invitationsWe want you to be part of the football debate on referees!

So whilst we can offer first class advice and expertise on improving your performance as a match official we would like you to become part of the You Are The Ref family.

Tell us about the issue you feel strongly about. Let us hear about the fantastic stories of how your careers have been supported and what support you have been given to develop your skills. Share with us your experiences of where there are training gaps and what you think could be done to improve referee education.

Submit your contributions to YATR.TV on any aspect of the game, share your Day In the Life of a Referee experience and send us your footage – to know how to do this contact us at

If you have a colleague who you think is a great candidate to become part of the You Are The Ref Scholarship Programme, where they will receive our commitment to support their careers through our expertise and resources then please submit your applications at

And if you want the hugely experienced You Are The Ref Team to come and run one of our specialist Training Camps in your country then please let us know all about it

The journey has just begun, the conversation has just started but the world of football needs to talk refereeing.