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Arsenal v Chelsea – Carabao Cup

I have expressed on many occasions that spectators in the stadium must be made aware that a VAR review is taking place, particularly when the game could be stopped for over a minute whilst the VAR goes through the process of reviewing an incident.

Arsenal have seized the initiative of ensuring, through the big screen in their stadium, that fans are informed that the VAR is reviewing an incident in their upcoming cup game against Chelsea.

When a review is in progress it will be highlighted on the big screen in the stadium This is a welcome move given that permission to be able to do this was one of the outcomes of the meeting of the IFAB last weekend reviewing the progress of the VAR.

The IFAB provided some convincing statistics in the VAR experiment to date.

Naturally I hope that the IFAB will eventually allow spectators at home watching television and those in the stadium to be able to listen in to the conversations between VAR and the match referee.

Remember the referee always has the final say on the decision that is made underpinned in the IFAB criteria. I hope that this can be done without the referee having to run to the side of the field to view a video.

Frankly, if the referee is required to look at a video replay, then play it on the big screen in the stadium.

Rugby adopt this procedure with great success and I see no reason why football cannot do the same.

Why does football have to reinvent the wheel on any technology introductions?

The course of action taken by Arsenal to use the big screen in the stadium to keep spectators informed is, in my opinion, a positive step that may help to ensure that VAR is introduced into the Premier League next season.

It will certainly be a major aid towards ensuring that our referees get more of those game changing decisions correct.

To those doubters please be aware that refereeing at the top level is getting more difficult given their exposure to those twenty two cameras that afford a different viewing angle.

Neil Swarbrick will be on duty as VAR again in the Carabao Cup semi-final tonight with Arsenal hosting Chelsea. Follow the game LIVE on RefCam with live text commentary.


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