Half Time Summary

GB at 2017-09-27 20:46:27

#andcel #CelticFC #Anderlecht

I am sure Referee Jesús Gil Manzano would have taken that first half performance to the bank every day of the week if he had been offered it! Well played to him so far though as he has raced “up and down” the field of play with intelligence and purpose, rather than run “all over the place” just to look “good”. As I said in my blog, fitness is one thing, but using it well is more important and Manzano has shown a maturity in that first half which belies the fact that this is only his second UCL game in his career. It will be interesting to see how he responds when things get tough in the second half though.

His foul recognition has been very “safe” and totally satisfactory with no need for any cards yet even though Celtic have committed 10 fouls to Anderlecht’s 4. That lack of yellows might need to change in the second half for the referee to keep full control.

As for the only goal so far, I have to take it back! Excellent decision by AR2 Angel Nevado Rodriguez as the TV shows that Kieran Tierney (GC 63) was a millimetre onside when the ball was played through to him on the wing. I have to say I am more pleased for the referee that the AR got lucky, as he did not deserve any blot in his copy book after that first half display.

GB at 2017-09-27 20:35:06

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Half Time

Anderlecht  0 v 1 Glasgow Celtic


GB at 2017-09-27 20:32:06

I have only seen that forward pass to Kieran Tierney (GC 63) from one angle which showed to cut of the grass which seemed to give it away that he was offside – no doubt it will be dissected at half time. Has there been a VAR in this game, that would definitely have been reviewed.

minimum of 2 added minutes to be played



GB at 2017-09-27 20:26:52

#andcel #CelticFC #Anderlecht

Leigh Griffiths (GC 9) opens the scoring with that GOAL! but I have to say  Kieran Tierney (GC 63) looked offside to me as he received the ball before the final cross was made. That is such a shame for the referee who was doing so well to be let down by one of his wing men Angel Nevado Rodriguez


GB at 2017-09-27 20:23:19

#andcel #CelticFC #Anderlecht

Careless challenge #12 and still the referee holds his nerve before the first yellow – quite right too IMO.


GB at 2017-09-27 20:21:31

Safe refereeing again, as Celtic commit their 8 foul challenge. If they continue to break up the play like that in the second half, I can see some yellow cards been issued to someone for the “team” at some stage.


GB at 2017-09-27 20:19:16

I have got no problem with no cards yet as the foul count rises to 9 – there has been nothing reckless yet but the referee needs to pick off the first “bad” tackle which stands out


GB at 2017-09-27 20:17:12

I don’t want this game to suddenly get out of hand, but I would like to see how this referee reacts under pressure as he has not put a foot wrong so far, even if it has to be said the players have not made it difficult for him yet


GB at 2017-09-27 20:14:36

Scott Sinclair (GC 11) challenge was not the one to start the temperature rising yet as the Anderlecht player fell awkwardly. Well done again the the referee for not picking that out for the first card as it was only a careless challenge again.


GB at 2017-09-27 20:11:36

With 25 minutes gone and no real aggression displayed from either side, the referee needs to keep his concentration and be ready for the unexpected if the temperature suddenly rises from nowhere.


GB at 2017-09-27 20:08:56

I always like to see a referee still look towards his AR when there is a break forwards to check for a flag – even with all the communication equipment they have, you must not rely on it 100%. Well done for that Manzano


GB at 2017-09-27 20:04:32

#andcel #CelticFC #Anderlecht

Fitness is clearly one of this referee’s major positive characteristics, but it counts for nothing if the referee gets himself into great positions then gives the wrong call!  He is doing OK so far though as he squeezed the play into his left corner again.



GB at 2017-09-27 20:01:51

A close up of Referee Jesús Gil Manzano and he did not look like he was even breathing heavy after one of the quickest 40 metre sprints I have seen for a long time.


GB at 2017-09-27 19:59:55

Good teamwork there as AR1 Juan Yuste was not conned into giving a free kick for a nudge in the back of the Aderlecht player which never happened!


GB at 2017-09-27 19:58:09

Celtic get their first free kick after 10 minutes and the referee is right to pick off these careless challenges early on and not take chances as the teams sort each other out


GB at 2017-09-27 19:56:22

#andcel #CelticFC #Anderlecht

Jesús Gil Manzano picked off the third careless challenge of the game then and made his presence felt with that extra strong blast on his whistle. He is definitely keen to stamp his authority on the game whilst keeping his tinder dry.


GB at 2017-09-27 19:54:15

This referee can really move!

Athletes who can referee? his ticks at least one box at the moment


GB at 2017-09-27 19:52:17

At there is was!

Cant help thinking that if that challenge from behind had come in the last 5 minutes and not the first 5, then that could well have been a yellow card. Fair play to the referee at this stage, he did also speak to the offender


GB at 2017-09-27 19:50:22

The longer these opening stand-off tactics go on the more important that first foul will be


GB at 2017-09-27 19:47:58

Manzano has already demonstrated an excellent turn of pace in the opening minutes. Lets hope he is still that quick at the end of 90 minutes

Kick Off

GB at 2017-09-27 19:45:36

Anderlecht won the toss so it will be Celtic to kick off.

