Craig Thomson
SPL referee Craig Thomson was spot-on with penalty kick ruling, says Keith Hackett

May I offer my sincere congratulations to Scottish Premier League referee Craig Thomson for correctly applying the law with regard to the taking of a penalty kick.

Sadly, we see many referees fail to ensure that the law is applied in the appropriate manner and this inconsistency has resulted in Motherwell manager Mark McGhee calling for a clearer ruling on encroachment following Craig’s proper ruling.

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A penalty during Motherwell’s 3-1 defeat to Inverness Caledonian Thistle was saved, but Thomson ordered it to be retaken with players from both teams having entered the area before the ball was kicked.

So, here at You Are The Ref, I am delighted to clarify the law with regard to the taking of a penalty kick.

The defending goalkeeper:

• Must remain on his goal line, facing the kicker, between the goalposts until
the ball has been kicked

The players other than the kicker must be located:

• inside the field of play
• outside the penalty area
• behind the penalty mark
• at least 9.15 m (10 yds) from the penalty mark

If a team-mate of the player taking the kick infringes the Laws of the Game:

• If the ball enters the goal, the kick is retaken
• If the ball does not enter the goal, the referee stops play and the match is
restarted with an indirect free kick to the defending team from the place
where the infringement occurred

I am happy to clear this up for Mark and underpin the need for consistency in law application from referees.