I read with interest and disappointment that Arsenal player Jack Wilshire is alleged to have stated on Instagram and Twitter that he blames referee Craig Pawson for decisions going against him and his Arsenal team.

This outburst MUST bring a charge against Wilshire for his public rebuke of Craig Pawson.

This claim is frankly outrageous with our RefCam coverage complimenting his performance. To summarise the general view was that Pawson had adopted a low key approach in what was a one sided game. His decision to allow Sergio Aguero’s goal despite claims of a push were correct.

There was no foul, only an Arsenal defender caught out of position.

His claim that a player was offside when Vincent Kompany scored is equally wrong.

So Football Association, if they think anything of their respect campaign, they need to bring charges.

Pawson deserves his medal and it should not be tarnished with claims that he made two big errors when he did not!


  1. I think that there was a great deal more about the refereeing that could be criticised, particularly in the first half. I was at the game and therefore without the benefit of replays but was particularly concerned to see that on three occasions Man City players fouled Arsenal players who were breaking away into their half, normally treated as professional fouls deserving of yellow cards, but only free kicks were awarded. Hector Bellerin clattered into a Man City player near the corner flag, later in the half, and was immediately yellow carded.

    I had formed the impression before Man City scored that the referee was completely one sided and I was loudly enquiring how much it cost to buy a referee. Probably not much to an oil rich country desperate to buy success.

    I think that the Arsenal players gave up in the second half and let themselves down badly but Keith Hackett helps bring the refereeing profession into disrepute by not acknowledging that the referee was weak and largely did a poor job.

    If my suspicions are correct, Craig Pawson will now be able to mount his medal in a gold frame.

  2. What is Jack like?
    It was obviously a fair shoulder in the back from Aguero for the first goal and for the second the player standing in an offside position 18 inches from the goalkeeper could never have been involved in the play.
    Apart from that Fernandihno was booked for the first studs up tackle? why on earth would he get a second yellow for a similar foul.

  3. What a crap website. You have not published my comment because it did not slavishly adore the current refereeing set up.


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