Andre Marriner

I had the pleasure of working closely with Andre when I was in charge of the Select Group of Professional Referees.

Andre, who had carried the post bag for a number of years delivering letters close to his home in the Midlands, was always grateful for his conversion to the professional ranks.

A quiet character he has justifiably earned himself a reputation for being one of those reliable referees generally avoiding controversy.

Over the holiday period in eight days he officiated at four Premier League games. In between he travelled over 1000 miles often driving himself on some of those long journeys.

From the Midlands to Newcastle United to hold up the subs board I think could have been avoided with a little more thought going into the appointments.

I watched his performances closely and it appears to me that Andre is enjoying his role at last free of injuries. He stayed clear of controversy and his decision making was good in the games where he blew the whistle.

He is sympathetic to the players and does not crave the limelight. In the games that I watched it was noticeable that the players were showing him a lot of respect.

They have come to trust him and this is what he has earned over many years of officiating at the top level.

He will no longer carry the FIFA badge on his shirt and I for one wish him continued success.

A nice guy operating in the oven of what is the Premier League. A minimum of 22 cameras and a media and pundits examining in detail his every decision.

When the time comes for him to hang up his boots I hope that he will be appointed as a Video Assistant Referee. I would also like to see the PGMOL offer my colleague Mark Halsey a similar role although that is unlikely whilst the current PGMOL Managing Director sits in the seat.

Over the years I have worked with Mark and witnessed at first hand his knowledge of the laws of the game and his outstanding coaching abilities. A pity that the current people who are dead men walking never employed his services I would also bring back Jeff Winter into the role of VAR. The two of them would make a difference by offering honest advice and encouragement to the current set of rather aloof professional referees.

They both worked very hard to get to the top and whilst challenging to manage them, they were dedicated and gave great service to the game.

The current PGMOL management could not deal with their passion and forthright views. However with them refereeing would not be in such a mess.


  1. Halsey on var, do me a favour he talks a good red card but very rairly issued one. Have you ever seen the akevin Muscat tackle at wolves? Don’t know about a red card it should have been a custodial sentence, the mans a joke.

  2. Keith

    I don’t think you are doing your own well earned reputation any good at all with your constant digging at the current management team at PGMOL.

    Admittedly we have all to be disappointed at the lack of a presence at the World Cup in 2018 considering we have had a list of professional referees. The lack of a plan to have a development plan producing a flow of young referees coming through is more than disappointing. But please try to be positive and constructive and support yourself with a team who are also positive.


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