Pierluigi Collina

Since his retirement as the world’s number one referee Pierluigi Collina has given leadership in his role as Head of Referees at UEFA.

There is no doubt that he has achieved top level performances from his charges in all European competitions.

He leaves no one in any doubt about his expectations and gives clear instructions on how he expects his officials to perform.

He does this through the seminars that he runs and his clarity of presentation with the use of video sets the level of the bar that he expects his officials to perform at.

If they do not perform then they can expect not to be used when the next set of fixtures are produced.

He needs to come in, even in a consultancy role to sort out the current mess.

The referees who are not up to the standard expected need to be moved on.

The performance analysis system in operation at the moment needs to be reviewed.

It is too remote and taking away Referee Observers who are former top performing match officials was a huge mistake.

The group of former players and managers who work for the Premier League now appear to operate like a gentleman’s club, reluctant to discuss in detail the errors that our officials are making.

Finally the review panel members are comfortable and unwilling to rock the boat when major errors are produced.

The image of English officiating is at an all time low.

Please do not think that the introduction of the VAR will resolve all the current issues.

Collina and his experience and style of management will help, even in a consultancy role.

At the moment the refereeing performances that we are witnessing is unacceptable.

English refereeing is no longer at the top, it started to decline when Poll, Webb, Clattenburg, Halsey and the group of Referee Coaches that I had put in place were moved on.



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