Our team of coaches will always be demanding of referees to give of their best every time they cross over the white line. If we see an error, we call it and then offer advice in an effort to improve future performances.

Our team of experts have years of experience officiating at the highest level of the game and have coached for several years referees at all levels of the game.

Their coaching skills are amazing and it is always great to have the opportunity of listening in to the advice they offer.

From fitness, to improved communication skills, decision making accuracy or passing on skill sets to become a top class assistant referees, these are the essential parts of what we are about and what we offer.

It is particularly satisfying when one of the the Premier League’s senior referees delivers a quality performance.

Andre Marriner did that in the demanding Liverpool v Manchester City fixture, officiating at all levels of the game is about confidence.

Andre demonstrated his confidence by applying some excellent advantages that ensured a positive game flow. He and his team of assistants and the fourth official were at one with their decision making.

Young referees aspiring to advance their career, should take the opportunity to watch this game and take on board many of the positive aspects of officiating that Andre demonstrated in this game.

He was calm. He demonstrated authority. He applied the laws accurately. His work-rate was terrific.

Well done Andre, please accept our congratulations from the team at You Are The Ref.


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