Pep Guardiola like several other Premier League managers has witnessed at first hand the performances of Referees from several countries.

His call for the PGMOL Select Group referees who officiate on the English Premier League to protect gifted players must not fall on deaf ears.

Managers in the Premier League do have a defined pathway to make their views known.

1. During the course of the game it is easy for the manager to express his opinions to the fourth official.

2. The manager thirty minutes after the game with the permission of the referee can enter his dressing room and seek clarification from the referee on any incident.

3 Appointed to every Premier League game is a Match Delegate. The Delegate is selected from a group of former players, and managers. Guardiola at a time of his choice can have a discussion with the Delegate where with no match official present can express his views on the match officials performance.

4 Guardiola can request a meeting with the Managing Director of the PGMOL to discuss his concerns.

5 Finally if none of these pathways satisfy his concerns he can put pen to paper and liase with the Premier League.

I certainly have sympathy with his views given the recent performances of some of the referees appointed to Manchester City games. I along with other colleagues at You Are The Ref were at one in that the challenges by Tottenham Hotspur players  Harry Kane and Dele Alli should have resulted in red cards not the yellows shown by a rather lenient referee. I also thought that the raised foot that made contact with the head of his opponent by Manchester City player Otamendi should also have received a Red Card. All three of these challenges were reckless and endangered the safety of the opponent.

The laws of the game are clearly defined and should not be misinterpreted by our referees. There is a current trend in the game by many of our referees who are failing to detect these foul challenges and to go for the weak option of a yellow card,

So PGMOL please listen to the words of one of the Premier Leagues Managers and instruct your referees to apply the law vigorously to protect the players they are controlling during the course of their games.


  1. Point 3. I was of the opinion that there were no longer Match Delegates at Premier games (there are still observers at FL games) they now rely on analysis reviewed.


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