I was amazed at the PGMOL who rarely make comment going on the offensive regarding the Liverpool v Tottenham Hotspur game.

Their attempts to over complicate the offside law only adds to the confusion.

I would suggest that before they wheel out the likeable Dermot Gallagher they should have carried out a forensic check of the play involving that first offside offence.

Before the ball got anywhere near Dejan Lovren and Harry Kane, who was clearly standing in an offside position-impacting on the Liverpool player, did they not examine the film clip in more detail.

They would have witnessed the challenge by Liverpool’s Georginio Wijnaldum earlier in the same play.

Keep it simple and do not over complicate the offside law.

Kane should have been flagged offside an opinion held by many of my refereeing colleagues around the world including our own Mark Clattenburg, Mark Halsey and other members of our referee experts team including former FIFA AR Guy Beale, a long serving member of the team of assistants who operated on the Premier League.

I do think that the IFAB should take another look at the law and clarify what they consider to be deliberate in football terms.

They only have to use the same criteria that they use on the illegal deliberate pass back to the goalkeeper for guidance.

Lovren booting the ball upfield would be deliberate for me.

Please use the pass back to the goalkeeper as the base for your thinking on any law changes. We know in this case that the ball is played by the foot and kicked deliberately towards the goalkeeper.

Deflections do not count in this scenario because we rule in that situation that the pass back is not deliberate.

So IFAB think again about the action of Lovren and clarify the situation for all of us.

Eddie Smart if you had simply flagged Kane offside your weekend would have been easier.

However I do think the reason for the statement from the PGMOL was to deflect the comment made by Jon Moss to his AR Eddie Smart regarding television.

Moss enquired if Fourth Official Martin Atkinson had seen it on television.

A slip of the tongue according to PGMOL.

Jon Moss is articulate and his years of training in refereeing will give him the experience and knowledge that he has to speak with clarity to players and his own team of officials.

The laws of the game forbid the use of Technical Equipment including television screens, laptops and tablets on the bench and in the confines of the technical area.

We know that if the PGMOL are using VAR offline for training purposes no contact should be made with the active officials.

So I suspect that this incident will continue to run given the confusion around that first non offside decision and reference to television.

Watch this space.


  1. Its a cover up from the FA down thru BBC,and they have NOT shown replay`s of either incident, and the fact that DeLLi Alli started the ball rolling with his BLATANT dive show`s that the manager plays to win games by cheating. Pin-up England boy Kane will never be shown up as a cheat as it doesn`t fit with the FA agenda for the coming World cup, i hope in the future, we will return to see that this match opened up the can of worm`s of FA bias !!

    • Belt up Ken.The game was an amazing spectacle with great goals from Wanyama & Salah, but all the bitter scouse supporters go on about is how they were robbed. Talk about the great game, goals and know that during every game there are decisions that every supporter disagrees with such as offside for first Pool goal and handball in lead up to second.


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