Jurgen Klopp has expressed concern about the lack of additional time allowed in their recent Cup game v West Brom by match Referee Craig Pawson

Whilst many supporters will believe that this is sour grapes because his team lost, I do not and I believe that he has a valid case and changes to the timing of games should not be the responsibility of the referee.

The PGMOL have come out and said that there is no interaction between match officials and television. This is a response that the PGMOL might regret.

The first point of contact between the Referee and the Floor Manager of the television company takes place well before kick off, when the watch of the referee is synchronised with that of the television broadcaster.

Have the PGMOL forgot that the broadcaster’s Floor Manager stands at the side of the pitch to indicate that the game can commence?

Are they not aware that the management of the half time interval involves discussions between the referee and the television broadcaster?

The management might also be so far away from the coal face to not be aware that the floor manager asks the fourth official how much additional time is going to be put up on the board before half time and the end of the game.

I can remember one broadcaster phoning me to express their disappointment that one of my referees when I was the General Manager of the PGMOL had kicked off thirty seconds early.

Now onto the games involving the use of VAR. The PGMOL need to examine the amount of lost time and ensure that the match referee does add on sufficient additional time.

In the Liverpool game even I was surprised with the small amount of additional time indicated.

In games that are broadcast around the world and in the knowledge that generally a third of the game is lost to the ball going out of play and other stoppages it is essential that the game at the elite level needs to come into the twenty first century.

Let’s amend the laws of the game and reduce the workload on our referees by taking away their responsibility to control the timing of matches.

Let’s s appoint an independent time keeper responsible for ensuring that fans get value for money.

In the meantime the PGMOL need to remind their referees of the responsibility to ensure that sufficient additional time is allocated by their employees.


  1. Don’t care about Broadcasters and when THEY think the game should end.
    When I did my referee’s training, I was told that (A) The referee is the time keeper, with one watch that starts and runs, another that (Should) be stopped when the ball is dead and started again when the game resumes.
    (B) The international laws of the game state that the game is in two halves of duration 45 minutes. Making the complete game 90 minutes. Not a minute more or a minute less.
    Could you ask all broadcasters to STOP reporting that player X scored in the 97th minute? How can he / she have done when the game lasts 90?


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