There is no doubt that the members of the IFAB are doing a superb job in ensuring that the Video Assistant Referee experiment is been carefully monitored.

The information provided to the media  following the 132nd Annual Business Meeting contains a great deal of facts.

Facts & Figures

  • 20+ national associations and competitions involved in the experiment
  • 804 Competitive Matches
  • 56.9% Checks were penalty incidents and goals.
  • Average of fewer than 5 checks per match
  • Median check time of VAR is 20 seconds
  • Initial accuracy for reviewable categories of decision is 93%
  • 68.8% of matches had no review
  • Average of 1 clear and obvious error every three matches
  • Decision accuracy with VAR is 98.9%
  • Decisive impact of the VAR in 8% of all matches
  • The median duration of a review is 60 seconds
  • The average time ‘lost’ due to the VAR, represents under 1% of overall playing time
  • A ‘clear and obvious error’ was not corrected in 1 in 20 matches (5%)

Source: IFAB

Readers to my various articles are fully aware of my support for the introduction of the VAR into the Premier League.

Given the importance of the competition around the world for me it is a no-brainer that the VAR system should be introduced next season.

These statistics provide for me sufficient evidence that a positive decision should be made, despite my comments that we will still witness officials making errors even after its introduction.

I compliment David Elleray who has overseen the introduction of the VAR and the forensic way they have monitored the experiment.

Hopefully we can now all look forward to its use in the upcoming World Cup in Russia.


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