Good luck to all! And may the ball run kindly for you.

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GB at 2017-09-27 19:41:31

Not long to go now as the players and officials prepare to leave the tunnel


GB at 2017-09-27 19:36:05

#andcel #CelticFC #Anderlecht

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#andcel #CelticFC #Anderlecht

Today’s officials are all from Spain:

Referee: Jesús Gil Manzano

AR1: Juan Yuste (Technical Area)

AR2: Angel Nevado Rodriguez

Additional assistant referees:

Javier Estrada

Juan Martinez Munuera

4th Official: Roberto Alonso

This 33 year old referee was promoted to the FIFA List in 2014. He has so far been in charge of 20 international matches, amongst which was his only previous outing in the ECL for the Fenerbahce v Monaco encounter in the qualifying stages last year.

Manzano has been a regular in the Spanish Primera Division since 2012 and is one of a number of officials in the UEFA system who are hoping to make a really good impression in these early ECL games in order to enhance their chance for promotion from the First to the Elite Group in the New Year.

Here are the starting line-ups for this game:

GB at 2017-09-27 19:31:42


23     Adrien Trebel (A 25)

3       Olivier Deschacht (A 3)

5       Uroš Spaji? (A 5)

8       Pieter Gerkens (A 8)

9       Henry Onyekuru (A 9)

11     Alexandru Chipciu (A 11)

12     Dennis Appiah (A 12)

25     Adrien Trebel (A 25)

32     Leander Dendoncker (A 32)

91     ?ukasz Teodorczyk (A 91)

94     Sofiane Hanni (A 94)


1       Matz Sels (A 1)

4       Serigne Mbodji (A 4)

10     Nicolae Stanciu (A 10)

17     Massimo Bruno (A 17)

36     Robert Beri? (A 36)

41     Emmanuel Adjey Sowah (A 41)

99     Hamdi Harbaoui (A 99)

Glasgow Celtic

1       Craig Gordon (GC 1)

5       Jozo Šimunovi? (GC 5)

7       Patrick Roberts (GC 7)

8       Scott Brown (GC 8)

9       Leigh Griffiths (GC 9)

11     Scott Sinclair (GC 11)

18     Tomas Rogi? (GC 18)

20     Dedryck Boyata (GC 20)

21     Olivier Ntcham (GC 21)

23     Mikael Lustig (GC 23)

63     Kieran Tierney (GC 63)


24     Dorus de Vries (GC 24)

6       Nir Bitton (GC 6)

10     Moussa Dembélé (GC 10)

14     Stuart Armstrong (GC 14)

15     Jony Hayes (GC 15)

42     Callum McGregor (GC 42)

49     James Forrest (GC 49)


GB at 2017-09-27 19:26:02

#andcel #CelticFC #Anderlecht

RSC Anderlecht and Celtic FC both need to get their UEFA Champions League campaigns back on track as they come head to head on match day two – their first meeting since 2003/04.

Group B opened with a defeat for both teams, Anderlecht going down 3-0 in Germany to FC Bayern München and Celtic suffering a record European home loss as they were dismantled 5-0 by Paris Saint-Germain. Since then, Anderlecht parted company with coach René Weiler on 18 September.

Anderlecht are appearing in the UEFA Champions League group stage for the 12th time in total. They qualified automatically after landing a 34th Belgian title last term.

The Belgian champions have lost only one of their last seven home matches in European competition (W5 D1), going down 3-2 against AS Saint-Étienne on match day six of last season’s UEFA Europa League. However, they have won just one of their last seven home games in the UEFA Champions League, group stage to final, although that 2-0 success over Galatasaray A? in November 2014, their last fixture in the competition in Brussels, did end a six-match home losing run. Celtic

Celtic’s other encounters with Belgian opponents came in the 1991/92 UEFA Cup first round, when they beat KFC Germinal Beerschot 3-1 on aggregate (2-0 home, 1-1 away); and against KAA Gent in the first round of the 1984/85 European Cup Winners’ Cup, a tie that produced the same aggregate score (0-1 away, 3-0 home).

Celtic’s record in Belgium is therefore W0 D1 L2; they have won all three home matches.

Celtic started this season in the second qualifying round, beating Linfield FC (2-0 away, 4-0 home) and then Rosenborg BK in the third qualifying round (0-0 home, 1-0 away). They posted a fifth straight clean sheet with a 5-0 win against FC Astana in the home first leg of their play-off, advancing despite a 4-3 loss in Kazakhstan which ended a four-game (W2 D2) unbeaten away record in Europe.

The victory at Linfield broke Celtic’s 11-match sequence without an away win in Europe (D6 L5).

Scottish champions for a sixth consecutive campaign in 2016/17 – when they went through their domestic season unbeaten – Celtic are in the group stage for the tenth time. Something needs to change tonight though, as Celtic have not won any of their last 16 European group stage fixtures in the UEFA Champions League or UEFA Europa League (D7 L9).


GB at 2017-09-27 19:23:35

#andcel #CelticFC #Anderlecht

Welcome to this evenings RefCam coverage of the UEFA Champions League game between Anderlecht v Glasgow Celtic. Minute by minute commentary from the referee’s perspective is about to follow.

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