How much should a referee of Michael Oliver’s quality be paid per season in the Premier League?


The referee plays a pivotal part in delivering high value Premier League games, controlling millions of pounds of assets and delivering a game through television that is beamed all around the world.

Oliver and other top performing referees are having their leg pulled by not being paid the right sum of money for the job they do.

Some players in the Premier League are getting paid more in one week, when they are sat on the bench, than Oliver and his colleagues get in a season.

It is simply unfair and the referees are being let down by their Union, the PGMOL and the Premier League.

Time for a Prospect Union that represents them to start to act.

It is a short career and referees should not have to seek employment when they hang up their whistles.


  1. At the moment I don’t think our ref’s are worth much more than they get, compared to ref’s you see in European matches the standard really needs to go up. Bobby Madley is having a mare of a season for one. I like Graham Scott at least you can see what he’s given and why. I’m not a fan of Michael Oliver, always think Oh B*gger when he ref’s one of our matches.
    Would like your comment on the number of cheap fouls being given for players who just stop running with their legs stuck together ! its not a foul if you just stop running and fall over when the defender is next to you.

  2. I’m an assistant referee in Spain, and I think there is a problem with ref salaries in whole football, not just in England. In Spain it happens the same.
    Referees should earn much more than what they get now. There’s a huge difference between players and coaches, and referees. The referees are an active part of the match too. All of our decisions have an influence on it, not only the penalties and offsides. So, even if your referees, in the Premier League, get £500.000, I’d keep thinking that they are underpaid because none of the best players and coaches earn this, and we’re talking about the best referees in their own leagues.
    I think the ref world has a lot to change.

    By the way, sorry if I wrote something wrong, and keep going doing your great job!

  3. Is Stuart Attwell the worst ever referee to officiate in the Premier League. He is incompetent,hesitant and useless at his best,Bin him!!


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