David Coote

Not for the first time I am asking the question of the PGMOL management why David Coote has not been promoted to Select Group One and officiating on a regular basis on the Premier League.

In the Steel City derby between Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday, his first half performance was outstanding.
His movement and positioning around the field of play was terrific and the two Sheffield Wednesday players cautioned were justified in law. They were both reckless.
The first sign of two players squaring up to each other was nipped in the bud. No over reaction from the feferee, he called the players to him and in a calm manner with an air of authority issued a warning.
When Sheffield Wednesday’s Ross Wallace decided to get a little upset with a defender, there was referee David Coote on hand and with a stare of the eyes coupled with positive body language the player got the message across.
It was a first half performance in a Steel City derby that was right up at the top of performances by any referee over the years.
Throughout the second half, right up until the end of the game, his movement was terrific and although I found myself in disagreement with the second yellow card issued to Sheffield Wednesday player Glenn Loovens, I had the benefit of looking closely at replays.
There is no doubt that the challenge was a foul but it did not enter the category of reckless and neither did it stop a promising attack which would then be classed as unsporting behaviour for which a yellow card would have been correct.
These are the fine margins that match officials have to work too and again I always say to referees that I am coaching, please be sure that a red card is truly justified and that there is no room for error.
Yes, it is easier to watch a game unfurl in front of a television screen and I am not going to let this decision influence my view that I have now been stating for over two years that David Coote is a referee that should be officiating on the Premier League.
PGMOL you are short of top quality match officials and you have an ageing group. You need to appoint some younger talent and Coote, Madley A, Hooper and others need to be given a chance.


  1. What about Wallace’s reckless challenge on Flecks? Out of control and endangering an opponent’s safety surely.
    General point not particularly related to last night but has there been a decision not to book players for time wasting.? Rarely seen this season even after warnings have no effect.

  2. And what about the ferocious tackle from Wallace The footage of which was repeated numerous times with the pundit’s unimimous opinion. A red card offence.! Your comment Mr Hackett..

  3. The second yellow card was a huge mistake, careless at best. Then he compounds it by issuing a yellow to Wallace that should be red all day long. I ask myself Mr Hackett”” are you sure? Premier league not for me.


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