All in all it was a quiet weekend in the Premier League and it’s great to be able to write that after a troubled start to 2018 for Select Group 1 referees.

There were just four incidents of note to reflect on in three different games, but I’m afraid to say that the referees under scrutiny in this piece are not having the best of seasons.

Stoke 1 Brighton 1

Bobby Madley took charge of Stoke’s encounter with Brighton at the Brittania and my first point before I review his performance is all year he has looked completely all over the place. He’s suffering a severe lack of confidence and you can see that through his poor recognition of foul challenges. He gave three examples of this.

Firstly Xherdan Shaqiri is fouled in the penalty area but Bobby lets it go unpunished. He then later gives a penalty to Stoke after deciding Brighton midfielder Dale Stephens had pulled back Jese in the box but for me they were both grappling, and ‘six of one and half a dozen of the other’, the penalty shouldn’t have been given.

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