Thirty minutes after a game, the manager of the team with the referees permission can enter the officials dressing room.

During that discussion the manager can seek clarification on any incident. It is not, however, a channel of communication for the manager to question the integrity of the officials.

The Football Association and the Premier League need to protect its officials by preventing managers entering the field of play at the end of the game to start questioning the referee about decisions.

It is frankly often seen as a public haranguing of the officials and in my opinion sends out the wrong message to all stakeholders in the game.

Football Association stop it now and protect your officials.

Remember your Respect Program.


  1. Surely it is still one of the duties of the 4th official to control who enteres the referees dressing room both before & after a match

  2. It does not work like that methinks. The FO is part of referee team and will be in conference with others inside the room. The facility gendarmerie probably controls the ingress-egress.


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